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It is quite normal for women with endometriosis to suffer from too much estrogen in their body. It is commonly called estrogen dominance. It is attributed to many different things but one major contributor is the amount of xenoestrogens in our bodies.

What are xenoestrogens? Essentially, they are substances found in our environment, which mimic our own estrogens. The problem with them is that they are super powerful—so instead of demonstrating a moderate level of estrogen in our body, they provide the body with heaps of estrogens. This causes an imbalance, known as estrogen dominance.

The problem with estrogen dominance is that it makes our endometriosis much worse as it makes the misplaced cells grow faster and more. Which is not something we want!

Often women are suffering from estrogen dominance and don’t realize that many of their health concerns are closely related. For instance, being bloated and retaining water is associated with estrogen dominance. So are migraine headaches.

So, I thought I would provide you with a free test, which allows you to establish how your hormone balance is. Naturally, you can also get this scientifically tested through a saliva test but at least this way you also know what symptoms to look out for.

Dr. John Lee was a renowned author who was one of the first doctors to really question HRT (hormone replacement therapy), hysterectomies and synthetic hormones given to women for what he called “simple hormone imbalance”. You can read heaps more about him and his methods of healing this imbalance through his book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause (TM): The Breakthrough Book on Natural Hormone Balance.

How did your results pan out? How out of balance are you? I know many of my symptoms were reduced just by changing my diet.

Feel free to share your experiences…

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Jane,
    Yes, familiar with Dr John Lee’s work and think his recommended creams are fabulous. According to him, the cream is the best as the liver doesn’t flush it out before it is made use of in the body. Also, I read about Amatase and inhibitors that stop our bodies automatically making the progesterone into oestrogen – don’t know too much about it but David Wolfe talks about this heaps. He recommends Passionflower extract. I like passionflower anyways as it helps me sleep. Check it out though as it could explain why the progesterone pill might not have worked for you 🙂

  2. Jane

    I took the test. Estrogen dominant. This is what my blood work came up also after having hormone tests.
    My question is if I didn’t do well with the bioidentical progesterone pill would the cream work better for me?
    I started reading some exerpts of Dr. Lee’s book and also about the progesterone cream he has on his site? are you familiar with that cream or know others who are. Just curious

  3. Melissa

    Awesome! Great to know where you are at- then you can go forward from there 🙂

  4. Allannah Law

    Hi Mel,

    I did the test and it suggested excessive estrogen – probably eostrodial. I am doing the saliva test this month – eleven samples – yuck! Will let you know the results!


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