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Forgetting about the birds…

It is very seldom that we actually take time to reflect on our day, our lives and this very moment we are enjoying, just by being alive. Somehow we get busy. There is something to sort out, things to organise and stuff that desperately needs to be done. And so we are all out there, driving our cars to various destinations, living in our own little world of problems, events to attend, things we just have to get done. We pass each other with all of this busyness and moments blend into each other and before we realise it, it is almost the end of the year again and yet it all seemed to happen at the blink of an eye.

I recently started a ritual of just sitting outside in the early morning and listening to the birds. At first, it was hard. I struggled with the simple act of sitting still with no other agenda to attend to. My natural inclination was to multi-task. Maybe do Instagram at the same time or check my emails. But that defeated the whole point. The objective here is to simply sit still with the sounds of the birds in the early morning. To allow them to be the busy ones, flying back and forth and singing to seek out a mate. Allow them to be busy and for me to simply watch and take in the beautiful sounds and the crisp air into my lungs.

The first few times I did this, I would struggle to sit there without checking the time. I would worry about missing out on something else while I took this moment. The guilt of “not doing” would take over and the thoughts of to-do lists would start to form in my mind. On some strange level, I needed to always feel productive…

It is about a week into this new ritual and it honestly feels like the most beautiful way to start the day. It is about being fully present with the birds and the time and the moment. To take it all in and experience it to it’s fullest capacity. To dig deep into that feeling of gratitude for this day and this moment we have right now.

What’s cool about doing this is that suddenly other things become so much less important. You realise that in the scheme of things, how your hair looks and what your neighbours think is actually so irrelevant to your life. Your perspective changes and suddenly the world seems so busy with such silly little things. Worry and anxiety become a waste of time as they aren’t anything that creates results.

I would love to invite you on my morning ritual. There are a few caveats to the exercise:

  • You can’t bring your phone or anything that will distract you from being fully present.
  • You can set an alarm inside your house to truly reveal to you how short 5-10minutes are when you are fully present in the moment – just in case you truly have to be at work or something.
  • Be prepared. Dress up warm with a thick coat if you still need it.
  • Allow your thoughts to drift if they do but slowly bring yourself back to the simple sounds of the birds when you remember. Don’t punish yourself for making to-do lists – we have been trained to do this!


Would love to hear if you’ve tried this and what your experience was. Did it lighten the stress load a little? Did it ease some of that anxiety? Did you find a place of peace and freedom within yourself and your day?

Hugs, Melissa x
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