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Forget about “Gluten Free”

I recently spoke with a lovely woman who wanted to know if she should join my program. She expressed to me that she felt she already knew a heap about how to eat healthy and wasn’t sure she particularly needed to join my program.

She was really wanting to know if she could just skip the first module where we talk all about how to replenish the body with the right nutrition. I of course, wanted to dive in and make sure that she truly was supporting her body in the best way possible with her food choices… so, I began asking her what she ate in a typical week. What she shared really shocked me!

This young girl was eating gluten-free toast for breakfast and lunch, every day. She also ate heaps of gluten free pasta, gluten-free cookies and a whole bunch of other highly processed gluten-free products.

When women come to me and they eat a healthy diet, I never realised until I started doing these free chats, at how varied a “healthy diet” can be. There have certainly been women who do truly eat healthy but sadly many women also follow what I would describe as the “advertisers world of healthy”. They are foods which are sold as healthy. They put on pretty labels and home-made branding and use words like “natural”, “sugar-free” and “gluten-free” to lure us into believing that these food choices are truly better for us.

So, this is why I tell you to forget “gluten-free”. Stop searching for the label that gives you a false impression that something is good for you. In most cases, it isn’t. It is very likely that the foods that are labeled this way, are created by huge manufacturers who have realised that there is a market for these “gluten-free” products. In most cases they are filled with cheap nasty ingredients and loaded with things that are far from good for you.

I once looked at the ingredients list for gluten-free banana bread. The only reason I landed up doing this was that after I ate it, I got a screaming headache! What I read really shocked me! That banana bread was loaded with sugars, maltodextrin, highly processed fats and the types of flour that really spike up our glucose levels (Tapioca flour).

We have all become so incredibly reliant on convenience foods that we seldom consider that they are not convenient for our bodies. Our bodies can assimilate and use natural foods – that have come straight out of the ground, or of a tree, or are just more “real”  far more readily and easily. This means, you will gain vitality and energy far more readily! All that processed stuff with heaps of ingredients is hard work on your digestion and on your liver.

So, if you are reviewing your diet and considering if it truly is healthy, then consider your food, where it comes from and what it contains. Don’t just fall for the pretty labels and the hyped-up marketing. Real food doesn’t live on shelves! Real food needs preparation and love! Real food will sync with your body and provide it with what it truly needs.

In other words: screw the gluten-free and eat foods that are alive and truly nourish your body!


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Holly Mathews

    I completely agree. Although having to cook ‘all the time’ seemed a bit overwhelming in the beginning, it may have been because my Endo was so flared up and I was already feeling a bit overwhelmed. Now it’s almost fun sometimes. I’m always trying new ingredients and making things from scratch gives me a little pride. Plus my boyfriend has been doing the same thing (shared food/meals) and is a bit healthier too.

  2. Angela

    I could not agree more that real food takes preparation and love. I think that saying ditching the gluten completely might be a little bit extreme. For the girl eating processed gluten free bread twice a day as a meal, yes, not the way to go. However, if you are talking about just sticking to foods that are- what they are- in their most organic form, it is likely that they are already gluten free.
    I have dealt with this awful disease since I was just fourteen. It is not until recently that I am finally understanding, that for me, gluten was not helping my situation at all. Having not had very much gluten (yes, a cookie or two) this past year, has helped my pain quite a bit. It is painfully (literally) obvious to me that my Endo flares up within hours of consumption of such. Although I have a heap of healthy cook books, and a well stocked pantry and freezer, I do find myself at the mercy of prepared gluten free foods sometimes. For example, I think a gluten free bagel is worth it’s weight in gold – especially for us NY girls! Indulging on the processed gluten free bagel, vs a traditional bagel is the safest choice for me.
    I guess what I am trying to say is, I am not sure I completely agree with the message to ditch gluten free altogether. I do agree with eating healthy, raw, and organic foods. Many of which can turn themselves into a gluten free prepared food – such as a delicious banana bread. Still gluten free, prepared with the baker knowing each ingredient. I think there is a correlation between gluten and how my pain levels present themselves. I would hypothesize that I am not the only one. I enjoyed reading your article. It made me think and review which is always a good thing. Best of luck to everyone. Health and happiness to all.

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