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Constipation? 7 Strategies to Help

Constipation is one of the worst things for endometriosis. It creates so much additional bloating and pain in our lower abdominal area, which we really don’t need! Unfortunately, if we suffer from it frequently, it can also impact our long-term endometriosis healing journey as excess estrogens are not being flushed out of our bodies. Excess estrogens are not a good thing when it comes to Endometriosis!

So, here are 7 steps of things you can try to get things moving again. I have placed these steps in order as you may not need to do all of them. Start with step 1 and move your way up to step 7. Hopefully, you won’t need to go all the way to step 7!


Step 1: Get hydrated

Oftentimes we are simply absorbing far too much water through our intestines and this dries things up down there! If you are in the sun more or experiencing more heat than normal, you are likely dehydrated and it is time to drink more water. Add some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to the mix and this also aids in digestion and rehydration.

An additional way to rehydrate is to drink some natural coconut water (no sugar products here). Coconut water has been described as natures best electrolyte. Don’t drink too much as it can be too sweet but have a 1/2 glass with water and it will do wonders.


Step 2: Get moving

Sometimes we just need to encourage movement for things to come out naturally. I found jumping on my rebounder did wonders! You could also go for a walk, run or do some twisty yoga poses. The best yoga poses are actually the ones where you lift your legs.


Step 3: Magnesium

You can take Magnesium Citrate to encourage more liquid into the bowels. This is okay as a short-term relief strategy but not really encouraged long-term.


Step 4: Eat more potassium rich foods

If your salt to potassium ratio is out, you are likely to experience constipation. Have some coconut water, spinach, tomatoes, cantaloupe, papaya, carrots, pumpkin and banana.


Step 5: Cut out grains and fiber. Add in chia seeds

I know this contradicts what you have heard about digestion but many of us simply can’t push these out or digest them in the first place. Definitely cut out bread and wheat-based products as these will have a definite “blocking up” effect.

Chia seeds often help me fairly instantly.


Step 6: Use natural herbs

There are natural herbs which can help build your digestive system and encourage a more natural excretion system.

I personally love barberry as it is gentle enough and I can regulate the dose depending on the severity of my symptoms. You can also use dandelion root, bupleurum and aloe vera juice. Chamomile tea is said to contain its own probiotics and I drink it almost every evening—great to help me sleep too.


Step 7: Get a colonic

I did a colonic and it was amazing! I thought it sounded pretty scary at the time but it really helps get rid of all that clogged up, unwanted stuff sitting in your bowel. It cleanses and flushes out and will help you feel normal again. You can check out my video on it here.

Getting good digestion and staying regular is not about quick fixes though. We need to maintain a good diet to prevent this from becoming a regular occurrence. Really evaluate your diet and what you are eating that triggers your constipation if it is happening on a frequent basis. Incorporate some good fats into your diet like krill oil, chia seeds and avocado. Avoid grains and especially gluten and consider whether you are eating too many sugars and too many salty foods.

Digestion is key to ensuring you get the right nutrients for your body.


Have you tried some of these in the past? Did they work? Feel free to report back!

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Foodie4Healing

    What are your thoughts on Psyllium Husk?

  2. CytheriaUrs

    Hello Melissa… I do agree with top 6steps of you but I cannot agree with 7. Healthy nutrition food with all sufficient amounts of fibers, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are helpful in cleansing the colon in a natural way. I recommended the colon cleansing at the age of 50 and above, at 50 naturally people may get some digestion problems so it is preferable to take after 50. I don’t think so, colon cleansing is necessary for healthy people but it is preferable to take when a person (even below 50 years) who is facing indigestion, IBS, constipation issues.

  3. JuanitaFrapp

    Thanks Melissa for sharing useful healthy knowledge. You’re blog is definitely my favorite. I read your complete post. This will be very helpful for anyone seeking to resolve their digestive issues. Many people are aware of diet what to eat when they are constipated. I regular follow the diet and physical activity that helps me a lot to be fit thank you.

  4. Magda

    Hello Melissa,

    I absolutely agree!

    I would add just one more thing that is easy to apply everyday and doesn’t cause any effort. Every morning as soon as I get up I drink 2 glasses of warm water where I add a bit of squeezed lemon juice. It awakes your metabolism and after 15, 20 minutes I am already done ! Additionally water with lemon works like balsam for you liver.

    Greetings from Poland!


  5. Darlene

    GREAT information Melissa!!! Handy 7 step guide for quick reference.. Love it! ; )

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