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Do You Feel Like You Have to Do Everything in a Rush?

I was lucky enough to receive Dr Libby’s Beauty From the Inside Out for Christmas and am absolutely loving the insights on how our diet affects our internal function, which of course influences our external beauty. Within the book, Dr. Libby mentions estrogen dominance and of course also the effects of progesterone on a woman’s body.

This led me to an interesting statement she made in the book about estrogen… She states that it is common to feel rushed when we are high in estrogen.

It was easy for me to believe that my natural personality is to do everything in a rush. I always believed that it was just how I am. I want to get things done as quickly as possible, that I feel pressure to achieve and that I am always striving to do more. The interesting thing that I have noticed is that this feeling of being rushed or feeling like I don’t have enough time is so much more dominant in the later part of my cycle. I perhaps wouldn’t have put the two together, if it weren’t for Dr. Libby, but according to her book, this is an indicator of too much estrogen in the body.

The truth is, I have felt like my estrogen load has increased again since having my miscarriages. Initially, I thought the extra weight gain was due to the miscarriages themselves but I am now realizing that it is far more likely to be water retention as I definitely feel far more bloated and “swollen” at the end of the month than after my period.

The sad thing is that when I feel this constant pressure to rush through things, to get things done and like I am in a constant race to some finish line, it doesn’t allow me to bring out my best work. I become conscious of wanting to get things done but then there is the perfectionist side of me that wants things to go out perfectly and so inevitably, I get into a big stress about things, instead of just accepting that things take time and it will all come together in the end. This could explain why psychologists assume Endometriosis is linked to a Timeous Perfectionism trait. Interesting…

I always feel like somehow I should be further along on my journey or my business or whatever I am doing. It is like time is against me and yes, like I am constantly rushing. Do you feel this too?

The only way that I have managed to calm that sense of rushing from my mind is to practice meditation. It was really hard initially. I would be sitting there, running through a meditation and halfway through, my mind would say… you have more important things to do right now! Luckily, I knew the meditation was only 10 minutes long so there was no need to listen to this inner voice. I found this great website called headspace… it guides you through how to meditate and is super easy to do. They even have an app for it!

What I am finding increasingly interesting about our health and in particular our hormones is the overlap with our personality and how we live our lives. So often we think that we are who we are and we need to just learn to change our personality traits. What if in the end, it all came down to what we eat and how in balance our bodies are instead? What if we manage to get all the balance back inside, then we would naturally feel more balanced and content within ourselves?

Since recognizing these traits might actually not just be “who I am” but rather a consequence of hormone imbalance, I feel like I want to get to know the real me. The me that doesn’t stress and worry about running out of time but is able to do things in a calm, focused manner.

I am going to be doing a massive cleanse starting next week. It will look at cleansing the kidneys, the bowels and the liver. I am going to be recording the whole thing and the results, so I can share them with you through a special Mel Cleanse Program. Having learnt all that I can about how to cleanse the body over the last few years, it is time for me to combine all of that knowledge and be the good old guinea pig for you!

To be honest I am a little nervous but also really excited. The last time I did a liver flush it was a really tough experience but the outcome was fantastic! I lost weight, lost my hay fever issues and instantly felt more content.

The cleanse I am doing this time promises to reduce the extreme detox effects I felt last time, so hopefully I won’t feel quite as nasty as I did last time.

Have you noticed correlations between yourself and your hormones? Do you feel like you need to do a big cleanse? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Melissa

    So happy I could help Rachel.

  2. Rachel

    I accidentally stumbled across this site, but thank you so much for this. Apart from the endometriosis and miscarriage part, this was exactly ‘me’. I have never thought of my rushing symdrome as to do with oestrogen! I can relate to everything you said!

  3. Melissa

    I am glad you can relate Amber. Yes, holidays are generally filled with sugar – even when we try to avoid it 😉

  4. Amber

    I constantly feel like I’m fighting time. I feel better knowing that maybe there is more to it than me just being nuts! Also, I most definitely need a cleanse, I ate way to much sugar this holiday season.

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