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This Movie Converted My Fiancee!

There have been moments when I have felt like “the lone ranger” with my healing journey. In those moments, I think we crave someone to join us. I think for me, the hardest part was actually… other people. You know what I mean—friends, family and even flatmates. I didn’t like having to stand out and say, “Actually I don’t eat that” or “Do you mind if I just have salad?” It made me uncomfortable in many situations, because to “them” I was strange and odd and well, “Did I think I was special?”

I hoped that my partner would stand by me when these things happened. I kinda hoped he would say,”Yes, fruits and vegetables are a much better way to eat.” He didn’t. He would be polite and eat what was put in front of him and he wouldn’t offend anyone. These are qualities that I have always loved about him, so it was hard to want both. He is liked by everyone and is just an easy-going guy.

He has always supported what I do but he never really committed to any huge changes. He isn’t sick and he doesn’t have pain, so quite simply… the motivation to change just isn’t there. I can understand. I don’t think I would’ve made any of these changes if it weren’t for that friendly reminder each month or the pain I experience when I divert from eating right. I feel differently about everything now that I have made the changes, but it took a level of commitment to get here, which is not always easy.

So, I was SUPER EXCITED last night when James (my fiancé) said that he would like to do a juice fast with me! Super excited!

We watched Fat, Sick and nearly Dead. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now! This movie was done so incredibly well.

My review of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead:

  • It didn’t slash anything—this is common in most of the other food documentaries. It didn’t delve into how terrible everything is and how we are swamped with fast foods etc. That message came through without being said. 
  • It was always positive. Even when Joe went and interviewed others, he never judged them for their choices. It was open and positive and somehow left the viewer to make their own judgments—I was struggling personally with some of the answers by those being interviewed… just wanted to yell at them, but that is my journey…
  • It made it all sound really easy. Just juice and walk. You don’t need to do anything else. Just those two things. Juice and walk. Most other documentaries give us too much choice and are somehow confusing.
  • It was inspiring and showed the clear results of juicing.
  • It was not complicated. No, “Oh I need a fancy juicer that is going to cost me 1000s of dollars. I need to juice organic and all these criteria.” Just juice what you can get with a simple juicer.

So, last night, we ordered a juicer together—how cute! And it should hopefully arrive within the next few days. Then it is juicing time!

Have you done a juice fast? What did you experience? Does your partner do stuff with you? Feel free to share in the comments below…



Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Christine

    I’m a US expat living in Australia. He had a few talks around town at housewares stores the sell juices. It was a great experience! 🙂

  2. Melissa

    Awesome! I will keep you posted on when we do ours 🙂 Maybe we can do it together?

  3. Amber

    I loved this movie! I was reading a book about going on a juice fast a while back and the day I decided to start planning the fast I was at my inlaws and they picked this movie to watch on netflix. I saw it as a sign. I did the fast for three days and felt great! I plan to do another one at the end of this month.

  4. Melissa

    That’s so cool. How did you meet Joe Cross? Aussie’s are generally down to earth 🙂 Love the culture there!

  5. Melissa

    That is awesome Andrea 🙂 It is great when others can share in our journey!

  6. Christine

    I found it very interesting this movie effected your husband….as it effected mine as well!

    We watched the same movie. I felt very similar to you. A positive way to make lifestyle changes. No hype. Not overly negative pointing of fingers. No “do what I say, or you’re doomed” type talk. Just “Add the good stuff and there will soon be no room for the bad” message.

    We did a reboot about a year ago together. He was a “if it didn’t have parents, I don’t eat it.” kinda guy. Now he sees the benefit in vegetables and a balanced diet.

    I actually met Joe Cross. He’s a great guy. Very down to earth!

  7. Andrea

    It definitely helps to have the support. My husband agreed to following my diet for a month and it has helped so much! He has been surprised that he has liked it so much. The only thing he has really missed is breads. I also haven’t gotten him completely off of refined sugar, but he’s cut back a lot. It looks like he will be sticking with it as the month is nearly over and he hasn’t mentioned going back to his old habits. 😉

  8. Melissa

    Thanks hun. It was soo exciting and he even asked about when the juicer was coming again tonight 🙂 I love Kris Carr’s work. Gotta get her book too 🙂 So many books I want!

  9. Aubree

    Yay! I agree that it is so much easier when you have support from your partner. My husband and I have been juicing together every night for the past month (in lieu of a heavy dinner). And now I hear him spouting off to his friends and family about the fact that we’ve been juicing and how it’s making him feel so much better! I think sometimes it just takes a little pushing (and me doing the juicing and cleaning the juicer) LOL. 🙂

    Another great resource and inspiration for the power of juicing is Kris Carr. I’ve been reading Crazy, Sexy, Diet — highly recommended! She suggests doing a juice fast once a week to once a month as a maintenance practice…. Best of luck on your cleanse.

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