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Question: Can we combine conventional approaches?

When I first began my journey in using natural healing methods and exploring different treatment options for my endometriosis, I really believed that I could combine both the natural methods I was using, alongside conventional approaches to manage endometriosis. I was under the impression that the contraceptive pill was a fairly minor hormone treatment – maybe it was all the marketing telling me it is just a “mini pill”, but I really believed it would be okay to use them together. I also had an idea that it would give me “the best of both worlds”.

I really wanted to believe these treatment options could work together because to be honest, it would be far easier for me to work with the medical community in unison than on opposite ends of the scale. Many people have also suggested to me that I should be more “open-minded” about my approach as it would help me get the word out more.

There is however one big problem with all of this. I am an ethical person and I want to stand behind what I put out there and create within this world. Though I initially believed we could combine the medical model for endometriosis alongside my approaches, I simply can’t anymore and here is why…


There are really big consequences in using hormone treatments for endometriosis

As I started to unravel what some of the medical solutions actually do within the body and how they work, it got me very very scared about the long term consequences these synthetic hormones could have on my health and all the women that continue to take them. Sadly, it is one of the most commonly used treatment options for women with endometriosis. One of the key things many of the hormone treatments do is alter our hormones and particularly our bodies ability to create oestrogen. The idea is to stop the hormones and thereby stop the endometriosis growths.

Trouble is, our body needs oestrogen for more than ovarian function! We need oestrogen to aid in bone regulation and when we stop production of oestrogen, we inevitably effect the health of our bones. This could lead to osteoarthritis in years to come.

There are plenty more consequences such as an increase in the susceptibility to a stroke and heart attacks with these treatment options.

Would you take something that gives you Candida?

One of the things I find incredibly ironic is that doctors and surgeons continuously prescribe the contraceptive pill to help manage endometriosis. I get it, it is easy and it has some cool double action – namely contraception. What they fail to tell you is that the contraceptive pill alters our natural PH in our gut. This affects many elements within our gut health, including our ability to ward off parasites and bacterial overgrowth. I also believe that this is why the cases of Candida with Endometriosis are so incredibly high. When we are on the pill, we are creating the perfect environment for Candida to thrive!

Would you take it if you knew it limited mineral and vitamin absorption?

With the change of PH in your gut, your body will struggle to digest and fully absorb certain minerals and vitamins. What is ironic, is that is the very same minerals and vitamins we need to help support us in managing endometriosis that become depleted – namely zinc and many of the B Vitamins. And before you taint the message of “oh well, let us just take these to replace them – let me tell you that taking synthetically derived vitamins will never replace the real thing!

Watch this video interview to find out more.


What about combining surgery with natural approaches?

I get the thinking. I will just go for surgery and have a good “clean out”. Remove all the endometriosis build-up and then I can start fresh with the dietary recommendations etc. Great thinking and that was my thinking for years too and I used this treatment option more than once – try 7 times! Here is what I didn’t know…

Surgery is causing more inflammation

Every time you have surgery, you trigger a cascade of events which cause more inflammation in your abdominal cavity. The best way I can describe it is like ramping up a party with more alcohol. You are fuelling the endometriosis growth because the surgery itself, triggered an inflammatory response by your body. See, your cells don’t forget that you’ve had surgery – even if you were completely unconscious! So, yes, we can remove the endometriosis and hope they got it all but even if a little bit is hiding or whatever triggered the endometriosis to grow in the first place, will just re-appear – hence why we have to go back for more surgery, lining the pockets of the surgeons we go and see.

Surgery naturally builds more adhesions

When you have surgery, your body build adhesions in an attempt to repair the damage. This is normal. Much like when you cut yourself on your hand or elsewhere. Trouble is, adhesions are tough and they are not as bendy or flexible as normal cells. This causes restriction and tightness in your abdominal area and lady, this causes more pain.

When you have surgery, you build more adhesions. This is fact. Surgeons know this. According Gynecare Worldwide “Most patients develop adhesions after pelvic surgery”. Pelvic adhesions are abnormal bands of scar tissue that form after gynaecological surgeries, like C-sections, and bind organs that are usually not connected. Adhesions are very common after pelvic or abdominal surgery. In fact, studies have shown that adhesions formed in 55-100% of patients who had reproductive pelvic surgery and adhesions are the primary cause of chronic pelvic pain in 13-16% of all females.

We also don’t appreciate is just how risky surgery is. Read some scary statistics here.

I think many of us opt for surgery as we simply feel it is the best choice out of all the treatment options out there for endometriosis.

The trouble is, unfortunately adhesions take time to grow, so we seldom know the consequences of it all until years down the line.

I do want to point out, that even excision surgery is no guarantee for relief. I have connected with many women with endometriosis who had excision surgery and still have endometriosis pain. What we often don’t know if that pain is from endometriosis or simply the adhesions trying to repair the damage from the surgery.

Is this really our best treatment option? To cut our bodies open and dig around in there?


Why do we want to combine conventional and natural approaches?

It’s actually a really simple answer… fear. We are scared the endometriosis is spreading without us knowing. We are scared it is taking over our whole body and eventually we will have more pain and it will just never end. Right?

Yes, I have been there. That place of utter fear of just wanting to have surgery or something to make it all stop. Some glimmer of hope that the pain will go away.


So which treatment options should we go with?

Okay, it is scary to hear all of this. I know. We just want some answers and a treatment option that works.

What I can tell you is that there is another option and it doesn’t involve either surgery or hormone treatments or even living on pain killers. It is an approach where your body will feel normal again. I have used this approach for women around the world and have amazing results in helping them and myself to live normal lives – without pain or symptoms. It is called the REACH Technique and you can find out more through my download below.

I also developed program to guide you and support you in implementing this approach fully to successfully manage your endometriosis.

All I recommend is that you FIRST DO NO HARM as one of the alternative treatment options and try this before resorting to any other more drastic measures. You might discover the amazing healing powers of your body along the way!


Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Sam Reed

    Hi Melissa,

    With your program, would I be able to get rid of endometriomas that I have?

  2. Aida Mustapha

    The growth was more than 18cm, so i was fearful and after all i wasn’t diagnosed with endometriosis, the doctors thought it was a massive ovarian cyst and they were worried it might get twisted so after nearly a year of trying to heal myself i decided to have the surgery. Another growth was discovered last year, more than a year after my surgery. This time, i WILL NOT have my body cut up anymore!

  3. Mia

    What a great blog! Thanks! How I wish I had known some of these things earlier. It takes a lot of courage, though. Where I live, it essentialy means to stop seeing a doctor, because you either obey them fully or they show you a way out of their office. Sad, but true.

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