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The Words of a Woman with Endometriosis

These are the words I often hear by other women…

I can’t deal with this pain anymore. It is ever-present, ever pushing and pulsating. I can feel it with its undeniable presence as it pushes at me, forcing me to listen. I feel my energy draining. I feel my determination for a new life wavering. It has taken hold and it has pushed past any hope I might have felt about living without it. I had to give in.

I am at the mercy of the endometriosis. It controls my life and my every move. It decides what I get to do with this life. It decides whether I can travel, have children or dive into things that I have always wanted to do. It is the leader of my life because after all, it is an incurable, all-encompassing disease that nobody understands. I am at its mercy.

The endometriosis has become my life now. I identify with it as mine. I am an endometriosis sufferer and fall into a pool of women who feel broken and scared. We stand united in this strange suffering that we identify with. It is one of not being heard, of feeling tired and feeling incredibly weak and deeply scared. The endometriosis has defined us as women. Women who are determined but physically weak. Women who are strong but victims to their own beliefs of what is possible for them.


As you read these words I know that you will identify with many of them. You will feel heard by me for the first time in a long time. You will want to say YES to the whole thing and feel a sense of kinship with these words.


I want you to recognize that these words are written from a place that I have once felt. They are words that held great meaning to me for many, many years but now, they hold no meaning. I no longer resonate with them because I simply don’t see myself in that light anymore. I no longer see myself as that endometriosis sufferer. I am beyond the endometriosis and that is where I want you to get to.

I wish more than anything that you would let go of this identity of endometriosis. This label and this connection to it. I get that you want to be heard and that endo sucks right now, but you don’t need to identify with it on the level that you do. You don’t need to repeat the words: “I am an endometriosis sufferer” quite so much and bury it into the soul and identity of who you are.

See, you are more than endo. Stop playing victim to it. You don’t need to let it define you. You don’t need to fall into this trap of believing that it is forever. You can move beyond the endometriosis and out of that state of feeling like a victim to it. You can make that choice.

Instead of uniting as women with a common suffering, we are going to unite to find a common purpose and a common goal – to overcome the endometriosis. We are going to unite to motivate each other and to help each other move beyond the endometriosis and into a state of being something far more valuable, than simply being a victim to a disease. We have a light to shine and it is brighter and stronger than endometriosis.

We are the creators of our own destiny and we can move beyond the endometriosis. We can decide to no longer play victim but instead become empowered as a united force to shift the reality currently felt, to one of possibility and real change.

Let us unite, not as women who suffer from endometriosis but rather as women who overcome and live free of endometriosis. No more victimhood. No more pity. Reaching beyond the endometriosis.

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Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Janine

    Has anyone tried a lifestyle change? Banting/ keto? It helped me. I still had monthly endometriosis pain and bleeding for 14 years after my hysterectomy. Banting completely changed my life. Pains and bleeding stopped completely.

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