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What Endometriosis Treatment Options Have You Used? Is It Working?

I know how scary it can feel to be confronted with endless Endometriosis pain and symptoms. We keep trying new Endometriosis treatments and revisiting the same approaches in the hope that somehow we will find something that actually helps us. I know I went to several different doctors and specialists when I was first diagnosed, in the hope that someone would perhaps be able to offer me something new… something better than just the contraceptive pill and hormone treatments.

Every now and again, I will meet a woman who shares that she also has Endometriosis and that she feels that things are under control. I will normally ask her what she is doing to support herself in the hope that she will share something positive and empowering for me to share with all of you. Sadly, in most cases she tells me how she is on the contraceptive pill or the mirena coil and that for her, this is what has allowed her to manage her Endometriosis.

I know we all need to make choices that work for us and that we all need to go through our own journey… but many of us are unaware of the dangers of using these forms of treatments for years and years. I only discovered the dangers of them years later. I always thought my body was silly for overreacting to the side effects! Though these Endometriosis treatments might mask the symptoms of Endometriosis, they don’t really deal with any of the underlying reasons we may have Endometriosis. The worst part is that they sadly contribute to more hormone imbalances and other issues within the body and particularly liver health.

My question to you today is whether you believe your Endometriosis is really being treated properly?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you still experience abdominal pain?
  • Is your digestion doing okay?
  • What have you done to support your overall health?
  • What side effects are you dulling out with more drugs or treatments?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your body?
  • Are you scared about the long-term effects of those treatments?
  • Does a little voice inside of you question this approach?
  • Have you considered the nutrient deficiencies of using these Endometriosis treatment options?


But the contraceptive pill is the only thing that “worked” for me!

I know for years I would advocate that the pill was a fairly harmless treatment to use for Endometriosis. I would promote it as the least offensive treatment for women with Endometriosis as it was something I had used for years. It just sounded so innocent and somehow I believed it wasn’t really that dangerous. It was just a “mini pill” after all!

What I didn’t realize is that the pill was affecting me on many levels. I had taken it for over seven years, and in that time I never once considered the risks or the long-term consequences of taking it. No one informed me that it would alter my digestive health or that it would interfere with my liver health!

I never considered that it could cause strokes and leave women completely wheelchair-bound. I never did any research and I certainly was never aware of the real dangers.


We want you to be fully informed about your Endometriosis treatment plan!

I appreciate that Endometriosis is a challenging condition. I also get that using a holistic approach may sound too whimsical to work, because I never believed it could work for me either. The thing is that I want to give you as much information as I can, so you can make an informed decision on how you are going to treat your body. Really know what you are taking and how it may impact your long-term health!

My approach is always to “first do no harm” and luckily my approach follows this principle of medicine.

So, Michelle Strandlee and I have created an amazing document for you, to give you a full perspective on some of the most common hormone treatments that are being used for Endometriosis and how they may affect your health.

This is a 30+ page document and there is NO CHARGE to receiving it. It is the Informed Consent Guide for Endometriosis.

Get your copy now…


Do you have an experience in using hormone treatments that you would like to share with other women, to prevent them from making the same mistakes you made? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below…


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Hellenina

    Hi Amy, sorry to hear you are going through all that. Endo pain is awful. I don’t know if it will help, but I’m just starting to feel better after constant daily pain(usually waking me at 3am-actually that’s how I stumbled onto this very helpful site). I would wake with niggling pelvic pain that would become excruciating and I would sit up swaddled in hot water bottles front and back, and take codeine as a last resort, which happened quite regularly. I’ve been like that for the past few months, I even had to go sick for two weeks because I could not manage the early starts, but in time, after doing a lot of research on here, I decided to order some serapeptase and also a comprehensive vitamin/min/oil/flavinoids/ curcumin/oil of evening primrose and Bromelain in a last hope. I’ve been taking them religiously for half a month and ive got to the point where I’m not waking at 3am in agony, in fact I hardly get any pain. I also have started to feel my energy coming back. I also try to get some form of gentle exercise as often as possible. I have to add that the night before I ate a huge helping of sticky toffee pud, and it set me right back to where I was. I’ve carried on with the multivital/oils and serapeptase and although I had a day of agony and feeling weak and lethargic, a day after I’m feeling mostly OK again. It all leads me to think that inflammation in the body really is a gateway to illness, and that by doing everything possible to reduce inflammation(the vitamin pack i chose was sold with this in mind.. Nutrishield for the over 50’s-im not but it has more in! )we can heal our selves. Not straight away, but with investment in nutrition. I also tried other things which didn’t work such as cramp bark, a tens machine, noratryptaline for pain as well as amytriptalyine. I’ve a Gynae apt in March, I’m sure they’ll say go on the pill, but the way things are I won’t need the appointment. This is just my story but I hope it helps. I know how hard it is and so confusing as to what to try, often expensive leaps of faith.

  2. Amy Twiss

    Hello Melissa, I sincerely appreciate the time you have taken with me to explain to me your story. I am sick and tired at this point in my life and don’t know what to do anymore. I had a partial hysterectomy a couple of years ago and my pain has returned and it is getting worse instead of better. I am on the pill and that doesn’t seem to help anymore. I am tired of taking medications. Pain medications, I can’t take because they make me sick and I am allergic to them. I am on a heating pad constantly. I even send away for a $35.00 bottle of Pro-Sirona which is backed the Endometriosis Association of America. To no avail, it is only a topical medicine. I have a lot of fear about going off the pill, but at this point in my life I honestly think the holistic approach might be an answer?

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