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Could Endometriosis All Come Down to a Poor Immune System or Is That Just a Myth? The Gerson Institute Shares What They Know about Endometriosis!

We have heard that Endometriosis all comes down to a poor immune system. To me this all sounded a little too vague. It is kinda like saying, you have irritable bowel syndrome—heard that one before! Everything just kinda gets lumped under one umbrella for all conditions. Surely all diseases are triggered by a lowered immune system? Isn’t that ultimately what the immune system does? Protect us from diseases?

So, anyways, a few days ago I got an email from a fantastic subscriber to my blog. She had been in contact with the Gerson Therapy Institute and had emailed them to find out if their therapy would work for Endometriosis and more importantly why it might work. In their words:

“On the basis of our review of patient outcomes, I can state that Gerson’s dietortherapy is a form of nutrition-based immunotherapy that has, in our experience, cured many cases of advanced Endometriosis. There are more than 30 endometriosis cases in our nonmalignant database, including instances of large benign growths like chocolate cysts (endometriomas). Complete nonsurgical remission of large cysts, followed by normal term pregnancies, was accomplished by a number of the younger women in cohort.

It was actually our clinical success with endometriosis that lead us to seek rationales in the literatures that would explain such responses to immunotherapy per se, because that is what Gerson’s treatment is, and because the common medical mindset was that endometriosis was a problem of the hormones. To our edification, we found that significant immune system disturbances have been identified and reported in endometriosis for decades. The condition clearly involves natural killer cells (NK Cells) deficiency and inactivity.”

Wow! That is seriously so interesting! So, basically our NK cells just need to be activated and increased and we will heal ourselves of Endometriosis? So it appears…

How do we increase our immune system?

1. Flush out the toxins that already exist in our bodies;

2. Pump in as many nutrients and minerals into the body that we can get in—juicing is what the Gerson Technique uses;

3. Cut out any foods that inhibit the immune systems functions; and

4. Support the immune system with extra tools like aloe vera, noni juice etc.

So, over the next few weeks I will be exploring more methods of supporting the immune system. I will do my best to find non-conventional methods as I think we need something super powerful for this to really alter what is going on inside of us!

Naturally, diet plays a part in this whole thing too… so I will explore that further for us along the way. If you know anything about the Gerson Therapy, please feel free to share!

Keep yourselves posted for further updates…


Wanna share your thoughts? Let me know what you think by commenting below…

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Kaylee

    Hi France, I know it’s many years later but I was wondering how your journey of healing your endometriosis with the Gerson Diet has gone? I was just diagnosed 4 days ago and will be starting the Gerson Diet. It healed my fathers stage 4 “terminal” liver and prostate cancer so I have extremely high hopes that it will heal my endometriosis. Would love to know how you are doing now! 🙂

  2. Andrea

    Hi everyone

    I just had a surgery that removed an endometrioma in my lower stomach and i have been reading about thr gerson therapy in order to prevent more endometriomas and future pain.

    Can somebody please send me the diet and tell me if it really works or not?

    My email address is: andrea.roa.e@gmail.com

  3. Katie Jane

    I’ve recently stumbled across your website and have found the posts super motivating.
    I am 22, diagnosed with Endometriosis and have had such severe pain to the point where I am unable to work, constantly blacking out/ throwing up around the week or two before my period. Sometimes having two periods a month. None of it has been pleasant, doctors have told me it’s IBS, that I’m gluten intollerant, that I just have severe anxiety. I have seen around 8 doctors in the past three months.
    I used to work for a lady in Whistler who ran a juice bar and spoke highly of the Gerson Therapy.

    With the loving support of my amazing boyfriend I’ve decided to undertake the Gerson Therapy from home.
    I am now on day three, finding it quite hard to focus and feeling generally ill.
    I’m still waiting on all of the supplements to come in the mail as well as the enema kit. I’ve researched a lot on Gerson and the therapies and the science behind it and I am looking forward to seeing the amazing results not only for pain eradication but for prevention for future illness/ fertility issues.

    My mother had Endometriosis and had several miscarriages and passed away at an early age due to extreme immunity issues and failing organs.

    I am at an age now where I think it’s my responsibility to take my health into my own hands and give this Gerson thing a go.
    I would LOVE any feedback from people who are completing it or have done so.

    I’m looking for any indication on a time length- for the moment I am aiming for 3 months, however it is quite expensive with all the supplements/ time off work/ organic groceries and general products like juicer.

    If anyone knows about the effects of a masticating vs centrifugal juicer that would be treat!

    Anyway, it’s day three and I’ll post more results as the time goes by. I am really really confident this will work and would love to share it with anyone else going through Endo pain. NO ONE should ever have to feel this type of debilitating pain!

    Thanks- Katie

  4. Rachel

    Hi France!
    Thanks for the update! I’m so happy to read that you’re doing well and on the road to recovery!!! I just wanted to let you know that I received my call from the Gerson Institute and I have been approved for Gerson therapy! Words cannot express how happy and relieved I am. I will have my first coaching session tomorrow. Once I get all my Gerson ducks in a row, I plan to start my customized treatment plan on Monday. I am SO blessed to have a very dear girlfriend whom previously completed the program, available to mentor me – on Sunday we getting together for Gerson therapy tutorials and trail runs…she had the program down to a science and is going to share with me all sorts of tips and tricks to help make my transition as smooth as possible. Please, continue to keep me and everyone else, posted on your progress!
    Infinite Blessings & Abundance,

  5. France

    Hi everyone. Thank you for sharing your story. It helps me to hear i m not alone in this fight. With the gerson therapy and not being well enough to walk around or drive, i m stuck at home and i feel even less “alive” or aware of a world around me beside my lovely daughters and boyfriend. The therapy is doing well. I still feel like it s a battle not quite part if my daily life yet in a sense that i have to refer to website and books to solve problems or to make sure i do things the right way. I had my 2 d healing reaction exactly when they say at 6 weeks. How amazing! It lasted 3 days. However i feel like my body is battling something. I ve read a lot about teething from the gerson therapy point of view. Sure enough i had some sensitive tooths and it happens to be my fillings. Yes mercury and silver fillings are leaking. So i m happy in a way i have another problem. We ll fix this and fill with plastic and my healing process should improve. I m better like every cycle i have less pain. But according to some comments, articles and witnesses i should be be better than that. There s still quite some days i m a wreck. But i keep juicing every hour. I keep doing 3 enemas a day. I kee cooking my vegetables with water. I live the diet. I love the juices. I love the fact this our new diet. This is our new life style. I believe hard it will work. But i still have days where pain prevents from getting up and act normally and go through my days. You know…
    I m happy i had the healing reaction. It s a sign the therapy is working.
    I had another blood test done when i started the therapy and my thyroid is underworking again. I m still waiting for my pills to arrive. The therapy mentions that once iodine and thyroid supplements are combined real healing happens. So between the teeth and thyroid things should get settled in the next month or so. I recommend the therapy for everyone. It s so much more than a therapy. It s a way to get back to basic living common sense and protects us from this daily nasty habits the society leads us to.
    Take care all. Good luck to all of you. I ll be in touch

  6. Rachel

    Hi France!
    Thank you SO much for sharing your journey with other women. As a second generation endo warrior, I feel your pain and am hopeful for your recovery! I am thirty years old and have been battling stage V, with the addition of ovarian bi-lateral endometrial masses, chronically for three years now. After, three surgeries, HRT, acupuncture, and supplements galore, I have yet ANOTHER ovarian cyst, which is currently almost five centimeters, containing complex fluid (this is exactly how my endometriomas started their evolution into large citrus sized masses, last year). I have yet to conceive or birth children, in fact, as it stands now, my physician has given me a 2% chance of conceiving naturally, without the use of IVF. I am BEYOND frustrated and discouraged with the treatment options available for this disease, and I am even MORE upset by the feeling of victimization which is accompanied with it! After, being offered a second round of lupron therapy, as a temporary fix, to an already obnoxious situation, compliments of hormone therapy BCP side affects, I finally reached my breaking point – I am physically, mentally and emotionally drained and want off the “medical merry-go round,” once and for ALL. So, last week, in an effort to take back control of my life and health, I took myself off of the hormones and began obsessive – compulsively re-searching and educating myself on alternative treatment options, diving deep into the enigmatic medical and holistic theories associated with estrogen dominance and its direct relationship to numerous dietary and environmental factors. I was synchronistically lead to holistic healers, websites and documentaries which spoke of and supported the findings of Dr. Max Gerson and his orthomolecular medicine therapy. Although, this miraculous course of alternative healing is so simplistic and obvious, congruent with what many of us were taught about nutrition and health, because of it’s “illegal” and stigmatic reputation with traditional, western medicine, I had reservations…which, ultimately, were nothing more than my own fears of being unsuccessful at yet another form of therapy and treatment for this chronic and debilitating disease. I am very blessed to have a strong support team in my corner, which allowed me to work through those issues of fear and arrive at a place of peace. I am now in the process of submitting my paper work to the Gerson Institute for endometriosis treatment via at home coaching. Additionally, I am a week into a holistic body / liver detox, as well as a vegan lifestyle. I have diligently documented my journey throughout the past three years and am continuing to do so, with the hopes of sharing my trials, errors, and soon to be <3 healing <3 with women, all over the world! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, please continue to update us on your journey!!! Blessings & Abundance – Rachey #ExtinguishEndo

  7. Melissa

    That is super exciting France! Can’t wait to read more of your story 🙂

  8. France

    Hello everyone. It s been 5 weeks on the gerson therapy. Some say it takes 21 days for your body to respond to a new habit. Well it worked for me. Since the 22 d day, my energie level has improved, pain has improved and could test with the degree of inflamation during ovulation. My brain is left foggy. I ve started to drive again a bit and gentle exercise. I can t believe it. My body is healing!! I love it!

  9. France

    Hello. I m on day 10 on the gerson therapy. I had a healing reaction with intense pain for maybe 2 hrs on the 6 th day like i was supposed to! So it is actually a great thing. For endometriosis, we don t do the full therapy. We have a schedule to follow for non malignant people. I take 10 juices a day and 3 coffee enema. After 10 days ( which seems like months!), i am starting to know the routine by heart. It is a lot of work. I am home. I don t work. I can t work because of the pain , fatigue, foggy brain and the rest. I have 2 kids. We have help from friends. The food is excellent. Only vegegables of course that are simply cooked and prepared.
    I have a coach whi answers my questions and will guide me when i wil feel better so i can cut on some supplements. I go one day at a time. I am not expecting to get better right away. I know it will take 2 or 3 months. I m not better yet physically. But mentally i am much better because i know this time i will heal for real. I know it is a long journey but it is to me another lifestyle that i ve dreaming about. My 2 daughters and my boyfriend eat the same food as i do and it makes it easier.
    I will have a new body with new organes in18 months or maybe before!
    I have been sick for almost 3 years. 18 months is nothing especially if i know this will be the end of my nightmare
    I will keep you updated 🙂

  10. Melissa

    That sounds amazing and super exciting for you to be doing this! I hope you do share your story with us all and perhaps share a blog post or series with us?

  11. France

    Hello Melissa, it s France from Whistler, Canada. I thought i d let you know i have decided to follow the Gerson therapy from home. I should be able to start the full therapy in one month from now, I gave myself february first as I have to order most of the supplies and supplements from the states and with the holidays, post my be delayed.
    I d be happy to participate and give you some feed back. I already started to left unwanted food on the side from the diet therapy and i do one enema a day.
    My daughter s best friend is a gerson therapist and she s my neighboor too so I think it s a sign. I m sick of trying superfood or supplements or the best doctor. I m sick of being weak and sick and in pain. I m doing it and the more i learn about it the more excited I am. My day will come from France to help me with the kids as I ll be weak around 2 to 3 weeks after starting full therapy, they call it the healing reaction. I m going to meet tomorrow a person whos is doing the therapy but not full. sha had cervical cancer and says it s the best decision she ever made. She lives in whistler as well so I feel less alone…
    I ll keep you updated if you d like.
    Everybody take care!

  12. Melissa

    Yes for sure! I will try and find some 🙂

  13. Jessica Michel

    It would be awesome if we could get some women that have completed the gerson therapy to post about results! I find that when you hear someone has overcome advanced stages of a disease, it’s easier for others to follow through with what they did! How can we get in touch with some women who completed G.T. with endometriosis and hear about the results?!!!

  14. Melissa

    I have certainly adapted many of the techniques discussed in the Gerson therapy. I believe the key is through the initial detox. I am planning on a Liver Detox very soon to assess these results.
    Thanks for sharing Jenny!

  15. Jenny

    Hi Melissa,
    This is my first time on your site! After watching a few documentaries about Dr. Gerson and the use of nutrition to heal disease on Netflix (“The Beautiful Truth”, “The Geron Miracle”, “Dying to have known”, “Forks over Knives” and “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” to name a few) I was hoping to find a blog by someone who has used nutritional therapy to heal endometriosis. My husband and I have changed our diets dramatically and started juicing vegetables and fruits daily-we have nearly gone vegetarian! We are also looking into organic Community Supported Agriculture (inspired by “Ingredients”).

    If you (or anyone you know) end up committing to Dr. Gerson’s Therapy please, please post your results month by month! I am, as I’m sure other readers are, curious to know how Dr. Gerson’s Therapy compares to something less extreme, like simply juicing and
    changing diet.

    Cheers to juicing,


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