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Endometriosis Pain Treatment – The Truth behind it all

Endometriosis Pain Treatment

One of the biggest questions I get asked about is pain. Is there a specific endometriosis pain treatment you recommend? How do I alleviate the pain with endometriosis? Is there a specific supplement that can alleviate the endometriosis pain?

Pain is not an easy element of healing to resolve which is why it is so hard to guide you and help you with these questions. I would love to tell you that there is one amazing supplement that can just make the pain go away or even just a selection of supplements. The truth is… it is far more complex than that and that is what we are going to dive into today.

The Holistic Endometriosis Pain Treatment

When I say the word “holistic” it may be confusing to some of you. Essentially, it means to treat the whole body and the whole environment in which the body resides.

Here are my steps with my recommended endometriosis pain treatment:

Pain can be attributed in a large part to the overaction of the body towards the dispersed cells we know as endometriosis. It is like the body is in some kind of overdrive and heightened reaction. This is of course what is largely to blame for the pain. Because pain is ultimately caused by inflammation.

How to reduce pain with endometriosis?

Initially, you may focus on reducing foods that are inflammatory. What exactly does inflammatory mean? There are foods that naturally trigger more inflammation. When we have inflammation, we increase the likelihood of pain in the body. This inflammation can show up in various forms – for some it will be endometriosis but for others, it could be inflammation of the bladder (Interstitial Cystitis) or Colitis. Most conditions ending in itis are inflammatory.

Certain foods can naturally trigger more inflammation in the body such as sugar, dairy or gluten. The reason they trigger inflammation is due to the need for the body to want the natural balance back – homeostasis. So, too much sugar triggers more insulin release than the body considers normal levels. It is like we are pushing the body to do too much and it just goes into overdrive = inflammation.

Dairy and Gluten can have the same reaction in the body depending on how well your body copes with these foods. For instance, you might find that you have a sensitivity to these foods and when that is the case, the body treats these as a foreign invader, reacting to an extreme to those foods – causing inflammation in the gut which naturally also affects the rest of the body. It is often this inflammation that we might think is due to endometriosis but actually, the pain is due to the inflammation caused by foods having this reaction. Read my Gluten Article here. 

The simplest way to explain inflammation is how it occurs when we cut ourselves. In an attempt to heal the cut, the finger becomes red and swollen (inflamed) to draw more blood and therefore nutrients and immune fighting dudes to the area. The same thing occurs whenever there are other inflammatory reactions in the body.

So, what foods reduce inflammation? Think of anything that is natural and you’re pretty close to being on the right track. Your fabulous fruits and vegetables are of course the key staples at reducing inflammation. There are however foods you can eat which you can focus on to specifically reduce inflammation even further. Things like seaweed, wild foods, and herbs – yes, the ones you can grow on your windowsill. These are like power punches to inflammation and really sway the pendulum towards the anti-inflammatory side of things.

Using exercise as a treatment for endometriosis pain

When we move our bodies in the right way, we can reduce inflammation through exercise. Initially, you might think this doesn’t make sense but when we think about the health benefits from a broader perspective we can see how exercise reduces pain. The most obvious thing is that exercise creates natural blood flow which helps your blood deliver nutrients but also get rid of waste better. Remember in the earlier example of the finger? The more we can supply nutrients to our abdomen the better. Often we sit for hours and hours a day – creating a “puddle” in the abdominal area. This is simply a lack of movement – also described as blood stagnation in Chinese Medicine.

Like a pond that sits in the bottom of the garden and doesn’t get any fresh water and just gets murkier and murkier over time.

We want to send good stuff in and get the waste out and the easiest way to achieve this is through exercise.

There are some recommendations when it comes to exercise though. We want to focus on forms of exercise that don’t drive up cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone and for many of us, we already have enough of this one! HIIT or extreme workouts are often not suitable for women with endometriosis. They push us and thereby drive up cortisol which doesn’t support our holistic approach.

The other aspect of exercise we don’t always see is that muscle building (highly recommended) builds up our ATP stores. These guys are what give us energy and help support better metabolism. Naturally, building muscle also helps support our bones and makes us look a little trimmer aswell.

We have a free Yoga Program which can get you started on using exercise to support your treatment for reducing endometriosis pain through exercise.


How your thinking influences endometriosis pain

I always remember how I used to go into a deep dark spiral with endometriosis pain. I would get a little niggle of pain and immediately go into a state of anxiety worrying that it would get worse. Of course, it always did. The cycle of this way of thinking is actually hard to break.

The thing is, that heightened emotions and thoughts merely drive up the pain. See, thoughts and particularly anxiety will have a direct impact on the inflammatory response in your body. Have you ever noticed that the more stressed you get, the more you experience pain? That is because your body is in that state of inflammation from your thoughts.

I personally believe there is a heap to uncover when it comes to our emotions and endometriosis.

The good news is that we can totally control our thoughts and our reactions – with a bit of training of course.


How toxins affect endometriosis pain

There are many connections to endometriosis and more interestingly there are more and more studies showing how things like Candida Albicans or HPylori have an effect on endometriosis pain levels. It is therefore fairly obvious that we need to focus on rebalancing and using treatment options to address these.

Some women have expressed that their pain completely vanished after using one of these protocols.

See, things are all connected. If there is an imbalance in your gut.. your body will interpret this with inflammation. That inflammation response will reveal itself throughout the entire body – not just that area. Once inflammation sets in, it is like the body is in permanent overdrive and reacts more and more. This is often why women who have a food sensitivity to one food, will slowly start developing more and more sensitivities.

The reality is, we just need to fix the imbalances which are causing that inflammatory response, and quite often we can shift this “overdrive” reaction very easily.

Of course, that could be through our diet, detoxification or of course our thoughts.


Lowering anxiety to reduce endometriosis pain

Anxiety, the stress response, and of course as I have described this “overdrive” reaction is very typical with women with endometriosis. Quite honestly, it doesn’t surprise me. Many women have been through pretty nasty experiences by the time they discover endometriosis and with all the messages of “there is nothing that can be done” and “you just have to live with the pain”, I can totally see why women would feel more anxious.

Hence creating this platform for you – because honestly, women need to hear more messages of hope!

The key is to find a space where you can share, ask questions, and feel genuinely supported. You need women around you who get this and understand what it feels like – without all the questions on when are you going to have a baby or why your “cramps” affect you so badly that you can’t go out. We need to know that we are not alone to really help reduce that anxiety.

My endometriosis pain treatment plan is layered and there are many factors but ultimately we have seen incredible success at helping women reduce their pain levels with endometriosis. We use the REACH Technique© to guide you through each of these steps with all the detail and healing available to you.

If you want to join a community of women and get the tools and support you need, then I will welcome you to our online programs to help you finally feel endo freedom.

Which treatment ideas have you implemented and tried so far and what has benefited you already? Feel free to share below…

Hugs, Melissa x
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