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What is Endometriosis and how do we apply natural methods to heal it?

When my doctor first explained what Endometriosis was, I was very confused. It made no sense and I couldn’t understand why it kept growing back! Surely, if you cut it out… it should be gone? Over the years, I have come to understand what Endometriosis really is and what it means for your life.

Okay, lets explain this in the most simple format. Endometriosis is when a whole bunch of cells grow outside of our uterus or in the abdominal cavity and attach themselves to our bowels, bladder, ovaries and the fallopian tubes. They generally attach themselves on the outside of these organs as they lay next to each other in the abdominal cavity. I know when I first heard about it, I thought the Endometriosis found it’s way into organs but this is not often the case with Endometriosis.

The cells also attach themselves on the inside of our uterus, like the fallopian tubes and inside the ovaries. This is where the fertility problem comes from  – they essentially block the way for those spermy dudes to get in!

There are a heap of theories on why we get Endometriosis but essentially the cells are misplaced as perhaps there is an excess of these cells. This is my theory, so don’t take it as gold but…. We naturally have cells that are developed in the ovaries. These cells essentially “jump” into the fallopian tubes or burst across when we ovulate. I believe we have too many of these cells and that is why they essentially “spill” all over the place and also don’t flush out to easily. (totally my theory so don’t analyse that one too much 🙂

The cells are sticky and lumpy, which causes them to stick to organs and also to start to form adhesions or bridges. So, a whole bunch of cells lump together and as you move, they stick to the closest organ, kinda like chewing gum and eventually you have all these bridges between organs – which is what causes us so much pain. Things are not supposed to be stuck together, so when we move, it causes pain. Cells on our abdominal cavity, especially our digestive system is common. We therefore naturally feel more sore when there are a whole bunch of cells sitting on our intestines and we get bloated from the wrong foods or constipation or even if we have diarrhea (all that peristalsis movement).

The problem with Endometriosis is that each month we ovulate and each month these cells grow and form with our hormonal fluctuations. Also, when we naturally shed our monthly (your period), we also experience pain within the whole abdominal cavity as it is trying to get everything out! It is the peristalsis of our uterus, which is totally natural, that makes us more sore.

What doctors try and do is to stop the hormonal fluctuations which naturally occur in our bodies. So, each time we ovulate, hormones make that process of cells dispersing and growing happen. By essentially stopping that process, doctors diminish the amount of cells being dispersed and the amount of cells that grow with your hormones. This sounds really good in a way but unfortunately, the methods used to do this affect the whole body and actually deplete the body of many nutrients and minerals it needs to heal itself from Endometriosis. It is also a toxin which contributes to our problem with Endometriosis.

The question should be asked …. why do we have Endometriosis cells dispersing inside the abdominal cavity? My theory(once again it is just my personal theory) is that the cells that form in the ovaries are too much. We just make too many and I believe the reason is, that our hormones are out of balance and sending the wrong message to our pituitary gland in our brain. Now, there are theories that it is Oestrogen Dominance that causes Endometriosis but it appears that not all of us have Oestrogen Dominance, so it is presumptuous to assume we are all the same and have the same hormonal imbalance. – which is why I am so anti suggesting specific hormone treatments for Endometriosis…. yes even natural ones. I prefer to give the body what it needs to heal and it can sort itself out!

So, hence why I am always recommending Maca Root Powder. Maca Root works on our Pituitary gland and regulates ALL hormones – regardless of whether they are Oestrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone or Thyroid related.

The other key thing is to recognise why we have an excess of any hormones or imbalances of hormones. Essentially, the liver flushes out our excess hormones. When this major organ can’t flush stuff out properly, the excess hormones stay in the bloodstream and guess what? They just get more and more! So, the key here is to flush out the liver to allow it to flush out more hormones better 🙂

We also help the body by giving it heaps of superfoods and good organic food, so it has less toxins and heaps of healing power to get to work!

You can also get help through methods which flush out toxins and regulate the imbalance in the body. Natural practitioners work with you to create a more balanced lifestyle and eating habits and flush out toxins in your body with herbs or acupuncture. Stress is a massive factor in your healing and emotional stress is incredibly hard on our bodies. By using methods which release this emotional stress from the body, we will naturally free the body of excess adrenal and negative impacts.

Natural healing is about combining as many aspects that heal the body into one and maintaining these methods until the body finds the path to healing. You are guiding your body onto the right path and letting it do the work of healing, not trying to fix or cut parts out that aren’t working. The body knows what it needs to do… you just need to show it the right path to healing.



Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Hi Kate and welcome!
    I am glad I am able to offer you some glimmer of hope 🙂
    You will get there sweets… you are on the right track.

  2. kate

    Dear Melissa, thank you for having the motivation to continue researching for us when many of us feel overwhelmed by it. I have had endo for 12 years, diagnosed with it at 24- had a laparoscopy now not pregnant after trying for 3 years and just found your site after searching for answers and not finding any. Not wanting to do IVF despite feeling the pressure. I will do all you suggest as the natural method instinctively feels right. Lets hope we can show those docs there is another way! So grateful to you.

    Kate from Australia xx

  3. Melissa

    Ahhhh thanks Hannah! That is such a lovely comment and I am glad I was able to give it a different spin for you, that didn’t remind you of the doctors office. I know I hated the “there is no cure” and “you will have this for life” comments I got from my doctor. It all sounded so depressing and horrible! It is a great life lesson and it makes us all much better people 🙂

  4. Hannah

    Really good explanation, thanks Melissa! I much prefer reading your description of endo than going and looking it up on some medical website. Sometimes if I encounter one of those ‘medical’ descriptions it can just take me right back to the time when I first found out about endo and was feeling all of that despair and hopelessness. Somehow medical jargon just takes me back to that place of passivity and sadness! Thanks for your story-telling tone, it makes me feel like endometriosis can be seen as a fascinating thing that we should strive more to learn about – not just a closed book life sentence! At first I never thought I would be able to get into a mode of ‘positive reinterpretation’ of endo, but slowly and surely I have come to see it as a pretty big life lesson and it has prompted so much thought and motivation about health in general. Thanks so much!

  5. Melissa

    Thanks Sameera 🙂 Great to get a comment on it!

  6. sameera

    loved this post Melissa, so well written! thanks

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