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Is Endometriosis Hereditary? Can you prevent passing it on?

When I first got Endometriosis my whole family was kinda in shock about what it actually was that I had. It wasn’t the sort of thing that most people would have heard about. We know about certain diseases and conditions but somehow Endometriosis is one of those weird ones that most people dismiss somehow or don’t really get – unless a family member or friend has it. Which sadly is becoming more and more.

The thing is, the first question was whether my mother had the condition and whether it was a hereditary condition which my sister my get too. Now, unfortunately I think the label “Endometriosis” was only introduced in our generation – late 1900’s. My mother may have had the condition for years but not even known it. She also had my sister and I quite young, her early 20’s, so perhaps she had no obvious symptoms. We are having children later and later and having our periods earlier and earlier, so perhaps it is more apparent now that we have Endometriosis as we suffer with period pains and the associated issues of Endometriosis for longer, making the condition more obvious and more prolonged, which is obviously going to make it worse.

So, the question remained, did my mother pass on her condition of Endometriosis onto me? Did she possibly suffer from Endometriosis without knowing it?

Thing is, there are some interesting things about my family which I have only recently noticed as being a correlation with Endometriosis or more importantly the liver. The liver, according to the Chinese is the harvester of emotions and is our “cleaning” organ. My mother is now in her late 60’s and has been suffering from serious colon issues, having had parts of it removed and being diagnosed with Chron’s Disease. Her digestive issues have been going on for years. She has also always suffered from headaches, tension in the shoulders and bloating.

My sister on the other side has had adult acne for about 10years now. She has also suffered from digestive issues. The rest of my family have had cancer of the bowel and various digestive issues.

If you have watched my videos or read some of my blog entries, you may have already noticed the interesting correlation with my family and me. Yes, all of these conditions relate back to the liver. Yip, so simple but perhaps it is ultimately the liver which my sister and I have inherited rather than necessarily the conditions which are the result of a poor liver. The other big indicator was that my mother had another child, when I was very young who died of Hepatitis B which is a distinct liver condition.(I don’t really remember but is is sad :()

I was also born with Jaundice which is also a disease of the liver. So, all and all it is really obvious now…..

So, did I inherit Endometriosis? Maybe not the label “Endometriosis” but rather the reason for it – a poor liver function.

Now, if you read some homeopathic books it makes this correlation too. They refer to them as Myasms. They explain these as inflammatory conditions.

What correlations have you noticed in your family? Do you share similar digestive, skin or hormone related conditions?

The good news is that you can prevent giving your children any related liver conditions by ensuring you heal your liver before you have any 🙂

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    No probs. I found the correlation kinda scary and when I looked back it was like everyone in the family had something liver related. It is easy to boost the liver with diet and herbs 🙂

  2. Sameera

    Dear Melissa,

    i did not hear of this liver correlation before this, thanks for pointing out. My mother had uterine fibroids and had a hysterectomy at around 41, but she also had very bad periods. And probably my grandma too. It is just recently that people are giving it a name, researching it further and calling it endo. I grew up with the belief that periods for me would be hell, until I heard of the actual cause.

    Thankfully, I have a son and have been recently diagnosed with endo. I thought thank god I didn’t pass endo on (if it were a girl, i couldnt have been so sure). But yes he was a very colicky baby! I had no idea about the liver co-relation, so thanks again!

  3. Melissa

    Hi Christie and welcome! It is quite scary once we actually look at things from a big picture when it comes to Endo. I know I just thought it was a freak that I had Endo and no-one else seemed to have it! I have never heard of hemochromotosis. What is it?
    Perhaps we can all learn from those around us and help each other. I am writing a free report, which I will post out to everyone soon…..
    Thanks for reading and hope to see you around here more often!

  4. Christie

    After avoiding dealing with my endo for the last year or so I decided to look for some good blogs – and I’m delighted to find yours. Very informative and encouraging.

    My mother had a hysterectomy around 35 due to “female” problems that had suffered for years. Although she wasn’t diagnosed with endo, I suspect that was the culprit. Both my mother and sister have horrible digestive issues. My mother actually suffers from Hepatitis C. Interestingly her body has been very resistant to treatment that others typically have positive results. About a year before discovering I had endo (at 33), I also found out that I have hemochromotosis which is a genetic condition that left untreated will cause all sorts of organ problems (your liver being the worst).

    Interesting to consider all the connections.

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