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Endometriosis eBook Review… Should You Buy This eBook? Is It a Scam?

As I am sure you have worked out by the title of this blog, I am not promoting this eBook. I have purposely left the link and name off this blog, just in case the company decides they want to do something nasty. If it is in a video, they probably won’t necessarily find it. Well, here is hoping anyways!

I have tried to find information about it being a scam and couldn’t find a single website listing it as a scam. They all directed me straight to the sales page! I researched the company further and they own over 1000 websites. So, they obviously do quite a bit of internet marketing and make some mean cash by the sounds of it!

When I looked at the sales pages more closely I discovered that the cute story about meeting a lady/man in a small town in France seemed to exist for all sorts of sufferers! (I am being sarcastic). The same story about meeting a friend in a supermarket seemed to exist in all eight cases too! Oh, this makes me cross!

So, ladies, don’t buy the book! Yippee, you have just saved yourself $47!

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Hi Curtis,
    The diet makes a big difference and will certainly lay a good foundation for providing for the body. I have developed my REACH Technique©, which gives you a complete picture on how to manage Endometriosis without surgery or hormone treatments. You can find out more at http://www.reachtechnique.com

  2. Curtis James Seales

    Hey Melissa,

    My girlfriend was just diagnosed today with Endometriosis and I am trying to gather more info on how to manage it. My girlfriend has an amazing diet and the only things she occasionally eats are red meat and the occasional bit of dark chocolate. For those who have lived with Endo for some time, has the changes to your diet helped reduce your symptoms and if so would this help to reduce the need for surgery?. Also please post any suggestions for reading material as I would like to understand more about Endometriosis and how to treat it naturally.

    Thanks for your help, wish you all the best of health

    Curtis Seales

  3. Robin

    Yes, even that site has a link to purchase the book!

  4. Carmen Davis

    Thank you, I shall look into it.

    Update: The acupuncture seems to be helping quite a lot. For others out there wanting to try that avenue, I suggest to research and try out different acupuncturists until you find the right help. As for me I am am really happy with mine, but sad to say he is leaving and going back to China, so I will have to research for another acupuncturists who deals in that area for women. Its pretty hard to find a lot of info in Dubai, but will keep on searching.

    Can I ask how long (how many sessions of acupuncture) did you do? I am currently on my third session, so a total of 28 appointments.

  5. Melissa

    Hi Carmen,
    Acupuncture is fabulous for Endometriosis and really helped me too.
    Yoga is a great way to ease the hormone imbalances and help with easing the adhesion pain too.
    Big hugs and hope it helps,

  6. Carmen Davis

    Thanks for the heads up. Makes me furious how greedy heartless people can take advantage of women/girls, suffering from Endo.
    I just started acupuncture, and hoping that will help. I can’t stand the suffering anymore, and the few days to a week in bed bcos I’m in too much pain, feel nauseous/vomiting and just sleep the days away.

    I am looking at starting yoga again, but not sure which style I should try. Any extra advise would be much appreciated.

    Again great info, thank you for sharing the truth 🙂 x

  7. Toni P

    Thank you so much for posting this! My mom and I have been going back and forth about it. I was very skeptical because of the lack of reviews/information other than the site itself. I did just buy 1 book by Dr. Cool (Stop Pelvic Pain…) I haven’t start yet.
    I was diagnosed about 10 years ago (thanks to my OWN research). I did have surgery to remove but, in the last few months, i believe it has come back. I just had a doctor consult and he immediately started throwing the idea of Lupron at me. I do not want to take this at all. I don’t feel like an injection is the answer! I also do not want surgery again.
    Have you gotten around to an eBook yet? If not, can you recommend any good reading(s)?

    Again, thank you so much!!

  8. Melissa

    Looks like an affiliate being paid to write it 😉

  9. Stephanie

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the heads up — unfortunately my mom already purchased this ebook for me. I also thought $47 was a bit absurd especially for an ebook. I must admit that I skipped right to her story — and the very first thing that struck me was all the grammatical errors. Some people don’t have the best grammar, but aren’t books reviewed by an editor of some sort prior to selling them?

    Anyway, have any of you read this review about it? If you have, what are your thoughts?



  10. Andrea

    I too was quite skeptical about this book. I tried to find someone’s blog review about it (a real person independent from the ebook) and yours is the only site….that right there was fishy enough for me. If it’s so great there there would be somebody who mentions it….even just to say they bought the book and are trying it.

    Love your blog by the way and have started Serrapeptase because of it. Hard to tell how that’s going as I generally have a “good” trend this time of the year anyway. Will see more in the next month as I am taking a mega dose now.

    Thanks for all your info and encouragement!

  11. Melissa

    Yeah it frustrates me when people do this.
    I would say it is probably Vitalzym or Serrepeptase that they are referring to in the ad. They also mention Ghu Zhi Fu Ling Wan. Great approach to endo – parasite cleansing and liver flush 🙂 My conclusions exactly.
    All the best,


  12. Meri

    Hi! 🙂

    Well, well, well…. 🙂
    Thank you for the posts – I allmost bought the book :))
    There’s something very interesting about one sentence from the book review: if you copy this sentence into Google, the outcomes difer… :
    “One substance that is the holy grail of the violet protocol and is literally miraculous when used right”
    I’ve learned that there exist Norton protocol as well as Violet and are the same – hahahaha
    I would like to ask you guys if someone can (who bought the book) post what that Holy Grail (which three substances are prescribed by Zoe to do that kind of miracle)
    I have came to other approach to Endo problem : Anti Parasite program and liver cleansing from dr. Hulda Clark and Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.
    You guys should try – I’m just starting – will inform you for results
    Best regards,


  13. Melissa

    Hi Emma and welcome! I noticed there are even different names for the same book the other day and they do come off as really legit…. oh well we both learnt something together 🙂

    I am glad you have found me too and I am sure you will find your own healing journey through my blog and through your own searches. All it takes is a strong desire to heal 🙂

    I would love to put an ebook together. Hopefully I can get my thoughts together and get it all out in a logical format sometime soon 🙂 Keep me posted on how you are doing!

  14. Emma

    Oh no! I really wish I’d found your blog before paying for the endo bible.

    I too skipped most of the info in it, as I’d already found all that stuff out via other sites, and went straight for the plan. There really isn’t too much in that plan that can’t be found elsewhere and on your site.

    I just recently started to suffer with endo and am therefore pretty new to all this. Luckily for me, I have always been a healthy eater and will always opt for the natural options rather than prescribed drugs. I found out that I had this condition only after 2 months of being continually sick, and, when you’re new to the game of trying to correct and change all of your habits to lessen the endo, you’re desperate to jump on any opportunity i guess.
    i can forgive myself.

    I hope that you can put an ebook together! I’m so grateful to women like you who have suffered from this and take the time to share so that people like me don’t feel horribly lost with it all. Thank you so much and keep it up.

  15. Melissa

    I wouldn’t even wait – don’t bother 🙂 It doesn’t seem legit at all! I will aim to have a proper ebook out for us endo girls within the next 6 months 🙂

  16. Demetria

    this is strange I was just checking zoes web site out and actually just wanted to buy just the book by itself in a hard back and could not will this raised a red flag and i thought to myself i will wait.

  17. Melissa

    Hi Limor,
    Yeah it is hard sometimes cos they all sound so good! I will do my best to write my own book this year!
    I still think the Serrapeptase is brilliant stuff and have read about it on Caroline site too. Well, we can pull out what we think might work and hey, you never know it still might 🙂 I figure, just keep trying and researching and eventually something will work!

  18. Limor

    I have bought that book as a result of your post. I’m so keen to get all the information i can about Endo, so i’m buying every single book there is out there.
    I bought Serrapeptase as a result of that book, i haven’t got it yet, but i e-mailed Zoe to ask her if i can take it together with my IVF hormons.
    Her answer was very vage, something like: “you should ask your doctor”. I told her that doctors don’t advice about supplements, she told me again that i should consolt one as she’s not a doctor, sounds like she didn’t want to be responsible for anything.
    Well, at least they answer, right? If it’s a scam i would expect them to take the money and run.
    I also got a bunch of free e-books with the Endo book, about pregnancy, natural detox etc. I haven’t read them yet, i also didn’t really read the Endo book, just jumped strait to the plan part, but when i have the time i will read them and hopefully get some info out.
    Thanks for the warning – i won’t be so naive about e-books from now on.

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