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Why is the Endometriosis Diet so good for us? What does it specifically do?

When I first read about the Endometriosis diet, I really thought it was way too hard to stick to! I had to cut out my most favourite things ever and to be honest without sugar, cakes, biscuits, muffins and cheese, what kinda life is that really? I struggled to stick to it all and would constantly fall off the bandwagon – so to speak. The pain would come back and I would get back on it ….. for a little while… until it got better again and off I would fall again! It was like a see-saw. Up and down with diet and pain and I really didn’t get why it was so important to stick to it.

To me, when you understand what these foods are actually doing inside your body, it somehow makes more sense. Once you understand why they affect us and how that impacts on Endometriosis, it somehow gives you more motivation. It is kinda like me saying:” cut out chocolate cos it is bad for you!” Problem is, we all know this but we still do it. It is only when you understand what is in chocolate or any of the other foods, that make endo worse, that somehow it compels you more to do what is right for the healing of endometriosis. Make sense?

So, I will explain the main and most important factor in why the endo diet is what it is. There are three key factors the Endo Diet works on….1.Inflammation, 2. Toxins and 3. Is providing a really good nutrition for healing.

1. Inflammation

This is the most important element the endo diet solves for us. It reduces inflammation in the body. Endometriosis is essentially an inflammatory condition. If we eat inflammatory inducing foods, guess what? Our inflammatory endo is going to get worse. More bloating, constipation, soreness and that full tummy feeling…. who wants that?

Inflammation is caused by foods which create more Omega 6 fatty acids than Omega 3 – apart from other things. Foods which do this include the usual culprits like Junk Foods, breads and starches and over processed oils. We want to eat foods which have higher Omega 3 in them or at least stimulate the prostaglandins to reduce inflammation. The foods that do this are your fresh salads, green and fresh fruits. There is actually a measure of how inflammatory a food is on the body – another blog article to come….

Other foods cause a trigger on our adrenal glands which indirectly attributes to our inflammation. These are the caffeine laden foods/drinks like Chocolate – yes you knew this one was coming 🙂 and naturally coffee, black teas and soda drinks. Any foods which contain these are kinda a given – like my chocolate cake! It is the same reason why we get sore with endo when we are stressed. The inflammation in the body in this circumstance is caused because the good prostaglandins (those that reduce inflammation and clotting) are halted by the adrenal glands being over active. We want more of the good prostaglandins to reduce inflammation and clotting from endo!


2. Toxins

Foods which are toxic on our bodies is naturally not good. Once again, we kinda know this. That includes preservatives, funny numbers and ingredients we can’t pronounce! The reason that toxins are bad is actually because they sap away energy from our liver. Our liver is the one responsible for regulating our hormones. These same hormones that cause sore breasts, excess endometriosis cell development, moodiness, PMS, feeling tired and listless and of course all those issues with your digestion all come back to the liver and hormones too!

The more toxins we have in our bodies, the more the liver has to work to process them and get them out. Unfortunately, when we keep giving it more toxins, it just lumps them back into the pile and this just adds to our inflammation and feeling unwell. Why? Well, all those toxins just land up circulating around our bodies until the liver can process them – they will try and escape where they can….. skin break-outs, lumps under the skin, sweating etc.

Where do these toxins hide in our diet? Dairy and meat are some of the culprits. Unfortunately these are common foods. What I mean by that is that, most people eat them. That means they are produced for mass production. This means the people who bread cows and make milk are in it for profits. So, cows often get fed with corn or other grains. In some countries cows are injected with anti-biotics to prevent them getting sick. Some are also injected with hormones to make them grow faster/more plump etc. This stuff all lands up in the milk and in the meat! Cows are not supposed to eat corn or grains! They eat grass! Unfortunately, grains and corn contain high volumes of Omega 6 again….inflammatory.

The second one is gluten or wheat. Wheat is another highly used product by our population. That means it is produced to make profits. They cannot afford for things to go off or mould, so the original wheat grain is over processed and most of the benefits extracted. What we know as bread has very little resemblance to real wheat. Unfortunately, this creates a nutrient depleted food, which lands up clogging us up rather than giving us any real benefits! They are also highly sprayed with Glyphosate which I believe is largely why we have such a high level of gluten sensitivity these days.


3. The Nutrition we can get

There is good news in this article – I promise 🙂 There is heaps of really good sources of ultimate nutrition in other foods we can eat. Real fruit and vegetables do amazing things for the body in healing!

We can find alternatives to the mass produced products and find real nutrition and real benefits for our bodies!

The Endo diet focuses on fruits, vegies and grains.


Still too hard? Still don’t have enough motivation to stick to it?

Hugs, Melissa x
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