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Do You Have to stick to the Endometriosis Diet FOREVER?

When I first started on the Endometriosis Diet, I was convinced it was like going on the diet from hell! I mean… really? You want me to cut out every food group that I currently eat and that includes sugar! Are you mad? What is the point of living if I can’t have bread and cheese and sugar?

However, my pain got worse and worse and the only answer I could find that would make a difference was my diet. And so, 3 Years ago, I changed it. I admit, I wasn’t as fierce about it as many of the Endo ladies I have met. They take all their perfectionist qualities and stream it, straight into their diet. Which is fantastic! I took ages to just change one food group. Dairy was my first and trust me, this was hard! My partner had bought me an ice-cream machine for Christmas the year before and we were living in a rainforest with humidity of over 90%. Ice-cream was the best thing! But my digestion was bad and my permanently congested nose told me to cut it out. So I did.

I gradually cut out sugar, although it is my biggest weakness and have had a number of relapses on that one! I then cut out meat—for a while at least, until my body could successfully digest it again. And finally, I cut out gluten. That was the one I never wanted to face but eventually I had little choice.

My regular, out-of-the-blue pain went away. It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen and now, I hardly experience pain at all.

Now, what is interesting about this journey is that I have had to change what I eat or I would’ve eaten nothing at all! I was eating a diet made up of these common foods: toast, peanut butter, jam, sandwiches, muffins, banana bread, maybe an apple or two, pancakes, pasta, potatoes, meat, ice-cream and cheese. Hey, it is what most people eat every day!

Eventually, I realized what was working. It wasn’t replacing my current foods with gluten-free versions or finding something that was imitating something I was eating in the past. No! It was replacing my foods with nutrient-dense alternatives. I mean foods that actually contain REAL nutrition!

I sought it out. I hunted it down. I found out the difference between what I was eating and why I was feeling lousy and figured out what would fill me up and provide my body with real nutrition. I found foods that lift me up. Foods that provide energy and most importantly REAL HEALING. I found foods that provide me with more of what I need and what my body is really craving. 

We are brought up in a society which has directed us to think of our diets as “normal”. Most of the population of the world don’t consume dairy products. Most of the population don’t consume huge amounts of packaged foods. We are actually quite “strange” compared to most cultures. The reality is, our foods are not good for our bodies. It is obvious to see that when we look at the increased number of cancer patients, heart disease patients and fertility issues in women. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” It all comes down to what we eat and the nutrition we provide for our bodies.

So, I know it is hard in the beginning. I know it means standing out and being different from those around you but consider this as an amazing journey to discover what foods really provide nourishment for your body. Count yourself lucky to have Endometriosis, a condition which gives you an instant pain monitor on what is working and what is not! Consider yourself a leader, a revolutionary who is making changes before the rest of your friends and family cotton onto it all.

See, once you start this journey and you focus on real nourishment, you will feel better. It is just inevitable. Your body wants real nutrition! You will crave the good foods and you simply won’t desire those “normal” foods again. They just won’t appeal to you anymore as you will know that there are much better options for your body and your health.

So, perhaps your body will become stronger and you will be able to digest wheat and other foods—I know meat is one I can now successfully digest and absorb, which I couldn’t in the past. The question will come though: do you really want to go back, when you now feel so good?


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. maria

    hi Melissa

    i have had endometriosis for about 17 years , its moved from mild pain and vomitiong during my periods to sudden sharp pain random times, hand a laparoscop operations with multiple birth control pills as well as vinnese treatment.i dont think it has improved because now i have pain inside the berry button, i just want to know if that could also be endometriosis?

  2. Melissa

    Organic chicken is better for sure. It is a little dependant on your digestive ability. You can certainly have red meat – as long as your body can digest it easily 🙂

  3. Erika

    Is organic chicken bad? I see you call for no meat. I wasn’t sure if that meant red meat or??

  4. Melissa

    I would probably not recommend Lupron – if that is what you’re on. Maca and Lupron would probably not be the best combination but if you went off Lupron, I highly recommend Maca. It is amazing!

  5. Ana

    I have a question I had laparoscopia two months ago to remove a cyst from my right ovary and it was when the doctor discovered i had a Little of endometriosis stage 1, he said it was Little less than 1 cm, i never even imagined i had that because i never experienced any symtoms i always been regular, and i dont usually have cramps etc. anyways is under my left ovary in the uterus, he clean it, and gave me a month to recover from surgery…..then he asked me to get an injections of lucrin depot the 2nd day of my period, i did and im about to get the 2nd in a week. is been a nightmare,….no words or complains!,

    I do yoga i drink Green juices and smooothies and always try to be as healthy as i can, so i found out about organic Maca poder, is what i been taking the last 3 days….. my question is: ok to being in lucrin depot treatment and also taking Maca?. i been having acné on my back and headaches, moood changes. Doctor said is ok to take it, that is good for me. But i dont know if he ever Heard about it or made a reserch is always too busy i dont know what to trust anymore. i found pages where people dont recomend maca for endometriosis.

  6. Melissa

    Hi Michele,
    Congratulations on making the changes and rearing away from surgery. I would look into doing a Juice Fast or Smoothie Challenge or something like that to really support your body detoxifying some of those hormones. The acne is a way for your body to let out some of the toxins. Maca can certainly help with your periods and it did wonders for me but I would still focus heavily on diet and cleansing to get truly transformational results. Try a 3days Juice Fast and see how you feel. Let me know if you have any questions. Hugs,

  7. Michele Z

    Hey Melissa! I’m 43 and have Stage 4 Endo. Over the years I have had 9 laparoscopies and have been on tons of hormones. Danazol, Norethindrone, Lupron, Megace and 10+ years on back to back birth control pills. After surgery #9 in 2009, I said enough is enough. I discovered Reiki, Meditation along with a few other things and the rest is history. My disease went into remission and I have been pain free ever since!!! YAY!!

    Fast forward 5 years, my body is now in Peri-Menopause and the periods are horrendous. I was going to do an Endometrial Ablation, but just didn’t want to put my body thru more trauma. I’m a Google nerd and constantly researching natural ways to reduce period bleeding and discovered Maca. I’ve been taking it for 15 days and I feel absolutely amazing. I’m patiently awaiting my cycle as we speak, and by now, I’d be in panic mode because of the flow. But so far, there’s nothing! Not even a drop. I know I am only 15 days into this, but I am so very hopeful that this going to work for me! Thank you so very much for this blog. If I didn’t find it, I would have gone ahead with surgery that might have been unnecessary!

    The only question I have for you is, since I have started the Maca, my cystic acne has gotten pretty bad. Do you think this because my body is regulating itself & it’ll calm down soon? It’s on my chin, which we know is hormone related, but it’s also on my cheeks. Have you heard of anyone having the same issue?

    I’ll check in with you again in a few weeks/months to let you know how my progress is going!

  8. Melissa

    Unfortunately bacon, ham and turkey bacon are made with lots of preservatives and salts. These can create additional inflammation in the body. If you love Pork, maybe go for the organic variety hun.

  9. Wendy

    Gonna start the endo diet next week…can you eat pork on the endo diet? ham? Sausage? Bacon? Turkey bacon ?


  10. Katarzyna

    Thank you Melissa 🙂
    Per my doctor’s and your website suggestions, I have cut gluten, sugar and meat (except lean chicken and turkey) from my diet. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, fish is my favorite! I tried few recipes from your book and I have to tell you – they were good! I lost some pounds and I feel good – no pain 🙂 I have some hot flashes due to my surgical menopause but my doc is looking for the right treatment for me. So far, everything seems to be under control :)) Your blog is wonderful – hugs!!!!

  11. Amber

    Not only do I feel better not eating the foods mentioned above, I also lost a ton of weight effortlessly. It just fell off! Thanks for giving us a better way of looking at things. We are helping the healthy food revolution.

  12. Mechelle

    Great article, thanks Melissa!

  13. Thanks Happy Healthy Endo 🙂 It is so obvious when you have a comparison. Most people just don’t know any different and just put up with pain and niggly symptoms. Nice to have a fellow natural health advocate for endo!

  14. Kendra

    Great article Mel. Thank you!

  15. Susie

    I really appreciate this blog post! A lot of the times I’m viewed as a fanatic or a health freak but the pure simple truth is that I found a diet that makes me feel well, happy, healthy and keeps my endo at bay. I realized that people might not understand but my health is at stake and like you said once you travel on this road, you just can’t go back to eating unhealthy food again. Thanks 🙂 Susie

  16. Happy Healthy Endo via Facebook

    I really appreciate this blog post! A lot of the times I’m viewed as a fanatic or a health freak but the pure simple truth is that I found a diet that makes me feel well, happy, healthy and keeps my endo at bay. I realized that people might not understand but my health is at stake and like you said once you travel on this road, you just can’t go back to eating unhealthy food again. Thanks 🙂 Susie

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