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Endometriosis Cysts: Can Herbs Help?

Endometriosis Cysts

Endometriosis cysts can really create a huge amount of worry and anxiety and particularly when they keep growing back, after surgery. I wanted to explore some herbs that might work at reducing their formation and focused on three key areas to help the body. Granted only 2 of these are actual herbs but hopefully it gives you some ideas on what else you could explore.

We focused on three key areas for shrinking endometriosis cysts:

Circulation Action for endometriosis cysts

This is really about providing blood flow to the area. Giving your abdomen sufficient blood flow will encourage movement but also enable sufficient nutrient delivery to the space. When we consider endometriosis as a condition of “blood stagnation” it makes perfect sense that we want to help “move that blood”.

The plant – which can also be described as a herb – is ginger. Ginger is known to create warmth in the body and improve circulation. It is also wonderful to ease digestive issues.


Astringent Action

This was really the most fun to research for endometriosis cysts. Herbs which have an astringent action tend to “shrink things”. They are known for this quality and will minimise or “sponge up” liquids in the body. There are a few different astringents available to us but my favourite is still Yarrow herb. I do recommend this herb quite a bit in my programs so that is a bonus GOLDEN NUGGET for you to use for shrinking your cysts. This is a powerful herb so please don’t underestimate this one! Drink 3 cups of the tea per day to get optimal results or explore other ways of taking it, like topically with a poultice or get a tincture version for a concentrated form.


Lymphatic Action

Though I don’t mention a herb with this action in the video, there are herbs that help the lymphatic system which indirectly helps with endometriosis cysts. My favourite is echinacea. It isn’t typically used for the lymphatics and the marketing tends to focus on the immune system boosting qualities of this herb but it certainly can help move the lymphatic system. It is a very strong tasting tincture, so you would probably be better off using it as a capsule.


These are just some of the options and I share more herbs and different methods of application within our Shrink my Cyst Program.

Got questions about these herbs? Feel free to post them in the comments below…

Hugs, Melissa x
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