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How I know that Endometriosis is connected to our emotional pain

It is the first day of my period today. I feel lousy. Really lousy. I haven’t changed anything for the negative. As a matter of fact, I have incorporated many things that are supposed to help my healing. I have added Vitalzym, Chinese herbs and been eating really well. Everything that I have been recommending to do, I am doing and yet….I am still really sore. It is frustrating and on some level it can also become quite stressful – not that this helps matters much!

So, I looked over my diary over the last few months and realised just how many painful days I have been having and the connection became clear. My Endometriosis healing hasn’t felt like it has been getting better since dealing with my dad’s passing in August. The first two months I possibly didn’t make the connection but looking back over the last few months, it has all become clearer and more obvious. It is the emotional pain that I need to confront and heal, before I can heal my Endometriosis pain.

It is so deeply connected and it is so obvious to me now, just how powerful our emotions are with our healing. In a book I read ages ago, called “The Journey”, it is described as a pain that impacts on the intricate cells in our body. The individual cells actually have a memory and this memory is passed on to the new cells that form in the body. This explains why Endometriosis just grows back again, even after an operation or if we use treatments to flush it out. Nothing should require continuous “cleaning out” as the body renews cells every 2-6weeks. In theory, then we should only need to take supplements for 6weeks and replace the poor cells with new ones, containing more of the good stuff – right? Unfortunately, the cells retain the memory of the previous cells and duplicate what is there.

Since my dad’s passing, I have been struggling to see clarity in my life and it has affected me on a very personal emotional level. I had no idea on how badly until today. Until I reviewed my diary and really noticed the correlation with how it affects my Endometriosis pain. Every day that I have felt completely lost and disconnected, my Endometriosis would flare up, a day or so later. Not severely, but noticeably.

What you need to appreciate is, prior to my dad’s passing, my endometriosis was really doing incredibly well. I was strong, both mentally and physically. I had incredibly energy and my pain was nearly non existent. I really felt like I was on a path of complete recovery and felt like it was only around the corner before I would get there……

Have you ever wondered why some women don’t get Endometriosis? Why is every women in the world exposed to toxins, poor diet and poor lifestyle choices and not every woman in the world has Endometriosis? The only difference between us, is our personalities and our emotions that we hold about our past. How we perceive our past and how we perceive who we are is so inter-connected. It creates who we are. Thing is, it is also how we perceive and react that relates to our emotions.

If you have ever explored the connection between this emotional aspect in healing, you will recognise how powerful it is. I explored Emotional Freedom Technique over a year ago and I feel it is something I need to delve into a little more, since recognising the strong connection. Emotional Freedom Technique works by tapping into our emotions and allowing them to exist and then be released from the body. It sounds really complicated but it is actually incredibly easy to do, even on your own. The session I had done before was reasonably easy as I knew the exact issues within myself that I wanted to tackle. With my Endometriosis, I actually have no idea what the emotional connection is and why it is still there. Though I believe I have tackled some of the aspects of my Endometriosis developing…. I think the real root of it has not yet been explored.

So, that is my goal…. explore my personal emotional pain connection with Endometriosis. I will try to tap into this on my own – after doing more research on Emotional Freedom Technique – but ultimately I might use a trained consultant again, so I know I am on the right track. It is hard to do it on your own as sometimes you feel like you are just loathing in self pity 🙂


Do you believe there is an emotional connection with Endometriosis? Do think we can heal the emotional pain and thereby heal Endometriosis? Love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Rose

    Thank you Melissa. I’ve been dealing with the death of my ex-boyfriend, and the grief is deep and so difficult to handle. It’s been two months now and my Endo is TERRIBLE-I, to, am doing everything 99% right (diet, supplements, herbs, yoga…) and my Endo was better before this happened. Ever since, it has been a nightmare. I have no idea what to do, as i’m trying to express my feeling all the time, but the physical pain won’t go away.
    Thank you for you site, I’ve been reading it many times in different parts of my healing journey.
    I hope you feel more healed-emotionally and physically.

  2. Melissa

    Big hugs Shelby and thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are lucky in being at the beginning of your journey and being able to choose a more natural approach going forward. I wish I could take back the years of trying all the synthetic hormones and 7 surgeries! I hope you find more useful insights to use like the dietary recommendations and practicing Yoga daily 🙂

  3. Shelby D.

    Thank you so much for your work, Melissa. This is a wonderful website, which I think has probably saved a few lives just because women felt like someone understood them. I’ve just turned 18 years old this past month, and unlike all of my peers from school who are ready to begin their lives, mine has all of a sudden come to a screeching halt. I’ve suffered from endometriosis pain, since I was about 13 years old, that’s when I remember the pain I feel now first presenting itself. I remember then pushing down on my abdomen constantly trying to stifle the pain, and thinking that my appendix was going to burst, but my appendix was just fine when it was checked out. So for years on and off I’d suffered just thinking that that’s how your period is supposed to be. That that’s just what we have to live. Only now in the past six months has the pain gotten so severe that I knew something was definitely wrong. So, I’ve lived with this pain almost all my life, at least all of my adolescence. And only now have I come to realize that I cannot heal any of my physical pain, until the emotional pain is resolved. The most sincere gratitude from me, and from many other women, thank for your work Melissa.

  4. Melissa

    Thank you so much xk. That is beautiful and I could feel your heartful condolences! It is wonderful to have people care for me, even when I don’t personally know them 🙂

  5. xk

    Dear Melissa, so sorry to hear that your dad passed away. Please accept my condolences, even though we’ve never met. I cannot imagine how painful (both mentally and physically) it must be for you to heal. In stressful times in our lives, endo is ready and waiting to viciously attack. Healing takes time, as all us endo sufferers know, so take care of yourself, and don’t rush your healing process.

    Thank you so much for all you do on your quest to find a cure for endometriosis – I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that you are a blessing to us, and I’m sure anyone else who happens to encounter you.

  6. Melissa

    Hi Lisa,
    If you explore a little further you can learn to do EFT yourself and it costs absolutely NOTHING. I only use a teacher to help me with really big stuff that I struggle to get to on my own but…. you can do it all on your own with no money 🙂 That is the great thing about it!

  7. Lisa

    Hey Melissa,
    Just last night my sister had to call the paramedics b/c her husband snuck some more meds and he was acting really weird. So now he is going back to rehab, on Thanksgiving. I would love to try that EFT training but when I saw how much it was, I knew I couldn’t afford it. I love that she is helping so many though. And without drugs!! Keep us updated on your session and how you feel! Good luck with your journey!

  8. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing Lisa 🙂
    It sounds like your sister has been through some serious trouble and her husband 🙁 I have rung my EFT trainer today and booked in a session. I think it is the best way for me to cope with everything. Maybe you and your family should do the same 🙂 It really does wonders!

  9. Lisa

    I absolutely believe now, more than ever, that there is a connection. For me, my endometriosis was the absolute worst when I worked for Pepsi. I was working 10-12 hour shifts, stocking heavy items, and being treated like crap by store managers. I was so stressed out I did not want to even live anymore. I was in the hospital 3 times in 1 month. Now, all my life I have struggled with self esteem. I have an identical twin sister that has always been thinner and people told me she was the “prettier” twin. So I have always felt like there is a better version of me out there. I struggled with bulimia in high school and some out. Needless to say, I’m not always a happy person. This is probably my worst fear about getting off of birth control is the emotional struggle I have. I have never really accomplished anything in my life. Never finished college, no kids yet, and I currently have no job so all I do is stay at home and think about what I haven’t done and let me tell you it is poison. This will be my struggle too Melissa. I would accept any help you are willing to give. Another example of the connection between endometriosis and emotions deals with my twin sister. She really did not have any problems with a lot of pain until this past year. And it has been a horrible year for her. Her husband was deployed for over 6 months of the year in Afghanistan, he came back (not himself), he was abusing drugs and alcohol, was diagnosed w/ severe PTSD, then two of her dogs got into a fight (her dogs are her life & they have never fought before) and one ended needing surgery and died during it, then when her husband started getting better he found out his father committed suicide, she had also put on weight and was feeling more insecure. This is when her pain has been the worst ever and she just had a laparoscopy about a month ago and they said she had some of the worst endometriosis they have ever seen. My laparoscopy was in 2007, so many years apart but at the worst times in our lives. There have been studies that link stress to heart attacks and stroke so of course these extra emotions are doing something to us. Finding happiness will be the biggest struggle for me but I am so ready for it!!!

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