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Are You Making Your Endometriosis Worse, Every Day, Without Even Realizing It?

When we look back at the statistics of endometriosis, breast cancers and other womanly conditions, the figures are definitely on the increase… unfortunately! We have to wonder what is different about today compared to then. Sure, many of the conditions, including endometriosis, may have simply not been diagnosed, however… endometriosis has been discovered in children as young as seven years of age! Puberty is starting earlier and earlier and it seems that “erectile dysfunction” and “PMS” have become part of our standard daily conversations, advertising and the best comedy skits. It has just become so normal in our world. I can’t imagine my mom’s generation ever discussing either of these topics over afternoon tea!

Thing is, this isn’t normal and though it might be the brunt of many good jokes, the reality is, it is an indication of something being out of sync in our society.

One of the major differences between our time and the past century is what we have in our lives. What I mean is the food we eat is different, the chemicals we use to clean with are different, the beauty products we use are different. We want everything to work better, faster and we certainly want to look more like the beauty queens on TV! Wrinkle free and beautiful!

Here’s the thing… our lives include heaps of hidden toxins. The toxins are directly linked to cancers and endometriosis and all the various hormone imbalances caused in both men and women. We might not realize they are toxins at all. When I first heard of toxins, I thought of those kind of toxins you might find in a factory. You know, like paint solvents or pesticides in massive quantities. Like those poor people who handle those things every day!

What I didn’t realize is just how many of these toxins are present in my everyday life and in the choices I make in that life. They were there… every single day, seeping into my body, making my endo worse… without me even realizing it! They were in small quantities, which made me think it was okay. How could a little bit of nail polish remover really affect me that much? Here’s the thing, when you add them up… every single toxin you have in your daily life, they add up to a huge amount.

Here’s some sources of toxins you may not be aware of:

1. The products you use on your body.

The skin is a super absorbent organ and believe it or not, it absorbs everything we put on it. That includes the soaps we use, the shampoo we use and the moisturizers we use. Look carefully at the ingredients of the products you use and look up some of the ingredients. You will be horrified to find the answers to some of them.

Download this free document, illustrating the scary reality of toxins in our cosmetics.

If you think about it, most of us will use between 10–25 products in a space of a day. Think about it. You wash your face with cleanser, toner and then moisturizer—that’s 3. Then you brush your teeth, put some deodorant on, maybe wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Chances are you probably put on some make-up, like mascara or eye liner or lipstick. How many products have you used in the space of 30 minutes, just getting ready for the day? Now, add up each and every toxin contained in those products and chances are you have consumed a large quantity! Do this over years and you can imagine how it will impact on your body!

I use pure oils for cleaning. I love argon oil at the moment! Just beautiful and acts as a cleanser and moisturizer all at once! For shampoo, I actually use bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar—it really gives me the best results! I buy organic toothpaste and crystal stick as a deodorant. Watch this video I did from my bathroom…


2. Sprays and cleaning products

Have you used bug spray, on your body or in the house? What about the cleaning products you use around the house? What’s in those?  Even the washing powder you use to clean your clothes with are likely to contain toxins. You wear those clothes on your skin all day!

I know it seems like I am exaggerating but they all add up! It has been illustrated that the average person in the US has over 300 toxins living in their bodies! 300! That is huge!

There are oils and natural cleaning products out there that work wonders! Bicarb and vinegar are also simple and effective!


3. The products you use for your monthly

I know it is convenient to use tampons. I used them from my first period! Unfortunately, they are sooo not good for endo. The tampon itself is made of cotton. A huge amount of pesticides and fungicides are used on cotton, to the point where those living in the area where cotton is produced suffer degenerative conditions! Second to that, the vagina is the most absorbent part of our body. It is highly absorbent to the toxins we put up there or near there!

Get reusable pads or organic cotton panty liners and you’ll be much better off.

Check out this article: are you making endometriosis worse by the product you use down there?

Here’s some scary information about cotton production.


4. The plastics in our life

Everything is practically made of plastic! Unfortunately, plastics contain xenoestrogens, which directly affect our hormones. Avoid plastics where you can, especially when it comes to things you eat and drink out of. Get glass bowls and containers for storing things. Use a stainless steel bottle for your water.

Plastics are especially bad when they are heated.


5. The water we drink

This one is huge! Whatever you drink, your body is absorbing ALL of it in the water. If you live in a highly populated city, chances are the water is recycled. I know in London the water is recycled 7 times! Now, this is fine but there is one residue element within water that can’t be cleaned out. It is the xenoestrogens from the contraceptive pill. Now, you can just imagine how many women are on the pill these days and how much of that is in the water, when it doesn’t get purified after 7 recycles!

So, purify your water with a filter! You can get simple and affordable options now, which you can even find at the supermarket.


6. The foods we eat

You knew this one! Did you realize how bad it was though? Read this article by Dr. Mercola for some scary facts. 

The other sources of toxins are the preservatives and additives in our foods. We may not even realize they are there or their effect on our health. Sulphites are directly linked to excruciating pain in many women with endometriosis. They are commonly used as a preservative in jams, wine and dried fruits and vegetables, like sundried tomatoes.

Aim to eat mostly fruit and vegetables, being organic or home-grown is best and avoid anything that comes in a packet or box. This is the safest way! Unfortunately, anything that is eaten by the mass population is likely to contain the most additives and “short-cuts” as these companies want to make the most amount of profits.

So, what we can do is limit our exposure and make better decisions about what we use on our skin, our hair, our kitchen bench-tops! It does all add up and since we have endo, we have to be extra careful to keep these toxins away from our bodies!

Please read about the close link between Dioxin and Endometriosis here.

What have you changed in your environment to help your endo recoup better? Have you thrown out a whole bunch of bathroom products? Changed your eating? What about your hair dye? Feel free to share your thoughts…

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Hi Mojdeh,
    I also bought the diva cup but am too scared to use it….ha ha!
    Well done on doing all of that! It is impressive!
    I haven’t found any particular ones better than the others but Brita is easy and affordable – the one we have here.
    Spring Water is the best though, so if you can locate a spring, get some bottles and fill those up! Best water for us and full of minerals and nutrients.
    I found this awesome website that shows off springs around the world. http://www.findaspring.com/
    Feel free to add any you might find 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂 … I’ve just started using organic cotton pads and I have to admit they feel much better than the regular pads which contain plastics and non-organic cotton, I don’t get any more rash or scratches! I also bought a diva cup but still have to use it, it’s just a bit difficult to overcome the fear!!!!!!

    Also, I’ve been using non-plastic food containers for a while now … I use she butter and coconut oil as skin moisturiser, crystal sticks for deodorant, vinegar and salt to wash my fruits and veggies and buy organic and seasonal food when possible, which is not that difficult since I visit our local farmer’s market every single week! Not only the food tastes much better and is better for you, but you get to know the farmers and how they grow their produce, plus it feels so good to pay the actual grower rather than the store manager! 😀

    Just one question, do you have any preferences for water filters?


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