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Hormone Series: Interview with Dr.Stephania

It has been a couple of weeks of running the Unfunk your Hormones Series and I am excited to be sharing some awesome information with you all around how to balance your hormones naturally and get things back on track.

Today, I am interviewing Dr.Stephania who shares incredible insights about how to manage our hormones.

We cover some of these topics:

  • What is the sugar connection with our hormones?
  • What is cortisol and what does it have to do with hormone imbalance?
  • My personal share in being addicted to chocolate and what it really says to me.
  • The key area Dr.Stephania looks at with hormone imbalance and it is not your blood tests!

Got questions? Want to know more about hormone imbalances?

Come and join the Unfunk your Hormones Series if you haven’t already.

Feel free to post any questions for me or Dr. Stephania below.

Hugs, Melissa x
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