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Do You Suffer from Motion Sickness with Endometriosis?

It has been a few days of traveling and it has been awesome! We started off in Napier and I got a really cool hat. We then traveled down to Wellington and today we had to take a ferry to Picton. The weather was nasty and it was very choppy!

Now I must tell you that my motion sickness has been really low since I changed my diet and cut out dairy and gluten. I flew all the way to South Africa and back without any problems, so I really thought I would be fine today.

I wasn’t. It was nasty. I felt horrible. It was a particularly windy and choppy day, so the ferry was really going up and down heaps! I got all hot, shaky and couldn’t take my eyes off the horizon without feeling instantly close to the barf bag in my hand! From memory this was something I felt as a kid but certainly not this bad for years! Now I must also mention that it is that time of the month for me right now, so that doesn’t help things much either.

Now, I have always wondered why I had motion sickness…

I researched a few possible reasons and this is what I discovered. Our hormones are closely linked to the reaction of telling the brain to feel sick. See, motion sickness all relates to a perceived imbalance from our ears. The liquid in the ears moves and so the brain thinks there is a problem. So, I am theorizing that perhaps since changing my diet, I have less mucus or liquid in my body, so perhaps that is why it is much better. Just a theory. Naturally, it is always hormones (of different types) that send the messages to the brain. These and various enzymes.

So, what can we take to improve it?

  • Sepia: this is a homeopathic remedy recommended for motion sickness related to PMS or hormone-related symptoms. (sounds like us!)
  • Gingko biloba: apparently a 65% improvement on patients with vertigo
  • Ginger: this is a preventative rather than a solution. Once it has set in, this unfortunately doesn’t work.
  •  Anti-oxidants
I am intrigued if anyone with Endo has motion sickness or if many of us do and perhaps it can be attributed to Endometriosis as well?
I know my diet seems to have reduced the severity and frequency of motion sickness, so I know it definitely contributes. I wonder, if we reduce the mucous levels in our body, we can get it to completely disappear?
Love to hear your thoughts!
Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Laurel

    Been getting motion sickness watching video games lately, always been bad in the car. An ex noticed it was when I was ‘hormonal’ and even after diagnosed with endo I never made the connection. I have been eating crappy lately cause it’s hard sticking with endo diet alone… and I can tell based on my symptoms.

  2. Holly Mathews

    When I was younger (teens and 20’s) I loved things like carnival rides. After I was diagnosed in my early 30’s and started having noticeable (like pain) symptoms and surgeries I found out I can’t even swing without getting sick. I haven’t tried in the past year since I started the diet though. I’ll be checking on that before I decide to spend money at the state fair this year.

  3. Charanya

    Wow! I cannot sit in a swing, let alone play. Just a very very small motion of the swing makes me go all dizzy and nauseated!

  4. Emma

    Finally an answer! I have always been worried why I get motion sickness in the car, walking up or down a steep hill or running but if it is related to endometriosis then this makes sense! My gynecologist explained to me that it wasn’t advisable to have the surgery yet, so I haven’t been diagnosed, but all the symptoms that I research on google come up with endometriosis somewhere down the list. I am also thankful to see that dizziness is also mentioned here because I was really worried about my dizzy spells.
    Thanks for the tips! We are going on holiday in a month and I am dreading the car trip.

  5. Bonnie Oldroyd

    Hi. I have this problem to and it’s a real problem for me. Any car journey longer than an hour or so makes me dizzy but this usually levels out by the end of that day. If I travel by train I can feel dizzy for a few days but if I travel by air it can last up to 2 weeks. And it’s so severe I can barely walk. I take medication from my doctor which usually helps. I also had a prolonged episode off severe dizziness after visiting a theme park that lasted for weeks. Lifts and escalators also have a small effect but this usually passes within an hour or so

  6. Nicole

    Great site – thank you for this resource, I’ve been trawling through looking for potential ways to help my endo. I couldnt believe it when I saw this article about motion sickness – I have it really badly some days, and had no idea it could be linked to endo…and weirdly enough Ive also had my gallbladder removed after it almost burst, and I had no idea these things were all linked either – very strange! I definitely think Gluten plays a role in all of these problems – unfortunately going Paleo hasnt been enough to take away all my symptoms, but things are better, which is a start. My next experiment is to go low carb, Ive heard it can help, and am pretty much willing to try anything at this point!

  7. Melissa

    Interesting point. I have suffered with it since the age of 6 – maybe a connection to my brothers death? Hmmmm something to think about. It got worse after my dad died recently.
    When I took the ferry from Wellington to Picton it was nasty! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. lana

    Hi Melissa,

    I dont think i have ever had nausea with my period, i dont know if i believe it is related to Endometriosis, but i have found that i get nauseas in cars sometimes. Mostly i have noticed that any time i feel sick or get nauseas has been due to my mind. emotional trauma, anxiety or anytime something not pleasant was happening in my life i would feel sick every morning and not have much appetit. It always felt like it was due to anger, fear, sadness..etc. etc. so, what you said in your other article about our minds controling our bodies i agree with!


  9. Melissa

    That is great to know. I guess it is cool if I can blame it all on one thing sometimes 🙂

  10. Sonja

    Hi Melissa,
    Just a quick note to say that I have had endo for many years and it has been a real struggle at times. But I have never suffered from motion sickness, regardless whether my diet was healthy or not.

  11. Melissa

    Thanks Shaz. I will look into Ignatia 🙂 Glad to hear the homeopathy is working and you are finding some relief!

  12. shaz

    I would be curious to find out how many people have this problem and have had a good bump on the head.I have been researching this latelyI had 2 in a row.As I get info i will let you know too.On a crazy note i had to have my gallbaldder out too!It is the only thing I ever let them take out and only because it had turn to litteral mush!they said a virus had attacked it.It was melted over my liver.I am sorry to here about ann-marie.Oh btw homeopathy is helping!!It has been since april but off almost all meds.Thyroid is healing Dr’s can’t believe it.I am reading up about head tramas.There is not too much out there but they are studing it. I heard some reports in russia about studies.also I heard some about people having Lime diease and not knowing it. I had a tick once but no syptoms, I heard they may not show up for 20 years!let me know if anyone has heard anything I am searching 🙂 please take care of yourself!also look into is Ignatia would be good to take for a dose after the loss of your father it may help.They say(I have been studing) best to treat it when the trama happens so that it won’t set the body back.Not trying to pry 🙂 I just wished I knew this years ago.Ignatia in this case is used for acute.

  13. Melissa

    Hi Shaz. That is really interesting. I did have a really nasty fall on the head as a child – still have a flat head to prove it :). Yeah, boats are the worst!
    I will check out your suggestions and try some next time.

  14. Melissa

    That is really interesting and gives me more clues on what I can do to treat it naturally! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Ann-Marie

    Hi Melissa,

    I used to suffer from forms of Motion Sickness, I would even get off an escalator or out of an elevator and the ground would move for the next few hours! Trains/subways were a killer, I’d feel like I was still on it long after getting off! Here’s the interesting bit, I had my gallbladder out (a common op I believe with endo sufferers) and the whole thing stopped!! No more dizziness or ground moving beneath me! 🙂

  16. shaz

    Hi. i have had that problem but it comes and goes…I did want to say I did try sepia but it did not help me(it does help alot with endo though for some) I have had some help with natrum mur and ignatia.maybe that will help some is sepia is not right for them.Some say poss. trama to the head.I am curious if others have had that.A good bump on the head happens to almost all of us by accident.plus with if some have had vertigo.Please let me know.I don’t know where my balance went..I am so sorry to hear how sick you got!It make me feel sick just thinking about it.maybe no boat trips for a while for me 🙂

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