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Do You Feel Excluded Because of Your Diet?

I must admit, sometimes I feel like the odd one out in certain environments. I feel like my diet makes me different and makes me stand out and because of it, I feel somehow excluded from the “normal” way of eating.  It is not that I desire any of the foods that are considered “normal” but I wish the foods that I ate were considered more “normal.” I get tired of being labelled the “weird hippy chick” or the “health nutter.” I wish other people understood that eating burgers and fries is not good for you and is certainly not “normal” or natural according to your own body’s design.

This has only really become apparent to me since traveling. See, you stay in other people’s homes and meet people who perhaps haven’t made the connection between food and health. I am still in the minority in most parts of the world.

The trouble is that we all want to feel a sense of belonging. I know I do! I hate feeling excluded or made to feel different. I don’t mind if people notice I am different because I look better or have more energy but I don’t like being made to feel silly or strange. I guess no one does! With food there are many moments when I do feel strange. I feel like I have seen what has been in front of me all this time: you are what you eat and yet somehow it feels like either other people don’t care or they just don’t get the connection. I can’t understand why more people aren’t ditching the gluten and sugar and diving for the fruits and vegetables!

A week ago, I met a girl who totally inspired me. She was from a part of Canada where eating raw and drinking spring water is the norm. She carried coconut oil and spirulina in her luggage and honestly, she was even more “hippy” than me! I absolutely loved it! It was so lovely to meet someone with whom I could share all my thoughts on health and nutrition and who could relate to how much it had improved her life!

She indicated to me that I should come to Canada and that I would feel more connected with people as they were all on that wavelength!

It did get me thinking…

To me, there is huge comfort in surrounding myself with like-minded friends and people who are similar to me, but this is where it gets interesting:

I want to help people who haven’t made the connection with food and healing! Sure, I can understand that having a support group of friends who understand what I am all about is important but in the same sense, I will lose connection with the very people I am trying to help.

See, for me to write this blog for you I need to understand you and I need to understand the challenges of changing to a new way of eating, for healing. I need to get that you feel excluded too and that in many situations, we revert back to gluten or sugar or alcohol to fit in. Don’t feel bad! I do it too! In certain environments, like with family or friends, where they have gone out of their way to make me a meal, I can’t exactly say, “Sorry, I don’t eat most of these foods that you have just spent an hour preparing!” I also get moments with alcohol. I feel left out of a group or like I stand out too much when I don’t drink. I sometimes just order an apple juice and have it in a wine glass, just to feel “normal.”

I hate that this is considered normal and I hate myself for wanting to fit into this way of …well, let’s be honest, treating our bodies badly. I hate that it’s cool to eat McDonalds and that “beer is the best thing” after a long day’s work. I hate it because it is all giving people misinformation. The very foods that are promoted as fun and hip and young are really the foods that are going to make you fat, ugly and sick. I only wish more people got this!

I guess I have been feeling quite uncertain with myself and what I want to do with my life at the moment and this weakens me… in a strange way. I feel somehow lost and disconnected and have little idea on what I really want to do. Normally, I can perhaps just brush off the funny comments and jokes about how I gather spring water but at the moment, it just makes me feel really alone and like a lone warrior, trying to convert the world. I don’t feel like my usual strong and determined Mel, ready to face the world and show them how!

I know she will return and perhaps something perfect will present itself that will fit in line with what I am aiming for. However, for now, I guess I wanted to share how I feel and hope that you can share your experiences too.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Thank you so much Kendra. It makes me feel really good to hear that 🙂 I guess sometimes I just don’t know how far my blog really reaches. 🙂 You are very special!

  2. Anonymous

    Mel! You are never alone! You have inspired so many people with your blog. It has really truly helped me…so much I have cancelled my next appointment with my Doctor simply because due to your blog I already know everything he has told me..actually more! Hang in there. This is just one of the low moments we endo girls go through. It does really help to hear you go through it though. It helps me to feel not alone because I have had those feelings as well lately. You'll snap back shortly. Thank you so much for what you're doing. You are changing peoples lives for the better!

  3. Melissa

    That is amazing Jyoti! I am so happy for you. Congratulations 🙂

  4. Glitty Binoy

    such a lovely message and info

  5. Kara Broli

    You put into words what so many of us feel…

  6. Jyoti Mukherjee Darole

    hi melissa,
    I wanted to thank you for such timely help , when I was too confused abt whether I should go in for IVF ,.you came in my life as angel,, i started taking maca powder and within three months I conceived naturally.Now I have a beautiful 6 mth old baby girl…I really want to thank you for all the help you extented.. tx u angel..
    lots and lots of love..

  7. Melissa

    That is so powerful and thank you for sharing 🙂 Perhaps one day, the 4th of July will be celebrated with carrot juice and fuzz balls! Have a lovely day off anyway 🙂

  8. Amber

    I’m sorry you are feeling left out! That is why I have been on the fence for so long with committing 100% to the Endo diet. It’s so hard to change and be so different from everyone around you. Like today, in the U.S., it’s the Fourth of July and everyone is going to grill meat and eat bread and drink (sugar) and have all the other not so healthy stuff that goes with the holiday. Food is cultural and holds traditions with it and I know my biggest obstacle has been deciding if I’m going to go against the grain or not. I’m hoping to find a good middle ground for myself.
    What you are doing is so important; all of society needs to eat healthy and whole again. Maybe there is some deeper reason we have had to suffer with endo, to spread the message of treating our bodies as precious vehicles that carry us through life.

  9. Kris De Ritter via Facebook

    So true! I have experienced many of the things you talk about in your article. I actually find the social aspect to be the hardest part of the whole diet. It makes me uncomfortable when people make a really big deal about it. I don’t mind questions, but it bothers me when people are overly critical or obnoxious about it. And when they are, I just say you have to know the pain and know the relief that the diet brings. For me it has made such a huge difference! And I have found your site to be so helpful! 🙂

  10. Sarah Bearman via Facebook

    yes, all the time!! I have so many restrictions that is seems impossible and I become the butt of jokes pretty fast

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