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The “Diva” shares her story! How Martine cured herself from pain and suffering!

Martine shares her story…

In it she describes her personal struggle with Endometriosis and how she indicates that she has healed herself from Endometriosis.

She  took a personal voyage of self-discovery within herself and within her lifestyle and made some dramatic changes. She went on a completely raw food diet for 6months and enjoyed it so much, has stayed on it since then!  She describes it as the only way to heal from Endometriosis:

Eat RAW...surround yourself with vibrant beautiful LIVING foods and give into the temptation to eat THEM whenever it strikes. Eat LOTS of food, eat OFTEN, and ENJOY what you eat! If you don’t enjoy something, don’t eat it. This is part of how you transition successfully.


Maxine has a fantastic and vibrant person, she has agreed to share her story with us to provide us all with motivation to cope with Endometriosis. She is an incredible writer and has such a strong and profound message, I thought it imperative that I share it with everyone on my blog.

In her words:

I’m all about getting the word out that women CAN heal themselves from ANYTHING, whether it’s an “incurable condition” like cancer, endometriosis, diabetes, and so on… or from emotional trauma and childhood patterns that often create/contribute to those dis-eases in the first place!


Here is the full story of her life:

Since I was a young teenager I have suffered from a painful, debilitating condition called Endometriosis. Do a Google search and you’ll find the Mayo Clinic’s site, labelling Endometriosis as incurable, but potentially treatable. Pain medications, hormone therapy, ovarian-production and aromatase-inhibitors are a handful of the potential treatments. As with my birth mum, desperate pain-plagued women often resort to surgery to “cure” themselves.

In my teens, I didn’t realize that the excruciating pain that would cripple me for days on end was the Endo… I just thought I was having “painful cycles”. At 19, I didn’t understand why I bled for 4 months without respite, and why my extremely weakened-body began to shut down from the stress and pain. I slipped into a depression, lost my Job, dropped out of School, and spent weeks lying in bed, too weak to move, at my birth mum’s home.

In my early twenties, I didn’t think the miscarriage(s) I experienced had anything to do with my Body – I believed it was related to my then-boyfriend’s past fertility issues. And I blamed myself for being, according to myself, “too weak to support a healthy foetus.”

And in October 2008, as I rose from the breakfast table and suddenly found my legs collapsing beneath me in a flood of agony, I didn’t know why I was again, for the hundredth time, experiencing this strange, horrifying pain. As my terrified partner rushed me to the Emergency Room, nothing but survival filled my mind. I wanted to be Free of this pain, but then and there, I truly just wanted to have my Life back.

So there I was, hunched over in a wheelchair in the middle of a crowded ER, too weak to stand, clutching my shrieking, pain-seared abdomen in both hands, my instantly-bloodshot eyes causing the Nurses to go into a flurry of panic. And all the while, I had just one thought: “I never want to be here again.”

Ten hours later, my Body overwhelmed with pain from the endless barrage of tests, examinations, and internal probes the latest Doctor on duty had prescribed, I found myself face-to-face with a petite female Doctor.

She introduced herself as the chief of Staff and smiled at me wanly. She’d just come on duty – the tenth Doctor I’d faced that day – but someone had already filled her in on the mystery woman in Room 111. I knew I had frustrated the other Doctors: the level of pain I’d been experiencing was unnatural for any of the usual suspects. But this Doctor was in no way puzzled. I could tell she knew what was wrong, and I could tell I didn’t want to hear it.

“We’ve checked you for everything we know of… you don’t have ovarian cysts, you’re not bleeding internally…” she said, proceeding to list off all the possible female defects and diseases.

Finally, she finished the list, looked up at me and said, “That’s why we’re 99% sure you have advanced Endometriosis. I’m sorry.”

The way she looked, you would’ve thought she was delivering a death sentence.

I thanked her. My partner took me home. The pain eventually resided, and I went back to my normal life routine and for a while, forgot the whole incident had ever occurred.

Three months later, I was back in the ER.

For the next 18 months, this became the only pattern in my otherwise unpredictable life. Every few months, something would trigger the Endometriosis to flare up like a raging demon inside my abdomen and take over my life for several days. Over the counter drugs did little to nothing to reduce the pain, and I could neither afford medical insurance nor qualify for the coverage I would have needed to get treatments (pre-existing conditions, anyone?).

Plus, I was simply confused: The symptoms were never the same one episode to the next.I would be seized with incredible pain in one or another part of my reproductive organs and abdominal region, sometimes out of the blue, sometimes in relation to my monthly cycle. Once, my partner was convinced my appendix had ruptured, another time I could barely breathe from the restriction in my chest.

Most of the time, I would keep silent: I didn’t want my Classmates thinking I was a freak, so I would hide out in the ladies room on Campus crying in the stalls rather than telling anyone what I was experiencing. Other times, it was too much to hide. I would black out, or my legs would simply cave under me. Fortunately for my careful facade, this never happened in Public. My secret was safe.

If I ever brought up the Endo in conversation, it was usually to blow it off with a laugh. “Yeah, puts me in the hospital sometime, but I don’t really care, you know — that’s Life!”

Denial was my ally, my best friend. If I pretended like it didn’t exist, maybe it would go away. I had not yet learned that denial is NOT the same thing as practicing the law of attraction for healing… one – Healing – requires acceptance prior to release, the other – Denial – is merely dishonesty to yourself.

In August 2009, I realized a life-long dream of earning admittance into a legitimate Voice Major Program. I was on-route to becoming a true, professional Opera singer. I was ecstatic, thrilled to be seeing my dreams finally take shape after years of undecided fluctuation and surrender to the naysayers.

I was also hospitalized twice. Each time, the mounting medical bills would increase my stress burden and shave off a layer of my external happiness. I had not yet realized that my healing lay within me (literally) and that my happiness, too, could be found inside my damaged, pain-wracked self.

Then, in September 2009, I sat down with my Voice Coach after a depressing opening to the new semester. It was my first term in the Opera Programme and I had never felt so physically discouraged. Every time I became stressed out or upset over something in life, the Endometriosis would flare up. And every time the Endometriosis flared up, I would lose ten days of singing productivity to the relentless pain. In addition, my vocal chords would become inflamed and swollen – I couldn’t sing properly even if I wanted to, then.

I was becoming deeply depressed again, and my prevailing thought was that if I did not find a way to cure my Life of this painful plague, I would never have the Life I had worked so hard to create for so many years…

Then came the final blow. My voice coach, a healthy, handsome young Baritone with a broad and beautiful horizon of successful singing awaiting him, called me aside during a lesson one day. He smiled down at me with the trademark Virgo calm – the kind of calm that hides a storm. Then, through that forced placidity, he told me plainly that with all my health problems, it would be difficult…maybe even impossible… for me to have a real career as a Professional Singer.

Damn that Virgo smile, was all I could think at the time. His message didn’t sink in until later that night. When it hit me, I cried for hours.

A month later, I was back in the ER… mysterious symptoms had prompted my loving Partner to drag me there against my will at 2am. As he carried me out to the car an hour later, I gnawed on my fist to stem the tears. “I’m done,” I whispered into his ears, and he flashed me a questioning glance.

“I’m done with this PAIN, I’m done with DOCTORS, I am DONE!” I repeated, louder, as if shouting would firm up my resolve.

My Partner’s face relaxed. Relief.

“Good,” he whispered back, dumping me gently into the passenger seat of the Rover.

That night, I lay awake, ignoring the pain and thinking intently to myself. I wanted my Life back. No, that wasn’t right, either. I didn’t want the old Life back because it had been pretty miserable much of the time. I wanted a NEW Life, an Endometriosis-free Life. My resolution grew with each empowering determination. I would CREATE a New Life for myself. I would find a way to cure myself of the incurable. Forget man-made medications, puzzled Doctors scratching their heads and the bleak outlook of surgery (which would mean I could never have children). I would find a natural way to heal my Life.

For years, I had inflicted mental limitations on myself, believing that while there were many things a woman could change, the internal workings of her damaged reproductive system was not one of those things. Even when I discovered Raw foods in 2006, I allowed the limited mindsets of others to become my own mindset and repeatedly failed to stay on an all-raw and living foods diet long enough to find out if I could heal all my health issues.

But the thunderclap ending of 2009 was my wake-up call. I was done with Hospitals, done with Hopelessness, done with the standard American way of dealing with Health issues.

I would take my Life in my hands, and I would take responsibility for my future. I could heal my Life, I could heal my Body, and I could cleanse my Soul. I was ready.

On October 10, 2009, I began a 90-day 100% Raw and Living Foods challenge.In keeping with the general medical and holistic healing opinion that a primarily-vegan diet rich in whole, fresh foods was the healthiest way to “manage Endometriosis” I also recognized finally the message my own Body had been sending for years.

“You can heal yourself – but you need the tools to do it. Raw is a tool. Use it.”

It’s January, 2010. A new decade has begun. For me, this decade is (and is destined to be) a ten-year span of healing, hope, and extraordinary growth in every area of my Life. It’s also the decade in which I will prove every Medical Expert in the woman’s health industry who believes that Endometriosis is incurable flat out wrong.

My daily thoughts are focused, my daily choices are in-tune: I am curing the incurable. I am Healed, I am Whole.

The Diva in Summer 2010…  after 9 months 100% Raw Vegan, balancing out nicely on all fronts, skin glowing, ENDOMETRIOSIS-FREE, hypoglycemia-free, migraine-free (unless I overeat chocolate!), and LOVIN’ LIFE!!! Age 25 — ready for the next step!


After 9 months 100% raw vegan and receiving medical clearance that she now had NO SIGNS of Endometriosis inside her reproductive organs, the Dauntless Diva found herself miraculously and joyously PREGNANT… Though she was unable to maintain High Raw throughout the first trimester due to morning sickness and digestion issues, she is now well into her second trimester and a glowing 90% Raw, 100% Vegan – embracing the potential that lies ahead in her Endometriosis-FREE future! She plans to continue writing, teaching and spreading the news of her own healthy journey to inspire countless future women… EVERY woman can heal themselves of ANY dis-ease, and the more incurable the condition, the more exciting the path that lies before them – so that someday you and every other reader, too, can be DAUNTLESS and feel like a Diva!

Thank you Martine for sharing your story. 

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Kari

    Thank you so much for this, this is a huge inspiration to me! I have also not been able to maintain raw 100% long enough to reap the benefits. I will give it the 90 day try – I have this bookmarked to follow up in 90 days from beginning of May when I started. Let’s see what happens! Thanks so deeply from the bottom of my heart, personal stories like this are so necessary in the face of overwhelming negativity from both mainstream medicine (as well as, well meaning yet fearful family members). Bless you Melissa & Dauntless Diva!

  2. A

    Thank you so much for this post! I have been suffering with this since age 12. Lost my job, my life, my relationship over it and the birth controls and hospitals. I lost friends because they thought I was a pathological liar and no way I was constantly in as much pain as I seemed and that I was in the hospital as much as I said. I’m a model and it cost me my career and my income. After 6 years of being on birth control, I’m now 21 and decided to go vegan 3 months ago. This month i would like to go raw and see if my endometriosis clears. Typing this as I lay on the ground in agony after vomiting for 2 hours but dragging myself to the grocery store to start my raw venture today. I’m a major junk food vegan so we will see how this goes. Thank you for being a light on this earth and such an inspiration. You reminded me of how powerful we all are. Much love to you! 🙂

  3. Melissa

    Hi Kat,

    Thanks for your comment and I am glad you have found value in it! :). I would strongly recommend you research more about Lupron through the internet and other sources to see how it works and what it’s side-effects are. I personally don’t believe any hormonal treatment can ever get rid of endo completely. The tactic used is simply masking the symptoms of the condition but never really targeting the real cause of the condition. I hope you have signed up to the free video course as this will give you heaps more insight into all the aspects surrounding endo and how we tackle it! You are so not alone 🙂 There are heaps of girls with this and we can all work together to overcome it! It is my pleasure and I hope to see you in more comment boxes to see how you are!

  4. kat

    Thank you so much for all your post, ive been reading it for a week now, and list the helpful tips. I found out that i have endo last year of sept. . . .who could stand to its stabbing pain? i am really want to be endo free. . .ive been experienced lower back and pelvic pain.numbness of my legs,dizziness,nausea,migraines,diarrhea and allergies. . .
    Ive tried depo but nothing had change,now im in my last and 3rd month of Lupron which my gyne prescribed. I chose it rather than laparoscopy, im srcared to undergo surgical procedure ever since. Im still doubtful that i am endo free. I want to try natural healing and believe that diet will do, please i want to know about raw foods. I am envious with women who couragely overcome and free of endo. . .they also give me the courage to face endo, I agree also that emotinal stress contibute major part why i have this. . .thanks again to your page ive read a lot in it over and over. it made me realized that i am not alone. . . .thanks a lot…

  5. endoangel

    Hi Amrit,
    I am sorry you are experiencing such pain. I would suggest cutting out bread in the first instance and then gradually going on a vegetarian diet. The Raw Food diet is very drastic and can be hard to do when the basics haven't been eliminated from the diet. I also had no signals from a blood test or ultrasound but the only way to know is if the doctor does a Laparoscopy.
    If it is Endo, we are all here for you. You can heal yourself regardless of what the cause is!

  6. Amrit

    I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.
    I too been feeling a lot of back and leg pain. I feel something in my lower abdomen almost alll the time.
    I haven;t been diagnosed with endo. I did go in for an exam but it was too painful.
    Currently I feel as if my legs are swollen(or cramped) and my knees are stiff . I also feel irritable in my low abdomen.
    My ultrasounds and blood tests were all normal .
    My doctor thinks I may have endo.
    Can you please send an example of the raw food diet you were on?

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