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How to develop Self Discipline so you too can stick to the Endometriosis Diet

It is funny when you spend time with others who don’t stick to diets or a healthier way of eating, who still don’t feel well. They know that eating better would help their health, make them less tired, less sore or take away digestive issues. They could know this from reading heaps of information that illustrates that they would feel better by making these changes or it is instinctive. It is like an inner knowing that the very thing they have been thinking that they need to take out of their diet, is the very thing that will give them heaps of relief. I know I had this with Gluten. I fought the idea that my bloated tummy, my digestive issues and my headaches were related to gluten. Instinctively I always knew that it was the reason for all of it and only when I took the plunge and stuck to a purely gluten free diet, all of those issues disappeared. It kinda got me thinking. Why was I able to stick to being gluten free for so long and how can that help you? Here’s the motivational pep talk for the new year…..


1. You need a reason that is strong enough

When I have a severely sore day, it actually gives me more motivation. I take it as a sign that I need to do more. I don’t take it as defeat but more of encouragement that I want this pain gone! and I will do anything to get rid of it. Pain is a great motivator and also a great measure of success. I know when I first cut out gluten, the improvement it made on my digestion and my monthly period was unbelievable. There are moments of weakness and I feel tempted sometimes to have a piece of cake or a biscuit or something but I remember the pain I used to experience, the headaches and the bloated tummy and it is enough to stop me from even considering it.


2. You need a goal

I have never been a fan of goal setting but in this instance I think we need it. To me, my goal is to be Endo free. I know it is a massive goal but it is this goal that keeps me searching and trying to heal. Sure, I have my low days where I just don’t believe I will ever get there but ultimately there is one factor with this…..belief. You can set your own goal – maybe it is to not experience pain everyday or to have a better digestion or to be less tired. It is best to set little goals in the beginning and succeed at those and then we naturally see the results and go for bigger goals. 🙂


3. Belief

Naturally the crucial part in all of this is that we need to believe that we can. There is no point in saying you want to be endo free, if you don’t actually believe in your heart that you can achieve that. – hence setting little goals too 🙂 You need to believe in what you are aiming for and believe that you can achieve it. This is where seeing a Naturopath or some natural practitioner really helps – they give you heaps of belief through their own experience.


4. Keep a diary

It is easy to forget the little things that used to trouble us. I know when I first started on this road of natural healing, I had so many symptoms that I never even realised were there. Only by keeping a diary can you remember all of these symptoms and most importantly recognise how far you have come, when you read it months later. Little symptoms are signals of imbalance and when we manage to get rid of them, it also gives us hope and naturally more energy and positivity! Can you remember the last time you had a headache? felt nauseous?

Remember to record every little symptom you experience – back-ache, shoulder tension, feeling hot/cold, your digestion, your skin, your energy levels, your moods – I usually make up a table and just tick the ones I experience on the day. – you can even go as fancy as an excel spreadsheet 🙂


5. Make the decision for improvement each day, with each meal

It is easy to make “eating” a full time degree! It is also super easy to build it up into this complicated, difficult process. It isn’t. Just eat what makes you feel good and avoid the things that make you feel bad. Simple really. All you need to do is make that decision just before you prepare a meal or just before you put something in your mouth. Is that piece of bread with cheese of benefit to your body? Will it heal or take away from healing? I guess it is similar to saving money. When you become money focused or shall I say savings focused, you watch what you spend. You record it and when you are faced with something that you might spend money on, you really analyse if you really need it. This is the same thing with your health and your diet. Make the decision each day and for each meal. That way you simply take each day at a time.


Discipline isn’t easy. It is especially hard when others around you don’t see the value in what you are trying to achieve or when you feel “odd” for eating differently. The thing is, the decision to improve your health and your body is yours. You can choose to allow others to influence you to not achieve your goals or you can choose to do something for yourself, to improve your health. The decision is yours – each and every day. You are ultimately the bearer of your own pain and your own health. What is it worth to you?

I hope this motivates you to make changes, for the new year! You can do it and you can feel better!


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    I shall upload one for you in the article above 🙂

  2. Jenny

    Hi Melissa,
    I’m just starting to track my daily pains/sypmtoms. Do you have a document or spreadsheet that you don’t mind sharing with us newbies? Right now I’m just using a monthly calendar to write down my symptoms, but I think some kind of checklist might be easier for comparison sake.

    Thank you,

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