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Two simple Detox Techniques you can use TONIGHT! Make them a simple part of your daily routine!

Stressed and Tired

I have been researching heaps about how to detox the body. There are so many awesome ways to get these nasty toxins out of our body!

To detox the body, we essentially want to get stuff out! That means, we want to get it out through whichever organs we can. The main one is naturally our bowels, second to that is the skin, then there is sweating it out and there is also eliminating the emotional stuff – well crying it out! (note: this actually work!) There is also breathing it out – hence why deep breathing makes us feel so much better!

There are two which I thought I would share with you today, which are super easy and offer fantastic benefits to us.

Number 1 – The Dry Brushing Technique

Basically, what this does is actually stimulate the lymphatic system into gear. Lymph nodes carry waste out of the body but it is a little challenging because they need movement – usually in the form of exercise, to work. By dry brushing, we can stimulate the lymphatic system very easily.

Dry Brushing also works as it takes off the top layer of dead skin, I would also recommend using the the best moisturiser for dry skin. This opens up the pores and allows the sweat to get out more easily. – ever noticed how you get ingrown hairs on your legs? This is the pores being clogged with oils and stuff.

The cool thing about dry brushing is that it actually helps with cellulite and also makes us look younger – all over! I love the way my skin feels after doing it for a week!

Okay, sounds good. How do we do it?

Well, Dry Brushing is actually really easy. You need a brush – one with natural bristles which you can hold in your hand. Now, brush from your toes up to your heart in small strokes. Start on one side of the body and move your way up. (naturally you are naked doing this :)) Your goal is to move towards the heart. Brush your arms towards the heart and your chest down to the heart.

It will tingle slightly, which is just wonderful!

Do this morning and night, just before your shower or when you get up. Just like you brush your hair or teeth, brush your body and you will get the detoxing going!


Number 2 – The wake-up shower

I personally don’t really like this one much but it is super easy to do and you don’t even need to buy anything! All it is, is after you take a shower, which is generally hot, you finish with a cold burst at the end. The idea behind this is that it invigorates your body all over! It encourages extra blood flow to the area, where you have had hot water – usually on your back and abdominal area. More blood flow is good for healing. It is based on the Swiss Hydro Therapy techniques.

It does wake me up really well, so I have been doing it! It also seems to reduce the puffiness under my eyes!



There are heaps more and heaps of herbs we can take too….I shall share more soon 🙂


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Melissa

    Definitely could be something to that 🙂

  2. I love the cold burst at the end. It takes getting used to, but I think it also makes my hair shinier – something about sealing the follicles or something?

  3. Melissa

    Heard of these and even recommend it on my blog but haven’t been able to find them in New Zealand 🙁 Maybe you can try it and let us know how you go!

  4. Yeah wouldn’t touch the water in the UK if I could avoid it. Been recycled way to many times for my liking! Hormones don’t get flushed out when they recycle -which means heaps of extra oestrogen in the water….. nasty! Maybe get a water bottle filter for now ?

  5. Bernadette Carson via Facebook

    And I always have a bath when I’m in a lot of pain it helps a lot

  6. Bernadette Carson via Facebook

    I use to drink bottled water evian but now that the penny or pinching I top up the bottles with tap water not sure just ph it is but I live in a country town in the UK

  7. Bernadette Carson via Facebook

    I’m detoxing by drinking more water its working too hardly any pain this month

  8. Have you heard of or tried the the ion foot baths? Wondering if anyone has had any success with this. A site with good info is A Major Difference. I tried to put the website link up but it didn’t stay for some reason… ???

  9. Or do you have Essencia water where you live? It’s PH 9.5 water. I notice a difference when I drink enough of it.

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