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A real danger of endometriosis nobody talks about…

For years I allowed endometriosis to define me. It defined me as a person and somehow managed to reach to define who I had become. I allowed my diagnosis of endometriosis to mean something about me. To me, it was a medical label that had far deeper consequences than merely “dispersed cells in the wrong place”. It defined me as broken, weak and sucked me into a dark place of feeling like a victim to my body and ultimately in various facets of my life. I felt out of control and lost because of endometriosis and this translated to feeling out of control and lost within my life.

The endometriosis meant something else about me as a person. I gave it a bigger meaning than it deserved but yet I clung to the labels for years and stayed being a victim to not only the clutches of my endometriosis diagnosis but to the clutches of what that diagnosis meant about me.

This is what many of us feel and yet many of us are too scared to talk about.

We become a victim to the endometriosis and unfortunately, I largely blame the way this condition is treated for why so many feel so much anxiety, frustration, confusion, and ultimately completely lost and alone. It honestly breaks my heart to hear so many women struggling each and every day and staying in that horrible place of being so victimized by their diagnosis.

The saddest reality is that our current medical model doesn’t help us feel any better but often leaves us feeling less in control and more fearful and anxious. We are repeatedly told that “there is no cure” and “there is nothing we can do but go for more surgery and take more pain-killers”.

We are told that our body is “broken and needs fixing” and that we cannot trust in its own power or its ability to heal. We need “serious medical attention” which sadly equates to simply having more surgery and pumping the body full of synthetic hormones and more pain-killers to suppress symptoms.

I have been in that dark place of just searching and asking and wanting some other options. Of dreading that horrid surgery with the pain and the hours of downtime with the worry and anxiety of “will this ever end?” and “will I ever live a normal life again?”. I have felt that longing to just be “normal” and that wish that it could all just go away.

I have asked the question I am sure you have asked yourself over and over…”Why Me?”

What if all of it could be different?

What if you received your diagnosis (through a blood test) and were told of the interesting statistics of women who have these “dispersed cells” and yet their body just cleans them up, never developing endometriosis to begin with? (Modern Approaches to Endometriosis, 1991)

What if you could discover the differences between these women and yourself and how you could enhance your immune system to simply clean up the dispersed cells?

What if you were told of the countless women who have adjusted their lifestyle and tuned inward to heal the emotional wounds deep within themselves so they could truly love who they are, release any guilt and shame and thereby release that deep-seated pain, expressed within their body?

What if instead of feeling like a permanent victim to the endometriosis, you could have genuinely powerful resources that actually transformed how your body felt? What if you could learn about your body in a way that gave you back some of that control and allowed you to take steps – for yourself – that put you back in the driver’s seat?

What if you could stop feeling like such a victim to the endometriosis and actually regain that powerful, strong and determined woman that lies deep within you?

I don’t want you to feel like a victim to this disease the way I did for so many years. I don’t want you to waste your life feeling so weak and helpless.

The answers are here for you sweetheart. I created them for you and you can move forward and feel better.

“The biggest life lesson Melissa gave me through her program was that I could find the answers I had been searching for years. She really does truly empower women about endometriosis in a way like nobody else out there!” Sophia



Hugs, Melissa x
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