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A simple weed that will help endometriosis. It is even mentioned on the Ice Age Movie!

Stressed and Tired

The liver is a big factor in our ability to cope with Endometriosis. The better we can treat our liver, the better we will cope with the condition.
The liver is responsible for getting rid of waste and disease, Endometriosis included! If we can give the liver all the best ingredients to function at it’s best, we are also going to get rid of Endometriosis and it’s related side-effects.

How do we give the liver the best?

Easier digestion

Giving the body foods which are easier to digest, will help the liver process what it needs easier. This includes raw, wholesome food. No bad fat content, no sugar and as little complex foods as possible. Any foods containing a number should definitely be avoided! MSG, Food colouring and anything that is not organic will be harder on the liver.

Avoid Toxins

Make sure fruits and vegetables are as organic, as they are likely to be covered in toxins from chemical sprays (dioxins), which are hard for the liver to cope with. Avoid breathing in bleaches and other toxic chemicals around the house. Even these are left for the liver to cope with. Pollutants, detergents and any non-organic product are going to be harder on the liver.


As already suggested eat raw and natural. Specific foods to avoid to help the liver include:
• White flour
• White sugar
• Caffeine
• Chocolate
• Deep Fried Food
• Citrus Fruit (oranges, mandarins)
• Tomato
• Cold drinks


Circulation allows the toxins to be released from the body. This is done through both sweat and digestion. Exercise will achieve this easily and naturally, which is going to put less strain on the liver to do all the work!

And now to my favourite way to give the liver what it needs: TA DA DA DA……

Dandelion Root for Endometriosis!

Yes, this simple plant can offer heaps of reward for us Endo sufferers!
It has two parts, the leaves and the roots. The leaves are a natural diuretic – meaning it will make us pee more. This is good as it exposes of toxins and will allow the kidneys to function better too!
The root is the best bit for the liver though. The root will stimulate extra bile function in the liver. It is bile which breaks down the meals that we eat – mainly the fat in the food. It is created in the liver, released into the small intestine and the rest is stored in the gallbladder. When we eat food, a hormone stimulates the release of the bile from the gallbladder, which then helps digest and break down the fat in our body. Now, if everything was working as it should this would be fine, but as we know our digestion is not at it’s best and neither is our ability to break down fat – hence the high Oestrogen levels.

So, this is where good ol’ Dandelion comes in. Dandelion stimulates the liver to create MORE bile and releases EXTRA bile into the small intestine. BRILLIANT!
So, how will this help us:
• Digestion becomes easier and we can be assured to go to the toilet properly and regularly expelling all the waste and toxins from our body properly.
• Our fat content in our body is lowered, which means …… less Oestrogen……. less build up of the cervical lining and…… LESS PAIN! – Please read other articles about how this works.

So, now do you understand why I love Dandelion so much?
Well, there are two options:
– Get a liver tablet (easier and you will remember to take it)
– Get some Dandelion Tea
– Grow your own Dandelion – it is a weed in many countries!

Let me know your thoughts cos I just love it and all my bloating and soreness is gone! Never mind being able to go – easily 🙂

Don’t take too much – a little over time is always better than heaps in one go!

Question: Have you found the Dandelion in the movie Ice Age? 

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Betty

    Hi Mia,
    Thank you for your article. It is very interesting. Dandelion tea is my saviour. I suffer from chronic constipation for almost 2 years. It was last year that I found out I have severe endometrioma.They had to do laparoscopy on both ovaries to remove chocolate cysts. My gyno told there is some endo attachment on my bowels, too. I started to take visanne right after laparoscopy and now I am on visanne visanne for 6 months. However the constipation have become even worse then before. The only thing that relieves it, is dandelion tea. Although I don’t feel bloating normally but i see that after drinking dandelion tea my belly gets smaller and feel lightness and shine. This dandelion is really holly plant and I really love it. I make tea of the whole parts of the plant (leaves, stem and roots and flowers). This year I am going to pick as much dandelion as I can from my yard and dry them (just by spreading them on clean surface at room temperature) to have enough for winter.

    Thank you and lots of blessings to you

  2. Mia

    thanks for the tip. Is this tea absolutely safe? Can’t it have estrogenic effect? Just wondering, since every herb I have used so far to treat endometriosis (via cleaning the liver) has proven harmful (by increasing estrogen levels in the body). Thanks for sharing your experience.

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