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Miracle Cure for Endometriosis: Are You Still Searching?

When I first got endometriosis, I prayed for one answer: a miracle cure for endometriosis. One simple solution that would make it all go away. I wanted a pill, a tablet, an injection, anything that I could take that would make it all disappear and make the pain go away. I believed that they would find a cure for endometriosis. They would miraculously give me the right solution for my endometriosis. I tried them all—the shots, the pills and the various hormonal treatments, all promising me an instant solution to my endless days of pain. Some aided it a little and some reduced the symptoms but ultimately, none of them ever truly cured or came vaguely close to a cure for endometriosis. That’s because there is no tablet, pill or injection or operation that can cure endometriosis. It is a response by our bodies that is growing because of an imbalance that exists in our bodies.

It is funny but many of us seek shortcuts for our problems. Not just in disease but in all aspects in our lives. This is a really silly example, but today I considered getting hair extensions, just because I fancied the idea of having long hair. I have had short hair for two years now and somehow the idea of having nice flowing long hair again is quite appealing. Thing is, I just don’t want to have to go through the agony of growing it. Of it looking nasty in the in-between stages. So, guess what? You can get extensions put in and have the result you want—instantly!

We seem to want everything instantly and don’t want to put in any time or work to get things we have in our lives. I also think, it is this very reason that many people don’t appreciate what they have in life. Everything has come too easily and the value of what they have attained is just not there.

I know my endometriosis is amazing now. I wouldn’t even know I had it and when I look back on my life and how long I suffered with all the side effects of the pill or the hormonal treatments I was on, I wish I had chosen this path a lot sooner. I just constantly put it off because I kept searching for the instant fix instead. I spent years searching for the instant fix, instead of just using that time to reinstate balance into my body. It was actually a shorter road, when compared to fifteen years of the contraceptive pill, danazol, injections and many weekends spent recovering from pain endured during the week.

Perhaps it was simply that I lacked commitment. I had heard from so many women that the Endometriosis Diet had helped them and that cutting out gluten was a massive step in healing their bodies but somehow, though I had heard these things, I just wasn’t ready to make the commitment for myself. Besides, I always believed that a miracle tablet would somehow come along.

Here’s the thing that is kinda scary to realize. When it comes to our bodies, there are no quick fixes. There are imbalances and those imbalances are caused by various different elements within our lives. They are not all food-related, they are not all emotionally related or any other specific aspect within our daily lives. There are various elements or pieces of a puzzle which all need to fall into a perfect picture to create perfect balance and ultimately health. You cannot just do yoga and hope that this is going to work. You cannot just eat a healthy diet and hope that that is going to work. It is a combination of EVERYTHING you do in your life. Your mindset, your stress levels, your exercise, your diet, reducing the toxic load in your environment and even the people in your life. It influences your health and how you cope with endometriosis.

There is no one pill or treatment that can make ALL of these things come back into balance. I wish there was, but sadly it doesn’t exist. I mean, if I could find it, I would definitely share it with you.

So, maybe it is time to stop searching for that one miracle cure for your endometriosis. Maybe it is time that you focused on really aligning your body into its natural state of balance. Are you ready to make the commitment for yourself and your body?


What treatments have you tried so far? What did you believe would be your miracle cure? What results did you get and what side effects did you experience. Feel free to share to help other women who are perhaps deciding on what to do.

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Anonymous

    Takes getting the body in balance, body, soul and spirit!

  2. Melissa

    You can fall pregnant Nguyet. Just start with your diet and you can get better 🙂

  3. Nguyet

    I have just known that I have endo too and my period pain has gotten more and more severe. I dont know how bad this could become, but the idea of not being to have a child is scary… I remember how much I cried in the office of the Doctor when he told me this possibility. But still, I hope and I hope…

  4. stitch

    Hi Mel,

    I was hoping to find a contact email so I coild tell you my story. I have just found out that I have endo, but I havent taken the surgery yet. A couple of years ago while working, and lifting alot of heavy items, my back started hurting alot (i suppose i strained myself) and my right leg started swelling. I went to my doc and he sent me for an ultradound to no avail. I did a musclr scan on my back and they found nothing wrong with it (this was a year later). they did see my right kidney buldging… so I was eventually put on a waiting list to see a kidney specialist. In the mean time over the 1.5 years of waiting I developed severe period pain… im sure I never had it at the start when my leg started swelling. my partner had to rub anti inflammatory cream on me and massage my right hip so I could sleep… it was excrusiating 🙁 eventually I went from taking nurofen, to nurofen plus, to panadine fort (helps sooo much!!) and then one day needing to go again to the hospital a doc gave me suppliments that they give to ladys giving birth. they worked with the panadine. i was instructed to go back on the pill (i was when i was 18 for my partner, I stopped at 20, im now 23). i had cycts on the ovaries so it would help them heal. I was told to skip periods until I saw a gyne to see what was going on I havent had pain since. however in the meantime, i saw the kidney specialist, the tube leading to the kidney was blocked and i had a stent put in for 4 months to try and save it. apparently the kidney still wasnt functioning because it had been blocked for too long so now i only have one functioning kidney. after that happened is when i got to see the gyne diagnosing me with probable endo and needing to have surgery to see. apparently my main leg arterie is blocked and other veins have formed around it to compensate…. im thinking all cause of the endo, which is why my leg is swelling. Now i have been researching alot and found this site which is fantastic. and id just like to thank everyonr on here for contributing. im still on the pill and skipping periods, however now im eating healthier, from going with coke everyday, with kfc and pizza and hardly any veggies to fruit…. im now coke free for two weeks. ive been incorporating alot of raw nuts, organic sultanas and alot of veggies and stuff since wanting to try the raw food diet for a hopeful cure. all i drink is green tea. im also taking a powedered living greens drink which contains alphalfa, barely and wheat grass. so so far so good i feel positive that i am healing and I have faith in my body to heal. i dont know if im gonna get pain or not. i stillget some swelling in the leg when i run and exercise, so i know im not fixed as yet. but yeah… so im gonna try this more healthy diet and getting a juicer 🙂 thanks for listening I just wanna share my story and any tips that youse might have is greatly apprecieted! im kinda scared to have surgery knowing it wont fix it, so im trying the health thing instead, and for as long as im skipping periods my gyne said the endo wont progress 🙂

  5. Amber

    It is definitely a journey! This is a great article. I really have enjoyed the last two newsletters also!

  6. Mally Keo via Facebook

    This is so true! I am doing the diet w everything else & eliminating toxic ppl 🙂

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