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Could Endometriosis Have Started Because Of Our Teeth?

I decided to do a review about my history with Endometriosis. I went back in time to when the pain started and what I was doing at the time. I didn’t look at the emotional side this time, but rather the purely physical side.

One of the key things I remembered was the timing of my teeth and Endometriosis. Now, it could all just be coincidence but here is what I had done on my teeth with Стоматология Астана НурСултан, just a few months before developing painful periods:

  1. I had braces from the ages of twelve to sixteen;
  2. I had my wisdom teeth pulled out—in the chair, I might add—at age sixteen; and
  3. I had my first amalgam filling put in at age seventeen.

Now, why am I making this assumption?

I have been reading heaps about our teeth and the connection they hold to many diseases we develop in our bodies, I have also been commenting this with my dentist from https://www.dentistsperth.net.au/landsdale/. See, the mouth is like a massive big organ and if we have infection in that area, the body is constantly trying to fight it.

My theory is that all this metal, mercury and infection that I went through over those teenage years may have influenced the development of my Endometriosis. Here’s why I think it might be a factor:

  • Metal, mercury and other unnatural objects in your mouth (even those silly rubbers I had to wear with braces) are just not good for us. They are toxic in the blood stream and create disease—this has been proven.
  • Having wisdom teeth pulled out would have created elements of infection in my mouth, which the body had to fight off.

All this stuff going on in our mouths will affect our immune system and increase the chances of infection in the body, so getting a help from dentists could really help with this, you can go online to find a dentist near me at at this site. Mercury is a known toxin, and combined with a developing body of seventeen with hormones going all over the place, I think we are asking for trouble.

Here is a fantastic article which explains just how bad mercury is and how braces could be toxic for the body:


Essentially, we want to GET RID OF TOXINS in our bodies and these mercury fillings and infections in our mouths are all toxic. Let’s start from the top, our head, and move our way down!

What are your thoughts? Did you have similar strange coincidences with your endo and your teeth?


Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. c_ralu

    She needs to do a protocol one month before removal but she must use a biological dentist. They use something to separate the tooth from the other and i think they and you use a oxygen mask. So please use a biological dentist.

  2. c_ralu

    Yeah, you still have bacterias circulating in your body….Even if you cant afford a good practitioner that knows what he is doing, at least try to increase the count of good bacterias by eating a lot of polephynol foods. Lentils are very very good. But if I were you, I would do a microbiome test of your colon to see whats in there. There are herbal mixes that can kill selectively. For your moth you can do a rinse with green tea and oregano…Let me know if I can help…..

  3. c_ralu

    Hi Melisa, yes, you are correct. I actually have proof with that. Ive been working with a great microbologist and while working, lots of issues came up. I started fixing my stomach, leaky gut and SIBO. Sibo means you have a higher quantity of bacterias in your intestine than you should have. SI was taking this treatment and i was keep failing it. Then they discovered i have low AMH, after that some tumor growing. They opperated to make sure and i have silent endometriosis stage 3-4. After surgery, because of pain killers, my sibo came back and i was very consipated. That means I had a lot of methane producing bacterias. Then i was forced to go to the dentist. I had a bad root canal since 5 years before. They had to extract it and after that my stomach got a lot better. They also discovered I had another root canal, an amalgam and a mercury filling. So, my microbiologist told me that the bacteria from the tooth was traveling to my intestine so thats why i was not getting better. Also, i did a dna analysis of my microbiome and of course i had some pathogens in my big intestine. I also did a dna analysis of my vagina and i also had a high level of pathogens and too much bacterial diversity. I am mentioning that because there is the theory that endometriosis is started by bacterial infection. I am doing all this treatment. I am curious what will happen to my amh. Having a mercury, an amalgam and a bad root canal cant be good for your health. I stopped filling bloated instantly (i was taking the sibo treatment in the same time to kill bacterias…).I hope this helps someone. There are a few specialists in the world that follow through and know these things. These are not SF literature.

  4. Silly Flower

    When you have teeth removed that have been previously filled it lets loose bleach byproducts into your body. I have never found a doc that even knows about this, but I am severely sensitive to bleach byproducts and my body changes DRASTICALLY when Im exposed to them since I now eat and live very healthy. I had a root canalled tooth pulled only to have a ton of health problems start. I started gaining weight and becoming totally dysfunctional immediately. I can honestly say I still haven’t recovered from having my tooth pulled 4 years ago!
    I knew I couldn’t keep it because my body reacted horribly and I had severe problems for 3 years between root canalled date and pulled date-which is why I had it pulled. ROOT CANALS ARE A SCAM!!! They give your body a pocket for bacteria and viruses to live freely with no interaction to the immune system. I was very poor ( AND LIED TO!!!) otherwise it would not have happened in the first place. Now I STILL have swelling on my jaw bone, I’m 120lbs heavier and still can’t detox the crap from my jaw. I just started oil pulling, hopefully it will help.
    I do also avoid poultry and eggs and other meats (bacon) that have been processed or soaked in bleach or its byproducts/flame retardants.

  5. Melissa

    Definitely Naomi. I would make sure that she finds an expert to remove them though as the mercury can leach into the brain and cause other reactions. There are dentists who know how to remove them safely.

  6. Naomi

    My sister has a horrible case of endometriosis and has had several surgeries. She has been on all kinds of pain meds and seriously thinks she will die because of taking way to many pills a day for the pain. She has silver fillings. Do you think that by getting them removed that that would start the healing process from endo?

  7. Melissa

    Hi Nitika,
    Good question 🙂
    I watched “A beautiful truth” and that totally put me off mercury fillings. I had them for years and never thought they were that serious. I think my body would sooner cope with a little BPA then a known poison. Mercury is actually toxic and leaches into our blood stream and liver on a daily basis.
    Cool if you don’t agree. Maybe watch the movie and see how you feel – it totally convinced me 🙂
    Here is a free version of the movie for you:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cMOKTlBlDk

    Endo is a combination of too many toxins and not enough nutrition. It might not have been the trigger but it certainly isn’t helping 🙂

  8. nitika

    Im just curious melissa, do you think the porcelain( composite ) restorations are safer than amalgam..? There is evidence that the composites can leach into the blood stream as BPA which are estrogenic. Composites are a relatively newer material than amalgam thus who knows what the long term implications are..? there are already reports about BPA effects which arnt positive .
    It may be a case of a known devil vs an unknown one..

    another thing.. wisdom teeth extractions are sometimes necessary and not an option.

    I respect your views and I understand the concerns about amalgam . But I also wanted to point out even with a rubber dam there is a greater exposure to amalgam while removing it Vs when it is in the mouth.

    Another thing amalgam is better in certain situations in the mouth where composite will not hold up and recurrent caries and problems are seen.

    I am not for or against either one of them , I think they both have advantages and disadvantages . I respect your views but Im not sure I agree with you completely on this one.

    For the record I had endo long before any dental issues..

  9. Melissa

    Thanks for sharing Iana 🙂

  10. lana

    Thanks Melissa,

    I have researched this a lot and have found that its important to look for a holistic dentist as many others still use amaglam fillings and dont use all the proper methods to remove the fillings which can cause auto-immune disorders….(ENDO!!) after if not already from the mercury gas released from our metal fillings. Here is a link i found, long, but has other info about food and disease, very interesting! 🙂

    Message Bodyhttp://www.youtube.com/verify_age?next_url=http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DwvzDHGLEUyw%26feature%3Dshare


  11. Melissa

    No probs Sonja. I have tried the oil pulling and noticed a definite improvement. Mainly I didn’t have that slimy throat feeling – you know the one I mean – in the morning. It is an indian method and they use it there like we would use a digestive detox. I watched a very funny ad on YouTube selling the oil in little saches! Let me know how you go with it. Hey, it is cheap and really easy to do, so worth a shot 🙂

  12. Sonja

    Melissa, thanks for the links for detoxification of the liver / body. Have you tried any of these apart from the Blood Tonic you recommend? I am very tempted to go with the oil pulling though I will read up on this beforehand. I have never heard of it before and can’t quite understand why it should work. I am intreagued, it certainly seems a very unintrusive method of cleansing.
    By the way, exercising is a great way of doing just that, too, though I don’t know if it would be enough on its own. You excrete a lot of toxins through the skin also.

  13. Sameera

    Melissa, yes I agree that removing the amalgam filling is good for our bodies. Unfortunately, not many are even aware of this and any other connection to health problems that they could be having. Trying to spread the word in my circle.

  14. Sameera

    Thank you Sonja for your comment. I am reconsidering getting the wisdom teeth out (the doctor says it is decayed :(). It is just that I have realised that I want to be smarter this time around when I hear what the doctors say. I jumped in earlier when they suggested a few root canal treatments, I just wish now that I was told about how to take care of my teeth better rather than having these treatments done at the drop of a hat.

    I am considering getting the wisdom teeth out 🙂 Thanks!

  15. Melissa

    Hi Sonja. That is brilliant that you have made all the connections in your past to potentially aggravating your liver. I would strongly recommend reading my article on other detox options: http://endoempowered.com/3-ways-to-detox-the-body-which-dont-involve-running-to-the-toilet-all-day/
    I am glad to hear you are managing things with the coil. I have heard about this option and almost considered for myself. I just got a little scared about having this foreign thing in my body but I know it has helped a few friends and girls I know with Endo. Happy you didn’t go with the hysterectomy! Well done on being strong 🙂
    Here is a great detoxifying I have been trying:

    Dr. Tates Herbal Blood Tonic

  16. Sonja

    Hi Sameera, I have had three wisdom teeth out. The only reason the last one is still in because it is embedded horizontally in the gum/jaw and would require a small and dodgy operation to get it out. The other three were causing continual problems because they were hard to clean being so far back and gave me numerous infections. I am definitely better off without them. Having infections brewing there all the time isn’t any fun.
    So I would say it depends why you need them out. If they NEED out, have them out. If you or the dentist just WANT them out, maybe it would be wiser to rethink. It all depends on the reason and what they are doing to you, your health and your wallet keeping them in.
    I don’t think I have had any problems due to them being extracted, anyway.

  17. Sonja

    Hi Melissa, don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware of the toxicity of amalgam fillings and I am angry to this day with the dentist who drilled out all my white fillings and replaced them with amalgam! I was young and naive then, that wouldn’t happen to me today.
    But as far as my endometriosis is concerned, hm, I don’t know. Stress, I would say, is probably one of the major contributing factors. That would be stress due to having to adapt to continually changing environments (getting married, moving house frequently, moving country), but also stress in terms of what my body had to put up with. My diet when growing up was probably not the best in terms of adequate vitamin and mineral supply, my dad smoked, – lots, and for a large part of my childhood I lived in an industrialised area. Steelworks, coal mines, chemical works, the lot. Lots of varying interesting aromas in the air, possibly filled with dioxins. On top of that we had a bus stop directly under our usually open bedroom window (2nd floor), and while the normal busses didn’t go through the night, the miners’ bus would stand there engines running for easily half an hour in the early hours. In those days nobody knew any better and thought nothing much of all that, but it must have done harm to growing bodies. My sisters both have had hay fever from that period onwards, one of them has bad allergies. I can’t imagine that I should have got away unscathed. I was a touch older then them, so it maybe didn’t affect the same organs with me as it did with them. But it may well have set the seed for later problems. You have said in various blog posts that the liver may be implicated in a lot of cases of endo. Well, I heard it also is in cases of psoriasis, which I also have. So who knows, but certainly amalgam most likely only plays a part in the onset of my endometriosis.
    Which, I have to say, I am managing now, so no need to be concerned 🙂 After all the usual hormone treatments, which I totally couldn’t cope with – had to stop half way through first time, then after the second round was finished didn’t return to normal for another six months – , after repeatedly arguing with the doctors that I was not going to have a hysterectomy and lots of plain stupid suggestions I now have a mirena coil. This is a small coil emitting limited hormones only in the uterine environment, with the ultimate effect that there are no periods. No periods, no pain, which suits me. It wouldn’t suit somebody trying for a baby though.

  18. Melissa

    Hi Lana. You can get those replaced with porcelain fillings. Make sure you get a dentist that uses extractor fans to remove the mercury and a mouth bath (funny rubbery stuff that sits on your tongue) to avoid it entering your body. Also, a good detox with Chlorella is a good cleanser to ensure the mercury comes out of your body quickly. Check out my other article when I visited the dentist:

  19. lana

    Hi Melissa,

    Just wondering what your suggestions are for getting them removed and what are the healthier alternatives we could replace them with? Dentists always suggested I get braces since I was little cos my teeth aren’t straight but I could never afford it. I have a few silver ones and I’m scared about removing them but I find them unattractive when I laugh too. Haha


  20. Renee

    My endo pain started before I had my braces and long before my wisdom teeth came out, but I do see how different sorts of toxins could make it worse

  21. Melissa

    Hi Sonja and thanks for your comment. It is very interesting to hear how well your body has done with the amalgam fillings in your mouth for so long. Perhaps you were just stronger initially than some of us? Perhaps after giving birth your body became slightly weaker, which is why you had the extreme symptoms from Endometriosis? Who knows really? I often debate this…. why some people can do things that are harmful to their body their whole lives and never get sick and others of us are so sensitive. Perhaps it is all in the genes?

    I strongly believe that all toxins, whether in the form of amalgam fillings, hair dye or preservatives should be alleviated from our bodies as much as possible. They do contribute to our ill health and though they may not show their true effects straight away, I do think they are cumulative in the body. Though taking the amalgams out would be a process and you would need to choose a really good dentist to extract them, I still think it would be better for you long term. Besides, you can do one at a time 🙂 and do a good detox afterwards too.
    I am sorry to hear of your struggles with Endometriosis and I hope that things have gotten a little easier since those days. Curious…. what other factors do you feel have contributed?

  22. Melissa

    Very interesting and thanks for sharing! Perhaps I can’t just blame my dentist then?

  23. Melissa

    I know it is hard to kinda know, isn’t it? I can certainly imagine that it has contributed to the problem and hey it isn’t a bad thing to get them removed! They are after all toxic to our bodies. Yeah, not sure about the wisdoms. I had two removed. Hard to know sometimes. Why do you have to get them removed?

  24. Sonja

    While I agree that amalgam fillings are toxic and you are better off without them if at all possible I would be very careful about jumping to conclusions. I have had amalgam fillings since early teenage years and I am now 49. My mouth is full of them and ideally I would get rid of the lot. But as far as endometriosis is concerned it is probably a bit extreme to think take the amalgam out and the endo will go. To start with taking out 8 or 9 amalgam fillings has the potential to make you very ill to begin with due to the release of poisonous substances during the process and it needs to be followed by a detox programme. Who knows I may have had endometriosis since the onset of menstruation, I don’t know, I was certainly not aware of it. During my first 2 or 3 periods I had cramp, but nothing major, it was simply all new to me. My endo wasn’t diagnosed until many years later, long after the birth of my son. It was also then that it became very apparent, with uncontrollable blood flow every period which would last about 7 days. It was only when I started having severe bouts of pain at least once every cycle that my endo became such an intrusion into my life that I decided to seek help. The pain was worse than anyone could imagine, child birth (and I had very little pain relief for that) is a piece of cake by comparison. That started happening when I was around 35. By that time I would have had most of my fillings for 20 years and 3 wisdom teeth extracted for a good few years also. I am not saying the amalgam is harmless but I don’t think I would implicate it in the onset of my endo. There are other factors in my life that would have most probably had a much larger contribution in that.

  25. Emma

    hmmm this is interesting but there doesn’t seem to be any correlation for me, I’ve never had any problems with my teeth, just one filling (white, not amalgam) but I do think our immune systems and our bodies are certainly a little bit less efficient at dealing with/clearing out toxins….

  26. Sameera

    Melissa, thank you once again for this article. I think I agree with you, when I go back to my own history of endometriosis, I realise that I had a lot of dental issues that started at the same time. I had a couple of mercury amalgam fillings in there until not so long ago. This is the first site where I read and understood just how toxic those filling could be and I got them removed. I do not know if I am assuming things, but I do feel better with the fillings gone.

    I have been told to now get my wisdom tooth extracted and I have been delaying it since I do not know if it will solve any problems or just introduce new unknown ones.

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