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How to Get Off the Contraceptive Pill with Minimal Side Effects

I had an email from a young girl yesterday, who was very inspired by my blog and wanted to make the changes necessary to go on a more natural healing journey for her body and endometriosis. She had been on the pill, since her doctor had recommended it and was petrified that her endometriosis symptoms would come back on a much more severe level. She had tried it once before and found that her pain and menstrual cycles were completely unbearable and landed up going back on the pill, as she felt she had no other option.

First, let me explain what happens when we take the contraceptive pill.

The contraceptive pill is made up of synthetic hormones. They vary in their doses but generally they reduce the production of our natural hormones. This is generally why doctors recommend it for endometriosis, as this lowered hormonal activity will lower the growth of the endometriosis. Unfortunately, the pill brings with it a heap of problems, one of which being a reduction in mineral and vitamin absorption. It is this lowered mineral absorption which creates conditions like candida, digestive problems, a sluggish liver and high stress levels. You can read a more detailed article on the true effects of the contraceptive pill here.

By suppressing our natural hormone production, we lower the progesterone production of our bodies. Progesterone and estrogens oppose each other and they need each other to keep in balance. If we have too much estrogen, we have more endometriosis growth. If we have too little progesterone, we will have endometriosis growth. It is commonly called estrogen dominance. These hormones need to be in balance or we have excess growth. The best way to think of it is like a sea-saw—we should never have too much progesterone or estrogen in the body.

While on the pill, the progesterone levels drop to a very low level. When we then go off the pill, the estrogens in the body shoot sky high, as there is so little progesterone to oppose the estrogens. The contraceptive pill acts like an estrogen but is much more powerful than our bodies’ own estrogens. These are commonly called xenoestrogens and they tend to have higher estrogenic effects on the body. This means, for every receptor site, where a standard estrogen is supposed to live, there now lives a much stronger and more powerful estrogen. This estrogen is so strong, the progesterones struggle to keep it in check, and inevitably, the imbalance of excess estrogen in the body occurs. The poor progesterones are just not high enough in numbers and the estrogens take over. This is typically called estrogen dominance.

The reason we could experience more pain and endometriosis growth is because of this excess estrogen that now exists in the body.

What we need to do

1. Get some Estroblock

To ensure we reduce the amount of estrogens in the body, we need to flush out the xenoestrogens in the body. There are a number of ways of doing this. The most successful way is to use a product called I3C (indole-3-carbinol). It works by flushing out the excess xenoestrogens from the body. There are serious variants in these products, so I strongly recommend that you use the most respected and researched brand called Estroblock.

You can start using Estroblock while you are still on the contraceptive pill to really reduce the effects of the extreme estrogen dominance effect as described above.


2. Increase the amount of celery and parsley in your diet

Celery and parsley contain a substance called luteolin. This substance is said to inhibit the production of estrogens in the body. They also contain many other benefits which aid in the release of xenoestrogens from the body. I would recommend eating the stalks of parsley and adding a bunch of parsley to your day. I often add it to a smoothie or a salad. Celery sticks with avocado or hummus dip are fabulous.


3. Do some bowel cleanses once you have come off the pill

The pill interferes with our natural gut bacteria and tends to create digestive problems for many women. One of the best things you can do is to cleanse out your bowels, once you have come off the pill, to not only allow a clear passage for the hormones to get out but also to get a healthy digestive system again. Clean out your bowels and then add in heaps of probiotics, fermented foods and good roughage in your diet. You can clean out your bowels with a good gut cleanse or by having colonics done.


4. Exercise and sweat

You want to get that stuff out of you! One of the best ways is to simply go for a 30-minute walk each day and really get sweating. Walk fast—no need to run. Just get your heart rate up and sweat a little. This will aid the lymphatic system to flush out the excess xenoestrogens easier and also helps with your peace of mind.

Coming off the pill was one of the best decisions I ever made. I have never experienced such a transformation in my energy levels. Lots of little niggly symptoms went away and I have improved my endometriosis on a much larger scale since taking these synthetic hormones out of my body.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Melissa

    I would start with the regular and build yourself up to more 🙂 Lisa. You have come to the right place.

  2. Lisa Boyd

    What strength Estroblock do you recommend? I see they have a regular and a triple strength pro. My endometriosis has been getting worse and worse. I’m so happy to find your site. I just got the maca root capsules too.

  3. Michelle

    Any suggestions where to buy Estroblock? I did find some on-line (not sure if I’m allowed to name the website), but I don’t know the company so I’m not sure if they’re trustworthy.

  4. Melissa

    Thanks Tracy 🙂 Never considered that as an idea – weaning off them 🙂 Great comments!

  5. Tracy

    Hey darlin, good article! 🙂 Lots of ladies over at my site have been trying weaning off the pill (cutting the pills down and taking 3/4 for a couple months, then 1/2 pill per day for a couple months, then 1/4 per day for a couple months, or thereabouts) … it’s a process, but it seems to really work! Lots of them who have tried to quit the pill before unsuccessfully are totally avoiding having hormonal acne and other post-pill hormonal craziness using this method. Some of them are also using Vitex and ensuring they eat and live healthfully to really ensure things go smoothly.

    Here’s the thread and make sure to read the comments: http://www.thelovevitamin.com/769/can-you-wean-off-the-birth-control-pill/

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