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Does it ever feel like everything within trying to manage your endometriosis has just become too overwhelming?

Like you are not sure what to do next or that you have reached a plateau on how to truly shift your health forward?

With over 7 years of experience in managing endometriosis and guiding women around the world, Melissa can share insights and give you guidance to help you manage your endometriosis better.

Here are some things you might need guidance on:

  • Why your body is still experiencing pain, even after implementing a range of dietary and herbal suggestions.
  • Specifics on thyroid balance, hormone balance, low DHEA levels or other hormone related concerns.
  • Why your body might be struggling to get pregnant.

There could be a lot of information on nutrition and supplements for endometriosis on the internet, but consulting with Melissa gave me a ray of hope to believe firstly in my ability to heal and that joyful optimism towards the goal.


How this works

  1. Pick a time & date by selecting where you are based in the world.
  2. Complete the questionnaire to help me understand your history and what you specifically need guidance on.
  3. Make the payment through paypal.
  4. Download Skype and connect with me live.
  5. I will send you a summary of everything we discussed for your records.

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