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Do you have questions?

Due to the sheer volume of emails, I do not offer personalised advice or consultation by 1-to-1 email anymore.

Here is how to get support:

1. Send us an email 

Want to know something about endometriosis and would like us to research and cover it in our next blog or YouTube video?

Send us an email for consideration and we will be happy to share it with you once it goes live. 

Natural Endometriosis Pain Treatments

"Working with Melissa was the best decision I ever made!"- Renee Palmer

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Support Question?

Write to us  and we will get back to you within 48hrs. 

Please note: We are based in New Zealand so sometimes different timezones mean there is a delay in getting back to you. Please know that we will do our best to resolve anything with regards to memberships or payments as quickly and fairly as possible. 

Want to send me something?

I have started gathering a lovely wall full of cards and gifts and love receiving these.
Feel free to send them to:

Melissa Turner C/O Endo Empowered


Sharing our combined message makes it stronger


Do you currently run a blog/website which you feel could benefit from of my writing and knowledge? I am happy to consider writing for other platforms either via contract or as one-off opportunities. 

I don’t accept written blogs by other authors currently but we can organise a live interview instead.

Speak on your Podcast

Do you own a podcast that has more than 100 listeners? I am happy speak on a range of topics around Women’s Health, Period Pain, Endometriosis and overcoming adversity.

I have previously been featured on Fertility Friday, Nicole Jardim’s Period Party and many others. 

Speak at your Event

I love speaking about natural health alternatives. We can make it more broad and include overall women’s health or specifically focus on Endometriosis, Period Pain and Hormonal Health. 

Chat on Video

Let us do a live chat interview on Video and run it off-the-cuff sharing on any topic your audience would benefit from. Ask me questions and let us roll with the conversation. We can then both share the video on our blogs. 

Joint Ventures

Could we collaborate and share something you’ve created that could help my audience and visa/versa? Maybe a package deal? Maybe we could become affiliates for each other? Or create an event together?

Promotional Products

Naturally, I only promote products I personally believe in and that are natural based. If you have something you think could benefit my audience, reach out and let us consider how we could promote it together. 


Interviews, Mentions & Collaborations

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