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How to Cleanse Your Body to Allow It to Heal

The toxins in your body are like huge rocky mountains, blocking up pathways and creating an excess workload for your liver. They are often stuck in our bodies, with no easy way to get out! This causes imbalances and problems that can come out in the form of diseases. Taking supplements and eating right will certainly help reduce that workload but it is like chipping away at a stone over many years.

There are more dramatic ways of detoxing the body, other than simply taking detoxification supplements. Over the last two years, I have adopted some of these methods and each time I have done so, I have noticed a much more dramatic improvement in the way I felt.


1. Juice Fasting

Juice Fasting essentially focuses on stopping our bodies’ constant work with digestion. The idea is that all our enzymes can focus their attention on healing the body and organs that need help, instead of just worrying about our digestion. By doing a juice fast, your body will finally be able to tackle that big mountain of toxins and eliminate them from the body. In some cases, this might be in the form of break-outs or pimples, or via your kidney or bowels.


2. The Chlorella Cleanse

I haven’t done this one yet but the idea is to take quite high doses of chlorella tablets for a short period. I believe it might be something like 10–12 500 g tablets per day for two weeks. Chlorella works by drawing out toxins from the body and also acts as an amazing alkalizer to the body. I will do one for us shortly and report back on the effects. If you have used chlorella as a cleanser for the body, I would love your feedback in the comments below.


3. The Niacin Flush

This is a method I first heard about through David Wolfe and his Longevity Programme. Essentially, it involves taking fairly high doses of niacin (vitamin B3) and essentially sweating out the toxins through the skin. You would exercise at a fairly high heart rate, take the niacin and then go into a sauna for thirty minutes. Afterwards you experience what is called the niacin flush, which is like a hot skin flush. This releases the toxins through the lymphatic system and the skin. I haven’t been anywhere with a sauna yet but am keen to try it soon.


4. The Liver Flush

Since the liver is the main organ responsible for flushing out toxins from the body, it is logical that we would focus on cleansing the liver. There is a method by which we can cleanse out calcified stones from the liver, through what is called a liver flush. I did find this method of detoxing to be quite hard on the body though and don’t actually recommend it within my program for this reason.


5. Bowel Cleanses

It’s a good idea to do regular bowel cleanse to flush out parasites and worms that unfortunately easily reside in our body.


If you are new to the whole natural healing journey with endometriosis, these methods might seem quite extreme or scary. Trust in how you feel right now but also know that these options are here for you, when you are ready. I know it took me two years to finally embrace doing a liver flush. The thought of it was far too scary when I first heard of it. I needed to build myself up a little first, through my diet and my mental stamina, before I could do it.

I personally believe detoxing is critical to bring back the balance in our bodies. Unfortunately, as Endo women, we tend to have a fairly high load of toxins through all those painkillers and hormonal treatments. Holding on to strong emotions and dwelling on them will also increase toxic load or bad biological reactions in the body.

You want to ensure you reduce the amount of toxins you have in the body and are potentially adding to the body as much as possible. Take careful note of the cleaning products you are using, the foods you are eating and make sure you de-stress as much as possible.

Have you tried any cleansing methods that you would like to share? Any others you would like to add that have been effective for you?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Rebecca

    I have a book on liver and gall bladder cleanses but am very nervous to do it on my own. Do you still run your groups?

  2. Private Maternity Hospital London

    I’m up to 5. Plan to do another next month. I just started a colon/parasite cleanse

  3. Melissa

    Thanks Alexandra. I will find them and try it out 🙂

  4. Alexandra

    So you were asking what it is that I had used to detox. It is by Heel/BHI and it is called Detox Kit. This company has been around since the 1930’s. I followed the 6 week cleanse with some of their other remedies but that is the “core” for them. All of their remedies work very well. Also chances are if you have endometriosis, you may also have some varicose veins? If so, try their remedy called Hamamelis Homaccord. It is a godsend and I also noticed my legs were not as swollen. But you must take 30 drops a day until the bottle is done with (again, sip it through the day or just add it to your Detox Kit). Then see how you fare and if you need to continue!…
    FYI – I also did buy some chlorella, it is great to detox from fungus apparently… very worthy indeed.
    I have a friend who did chelation therapy… she seems to have benefitted from it…

  5. Melissa

    It doesn’t “hurt” but it can be unpleasant. You could have diarrhea or headaches etc. It depends on how much you need to detoxify. That’s why it is good to start slow. Do a 2 day juice fast, then a 7 day and then maybe do other stuff. It is all worth it though as afterwards you feel amazing!

  6. Karen

    Does this hurt? How unpleasant is it, really? Be honest. Thanks,

  7. Melissa

    Great suggestion Audrey 🙂 Hadn’t even considered this!

  8. Audrey

    Great article Melissa – thanks for sharing! That makes me want to try a few of these detox. 🙂 So far what I have tried which I found did wonders for me is a body detox from all food that can create inflammation, that is: gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, peanuts, sugar and artificial sweeteners. After 10 days, I was feeling like a new person, definitely more energy, feeling lighter too.

  9. Melissa

    Hi Alexandra and thanks for sharing. Could you share what the remedy is called? There are so many detox remedies on Amazon these days 🙂

  10. Alexandra

    Hi there Melissa,

    It is so great that you are actively out there letting us share our experiences. I too have been cleansing over the last year. It started with a few bites from some bugs which gave my boyfriend and I a severe reaction about a year ago after we were cutting branches out of a tree. Since then, we have both been cleansing and doing a liver/bladder/kidney/lymph detox via a well known german homeopathic company’s detox kit (find it on amazon). It worked so amazingly well. Instructions are to do this for 3 to 4 weeks (4 weeks to 6 weeks if you are in really bad shape). I did this for 6 weeks. I can assure you I am very familiear with everything that you discuss here in your articles! By the 5th week, I was having an excessive menstruation and I did end up having to see my OBGYN to help her stop this (I did not tell her of the detox though). She gave me some oestrogen pills (I was still a neophyte then). I had no idea until the detox why I had such tterriible figromyalgia. I had terrible neck and shoulder and back pains and brain fog and I had been going to get shots in my back before this detox for many years to deal with the pain. I had also gone to an acupuncturis which helped but not long term… If you are looking for an easy way to flush out these areas of toxins, I highly recommend the detox kit which you can get on amazon or in a health store – instructions are on the box but you just put in 30 drops of each remedy a day in a bottle of water or your favorite drink. It has 3 remedies in the kit and you just walk around sipping it through the day – apparently no vigourous exercise during this time is recommended. By the 3rd week, both my boyfriend and I had even felt a improved vision… clearer thinking, etc. I love it and shall do it every year to hopefully help prolong a health life.

    Since that time, I have tried a few other of their remedies for flu, cough, neuralgia, back pain, inflammation, etc. I found in particular ‘neuralgia’ to be a most interesting remedy… I hope this helps prevent any future dementia this way! 🙂 and with regards to endometriosis, I just went through a bad bout after a bout of detoxing and found that the ‘bleeding’ remedy really helped when I needed it… I can say I was quite surprised when I looked in the toilet after the second day of the remedy… 🙂


  11. Aubree

    I’m up to 5. Plan to do another next month. I just started a colon/parasite cleanse 🙂

  12. Melissa

    Thanks so much for sharing Tina. I hadn’t heard of Chelation before. Must do some research 🙂

  13. Tina

    CHELATION!! Please consider oral and IV chelation to get rid of heavy metals in the body. Last year I ws diagnosed with endo and have spent the better half of the year going though chelation, specifically using DMSO and ETDA. Yes these ate chemicals but they are administered in a non harmful low dose way through naturalpathic/ holistic MD’s- sometimes chiropractors. I am back to work full time and living my life again! I also used the methods u encouraged Mel like healthy diet, exercise, enema, Chinese herbs, yoga, etc.
    All the best!!!

  14. Melissa

    Hi Vyara,
    Wow! You have been doing heaps! That is awesome 🙂
    Please let me know how the Chlorella cleanse goes as I am keen to try that one too.
    Glad you are on board for the Juice Fast.


  15. Vyara

    Hi Mel,
    Thanks again for the useul article, quite beneficial topic to our health.
    Just wanted to send u a short video of Dr Mercula on the subject, if you havent seen it already ofcourse 🙂 http://products.mercola.com/chlorella/
    Me personaly… I”ve been doing Oil Pulling for quite so long, bowel cleanses/hydrocolonotherapy/, felt amazing after that, but never get to the Liver Flush, which I am planning to do soon. Now I am starting Chlorella Cleanse, as it is said to clean away Heavy Metals, which i have planty of. /found out recently, after special lab tests./
    I wiil join also your new Juice Fast Cleanse.
    Love & Blessings

  16. Melissa

    That is great to hear. How many are you up to now?

  17. Melissa

    Yes definitely a good one! Thanks for sharing Joanna 🙂

  18. Kate

    Great article. Makes sense. I am doing a juice detox

  19. Joanna

    I have done my first hydrocolonotherapy yesterday. I believe this is a great method to help your bowels as well 🙂

  20. Aubree

    Awesome article Melissa! I can say that since doing liver flushes I feel SO much better. My pain continues to decrease and my digestion is far improved. The biggest impact though has been in my mental mind set — I feel so much more calm, less angry, more present 🙂

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