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Chia Seeds: Are They Really Better Than Flaxseed? 8 Reasons WHY…

There are these little seeds that you may not know about but they are called chia seeds. They come from South America and have been cultivated there as far back as 3500 BC! These little black seeds are amazing for us Endo ladies and really would benefit anyone. It is a fabulous superfood!


8 reasons why I believe chia seeds win over flaxseeds:


1. Chia seeds don’t have an estrogenic effect on our bodies. Unfortunately, flaxseeds and flaxseed oil have an estrogenic effect, which we want to avoid with Endometriosis.


2. Chia seeds aid digestion in a different way. Flaxseeds are sold to benefit us due to their high roughage and fibre for the bowels. Chia seeds do something far more crucial for our bowels. They provide a lubrication and hydration for the bowels, which helps build up good gut flora and makes passing bowels easier. This is often a great source of pain for us Endo ladies—so anything to make it easier is a benefit!


3. Rehydrate the body and maintain electrolyte balance

Chia seeds can hold 12 times their own volume in water and also have oil retention capacities. This means, they can provide us with extra hydration and level out electrolyte imbalances.


4. They help rebuild the gut wall

There is a condition called leaky gut syndrome. Hereby the gut wall is damaged and we are not absorbing all the nutrients in our food. Chia seeds offer a mucilage in the gut wall, which offers protective and healing abilities for the gut lining.


5. They are high in protein

The protein found in chia seeds is easily assimilated by the body and helps with regeneration of our inner cells.


6. Richer and better source of omega 3 than flaxseeds

Chia seeds are a richer source of omega 3. These oils will remain undisturbed even after seven years of storage. Flaxseed oil is often rancid which becomes an indirect toxin for the body. Omega 3 is crucial for our endocrine system, helping the thyroid, adrenals and reproductive system.


7. Full of good stuff!

Chia seeds contain fat soluble Vitamins A,D, E and K. They also contain good amounts of calcium, potassium, biotin, chromium and antioxidants quercetin and myricetin.


8. Regulate blood sugar levels

Due to the barrier they form in our digestive system, we are less likely to absorb the glucose into the blood stream as quickly. This helps regulate blood sugar and provides prolonged energy and helps with weight loss.


So, hands down, chia seeds win! Have you tried chia seeds? Do you currently use flaxseeds? What are you thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree?

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 18 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Yes. There is so little in Vanilla Extract, I wouldn’t worry about it 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Is Vanilla extract safe to take because of the “alcohol” content?

  3. shaz

    That looks yummy do can you post how to make it?I am not on facebook.Thank you.

  4. Safeera Rehmane via Facebook

    Ok, so I was wrong it’s not kalonji or Nijella. I found some chia seeds today without even looking 🙂 . Wonder how I missed it before. Going to try it out soon

  5. Gretta

    I’ve been using milled chia seeds in my smoothies for the last 2 months & love them. The lady in the health shop put me onto them & said they were much better than flax seeds…

  6. Amber

    I love Chia seeds! I make Chia Gel by mixing 2 TBSP of seeds with 1 cup of water in a jar. Let it stand on the counter for 10 minutes then stir again and store it covered in the fridge. It will keep for a week. I put a few spoonfulls in my morning smoothies and find that it mixes in better than just putting the seeds in directly. I too replaced ground Flaxseed with Chia seeds because I was worried about the Estrogenic properties in Flax.

  7. Safeera Rehmane via Facebook

    Ok, I know it as Kalonji seeds or Nigella seeds. Can also be taken in the form of an oil, kalonji oil.

  8. Melissa

    That sounds interesting. Does it make it really thick? Just gave me an idea to make it in a chocolate smoothie!

  9. Safeera Rehmane via Facebook

    Is there another name for Chia seeds? Never heard of it. Is it Nigella seeds? Small, black and slightly bitter? How does it taste?

  10. Adina HC / Adi HC

    Hi Mel,
    In my mom’s home town Oaxaca, Mexico they prepare Chia water… it is made with lime juice, water and chia seeds… most of them use brown sugar to make it sweet, I personally leave the sugar out of the recipe… quite good… 🙂

  11. I made it with Coconut milk, cinnamon, stevia drops, vanilla extract and chia seeds. Leave to stand for at least 15min in the fridge. I ate both of them today 🙂

  12. Megan

    Great article. I love chia seeds! 🙂 They are great! I add them to a lot of things. You can also use them as an egg substitute.

  13. Emily Thomas Larramore via Facebook

    Oh my gosh!!!! Awesome!!!!

  14. Emily Thomas Larramore via Facebook

    I love chia seeds for all of the listed reasons. I even know people that feed them to horses. I would love some good recipes for them!

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