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Personal Reveal: The Challenges of Sharing My Message

It’s winter here in New Zealand and as I write this I am tucked up in bed, at 6:30am on a Monday morning. My little friend Wilson (Jack Russell puppy) is lying beside me, curled up and snoozing. I have been reflecting a little on my life at the moment and particularly my health.

For the last few months, I have been visiting a chiropractor. My back had become really tight and sore and it didn’t seem to make a world of difference how much I moved my body, practiced yoga or took various supplements. During the treatments, I felt fantastic. My body felt looser and freer in ways I had forgotten about for years. But after 6 weeks of treatment, I decided to give it a break for a little while and assess where my body was at.

Within a few short days, my tightness returned. The tight shoulders, the aching and the general feeling of heaviness within my body. There was more going on here and I needed to look a little deeper.

A few months ago was the launch of my online program. It has taken years of research to create and put it all together and I have been very excited to share it with the world. I have felt incredibly passionate about truly supporting women with endometriosis for years and finally I have a real program to share. Something concrete. Something solid. Something that every woman around the world could use to help her improve her health and get better. I am incredibly proud of what I have created.

The trouble was… it has created a huge sense of being overwhelmed. A sense of wanting to get the program out to more and more women. Questions of how to motivate women to make the changes I recommend within it. Worries about whether I am overwhelming women with too much information or simply not giving them enough. Not knowing what to focus on first and where to spend my time, money and energy. Endless questions on how to improve on how I encourage women to join, motivate them to stick with it and how to share in a way that truly changes their lives.

In essence, it has felt like the entire world of supporting women with endometriosis holistically lies heavily on my shoulders. Perhaps this is why I have felt so much backache and pain? The weight of what I am carrying has become a huge load and perhaps it feels heavy to carry?

I feel like I have started a new journey but instead of being on solid ground and taking each step at a time, like I did with my health journey, I feel like I am in a sailing boat. My sailing boat has a set course in mind and has left the shore to head towards that destination.This sailing boat is called Endo Empowered and its mission is to change the world for all women with endometriosis. To give women a new approach, a new way to manage this condition and finally feel hope and see real improvements. The trouble is, my boat has to weather storms and experience more ups and downs than I did when I was doing this for myself. I have a crew of supporters on board, who I need to take care of to ensure that they are getting everything they need to. The boat has an important mission and yet it feels like it endures so much course correction and ups and downs, so many negative views and probing questions.

Perhaps the resolve to it all is that I simply need to take anchor for a few days, stop by a beautiful warm island and take stock of all that we already have and the lives that have already been changed? To slow the mission down by a few notches and accept that sometimes winds will carry you closer without effort and sometimes we need to work a little harder to get there.

I know my mission is important and I know that it takes courage to decide to pursue it but I also know that as my crew gets bigger and bigger and we get closer and closer to changing the approaches for endometriosis, our little boat will turn into a big tanker and we won’t even feel the waves anymore!

I want to reach out to all the amazing women who have supported me in my work. Committing to make these changes for your health are truly an empowering way to manage endometriosis. I really look forward to sharing your stories on my site to help change the lives of others, who are still stuck in a place of disbelief.

Thank you for listening. I feel better knowing you are here with me and will take the day to slow down and reflect a little…

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Rachelle

    Emotional weight can be just as tough on the body as actual weight. My back is often like that, I too did chiropractor for a year but as things went back to what they were every time I’ve stopped that and am instead trying to spend more time on me doing things I enjoy. I know what the emotional weight is from, but it’s not something I can change (being my 12 year old ASD/ADHD son), but I can look after doing the things that make me feel relaxed. I suspect what I really need is a couple of weeks somewhere warm on a nice beach, instead what I’m giving myself is time in my studio weaving and sewing and spinning and knitting.

  2. Stephanie Anna Olson

    Thank you so much Melissa for sharing! Your mission in this world is so important, and if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be as difficult. You have already encouraged me numerous times and I have just began my Endo fight a few months ago. I’m currently TTC, and you encouraged me with the most heartfelt message that my body, mind, and soul needed to hear. Keep leading this ship, with your strong courage. You do a GREAT thing.

  3. Melissa

    Thank you Amy. I really appreciate you sharing and that you could feel your compassion through your message too 🙂 Hugs,

  4. Melissa

    Thank you Jane. That means a lot and I am glad you understand too 🙂 We know the challenges with sharing a message from the heart 🙂 Hug,s

  5. Jane Bennett

    Congratulations Melissa on your incredible offering. And my very best wishes for time to slow down, refresh and realign. I can really relate with your beautiful share and understand what it is to have a daimon, a passion driving you, a desire to share your experience and make a very great difference. Blessings xx

  6. Amy

    Thank you for this very honest post which I felt from your heart. When you spoke of your pain and the possibility of carrying this massive responsibility of it all on your shoulders, I could very much relate…on so many levels!

    Thank you for everything you do to empower women from your own personal journey and this was a great reminder for us ALL to be kind to ourselves in the process.

    Sending healing thoughts your way 🙂

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