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Pain Relief with endometriosis

3 New Pain Relief Strategies to try

I am sure you are always on the lookout for some new and improved pain relief strategies with having endometriosis. These are my new 3 favourites, so give them a try and explore them within your own journey. Here they

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Forgetting about the birds…

It is very seldom that we actually take time to reflect on our day, our lives and this very moment we are enjoying, just by being alive. Somehow we get busy. There is something to sort out, things to organise

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Diet Choices: The 3 Key Components to look for

If you spend any length of time searching for information on what to eat to better support yourself with having endometriosis, you’ll eventually find that information contradicts itself and you are simply not sure what to believe anymore. One website

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Endo Planning: What’s up this year?

When I first began my journey with endometriosis, I would spend a huge amount of time seeking easier, faster fixes to help me with my endometroisis. You know the ones I mean… pain-killers, alcohol and even surgery. In the scheme

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