A Personal Experience of trying IVF…

A Personal Experience of trying IVF…

Much of what I share on my page is based on personal experiences that I have personally gone through. I think it was has helped me relate to you and your struggles so well – on some level, we have been through similar things and I can totally feel what you may be experiencing and can therefore guide you and help you from a really deep place of understanding.

However, when it comes to pregnancy and wanting babies, I have never truly understood that deep seeded desire to have a child. Sure, there have been moment within my journey where the desire has become more intense and the longing was certainly there. (Read more of those posts here) But, in general it was never something I have really, truly wanted. Not like you may have felt… where the desire has always been there from a young age or it is something you want more than anything else on earth.

When women have reached out to me with guidance or understanding around wanting to get pregnant and wanting to use IVF treatment, I have perhaps not truly appreciated the depth or challenge with these questions to the same extent. To me, the equation of going through IVF  for a child would never have been justified because I simply didn’t ever want a child that badly.

So, I thought I would share from a someone who did want that desire to have a child and the experience she personally had with using IVF treatment.

I do have a key message that I want to share with this post:

Stop, take a breather and really evaluate all possible options.

Now, this can apply to IVF, surgery or any other form of treatment you may be considering. Healing, wanting children and wanting to live a normal life are all natural desires. We just have to way up which route we plan to take to get us to those results.

The sad thing is that many of us simply want quick fixes to resolve things that may be going on within our health. The worst place to make decisions is from a place of fear or thinking that “I have no choice”. We always have a choice and there are always more options to explore.

I totally get the pressure. I totally get the fear. I listened to that voice and those voices (by other people) for many, many years and they didn’t get me any closer to feeling well within my body. I can’t take those 15years back and desperately want to help you and guide you to really way up your own options more carefully… well, cos I personally didn’t ;).

I needed to slow down enough to connect with my body and really see what I could personally do to feel well and nurture myself. It was only then that I started to see how much I could do and how much responsibility I could take for my own health. It was only then that I truly shifted my reality with endometriosis, pain and could finally get off the surgery merry-go-around.

You always have a choice sweetheart. Stop, take a breather and really evaluate all your options…

[Live Interview] The amazing healing powers of breath

[Live Interview] The amazing healing powers of breath

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been diving in the ideas of breath, emotional healing and endometriosis and how they all overlap. If you missed those, check them out here:

Here is what we have explored together so far:

  • Strong emotions or trauma’s which are not released by the body, can be a factor for imbalance and pain. (emotional aspect)
  • Perhaps the lack of oxygen because we “held our breath” during that trauma, creates a type of ischaemia (lack of oxygen) to the organs, which is also a factor for pain in the body.
  • Restricted blood flow to the brain can be a reason for ischaemia. (physical aspect)

Today, we explore this from a new perspective with Jenny & Breathwork. Through Jenny’s work, she has discovered that when she works with clients on their breath and deepening their awareness of breath, she is able to release pain and imbalances held within the body. Jenny made the connection that the breath and our emotions are closely inter related and when we deepen the breath and are more conscious of our breath, we naturally free the emotional trauma’s held in the body and this inevitably leads to a freeing of the pain or struggled within the body.

In today’s interview we dive into the importance of breathing deeply, cool techniques to improve your breathing and why we need to focus on our breath to truly detoxify – not just emotional stuff but physical stuff too!

If you have questions for Jenny, please feel free to share them below or reach out to Jenny on www.jennyleetaylor.com.au or visit her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/breathelearnlive/

[Interview] Could we be creating the pain in our body?

[Interview] Could we be creating the pain in our body?

I stumbled across and interesting concept recently… what if we have created the pain in our body as a way to distract ourselves from thinking of things that actually cause us more severe emotional pain?

It was a new idea to me but the more I delved into the subject and the connections with our personality types and how we might have a hidden benefit to having pain within our body, the more I started to see that there could be some truth to this. I have written about of some of these concepts in previous blog posts, including something I call Timeous Perfectionism and feelings of needing to do things in a rush, so I thought we should certainly keep an open mind and explore this idea a little further…

To be honest, I am still wrapping my head around the idea that this could be true and decided to connect with Steve Ozanich, the author of The Great Pain Deception to see if he could share his insights with us. He shares some insights on why the body may create a diversion of pain and what happens in the body when we are under extreme stress – particularly emotional stress.

The explanation is that when we are under constant emotional stress, through a particular personality type (described as Type T Personality) that we will be reducing the oxygen delivery to our organs. It is this lack of oxygen or ischemia, that ultimately causes a pain response in the body. When this continues for a long period of time, it is as if we have trained the brain to expect a pain response from an area.

The description of the Type T Personality type (indicative of struggling with Tension Myoneural Syndrome), includes:

  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Are you a people pleaser?
  • Are you particularly hard on yourself?
  • Are you highly responsible for others?
  • Are you sensitive to criticism?
  • Do you like to do “right by others”? and don’t like to offend others?

Type T Personalities tend to be tension prone – tight shoulders are a common expression within the body.

I also discovered the word of Dr.David Schechter who wrote the book Think away your Pain, which is based on the same concept of TMS. He also has a workbook to help us move through any emotional or mind/body connection we have within our body.

I can certainly see some correlations with these personality traits in myself and how I may have used pain as a distraction to avoid dealing with emotional pain or fear.

The trouble I always have though…. is that it doesn’t explain why not everyone with these type of traits experiences pain in the body. I am certainly going to explore the workbook by Dr.David Schechter further and explore the mind/body connection here as I can see some merit in it.

Would love to know what you think and if you feel that you have possibly created the pain in your body to avoid dealing with a deeper emotional pain?


Do you understand Adhesions enough with Endo? Find out more…

Do you understand Adhesions enough with Endo? Find out more…

I thought I understood endo and what adhesions did in the body but really didn’t get it until much later in my journey. I want to give you the insights on what adhesions do and some interesting insights on how massage techniques work to release and free them.

Why is adhesion release important?

  • They release the tightness in the abdomen
  • They allow the organs in our abdominal area to move more freely and do what they are supposed to do
  • We have less pain because adhesions are made up of heaps of nerve fibres that cause pain

Check out this awesome interview I did with my friend Elizabeth Stein who is an expert Arvigo Therapist. To more information on Arvigo, visit www.arvigotherapy.com  If you live in Wellington, New Zealand visit www.bellycare.co.nz and get treated by Elizabeth. I am excited to be exploring this new aspect of endometriosis with you as we develop our new online program next year, all around releasing adhesions within the body. Feel free to post any questions you have about adhesions or insights Elizabeth has shared today.

Should we STOP using Hot Water Bottles for Endo Pain?

Should we STOP using Hot Water Bottles for Endo Pain?

I know… I have been promoting the use of heat and personally used heat to deal with endo pain for years! Years! Anything from hot water bottles to hot baths to heat packs! I really believed it was something positive to do for our bodies as it instantly relieved the pain for us. I have also promoted heat with castor oil packs and made it a “go to” for pain days. Sadly, I was wrong and many naturopaths and physicians are wrong in recommending heat and particularly hot water bottles for managing endometriosis pain.

Why is heat bad for endometriosis?

In this weeks video post, I invited Chris Toal onto the Endo Empowered show. He has been working with women who struggle with endometriosis since 1997 and has treated over 1000 cases in that time. He specialises in deep fascial release massage and has allowed women to achieve miraculous changes and resolve their pain and adhesions. He has taken on the worst cases and managed to help women with amazing success. *Don’t worry, I will be sharing more about Chris and his work with you over the upcoming weeks.

Today, I want to focus on one of the key messages Chris told me: “Don’t use heat on your belly or abdomen ever again!”.

Here is the reasons why:

I know that this is super scary for some of us and I know many of you have been relying on using hot water bottles for years but luckily we have found this information out and can share it with other women with endometriosis: Don’t use hot water bottles!

Here is a cool download for you to save, share or print to keep handy. It gives you the full background on why we don’t want to apply heat with endometriosis.

Avoid: Hot water bottles with endometriosis!To download:

Click on the image and it will open in a new screen. If it doesn’t get yourself Adobe Reader here.


I am excited to have found Chris, who has a wealth of knowledge to share with us all about endometriosis. In the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing more about his treatment and my personal journey in releasing my own adhesions. To get the updates, be sure to enrol as a member of Endo Empowered.

It’s free to join! (click the link to join today) 




Update: There has been some heated debate about this interview over the last few years and many claiming that the information isn’t correct.

Here is more research look at:

Some key points to pull out from the video interview:

  • Inflammatory conditions (which endometriosis is) should restrict blood flow to the inflamed area. This is where using cold compresses would be more beneficial. Heat would further inflame the area as it encourages more blood flow.
  • Fascia is not the same as collagen. Fascia alters with heat/cold.
Love Being a Woman and How to Enjoy Your Cycle

Love Being a Woman and How to Enjoy Your Cycle

This is the month of appreciating our womanly cycle and all the things that come with that. I know how easy it is to hate-on our bodies and to hate-on having endometriosis. It is a tough condition to deal with. Today, I want to share a different view on being a woman and how we can appreciate and love where we are at.

I have interviewed Audrey from Lotus Power Health to give us some new ideas to explore around our womanly cycle and having endometriosis. She is also an endo sister!

I love the idea of working with our cycle and accepting that there are gifts within every part of that cycle. As a woman, I think we are often tempted to compete as men, in a man’s world (as they say). Why can’t we compete as women in our world?

Explore some of these ideas for yourself:

  • Notice how you feel at different times of the month. Do you have more energy at the beginning, middle or end?
  • Work with your cycle and notice if it shifts your levels of pain with having endometriosis.
  • Explore the beauty of being a woman with some books about appreciating yourself.

What has been your experience with having endometriosis, being a woman and any connections to releasing angst around these topics? Do you feel that there is a connection?

Would love you to share any thoughts and personal experiences to help others or to explore your own connections.