The 30 Day Candida Challenge

“Many women who successfully treat and manage their Candida overgrowth have simultaneous success in treating their endometriosis. When the Candida is controlled, overall better health results and often the endometriosis symptoms abate. When the endometriosis is controlled, the ability to conceive greatly improves.” – Natural Fertility Info, 2006


The Endometriosis Association also found research to reveal that when Candida albicans was treated, endo symptoms naturally cleared up. – Ballweg, 2003

What is the connection with Candida and endometriosis?

What is Candida Albicans?

Candida Albicans also known by the name of Monilia is a form of a fungus usually found in the skin or the mucous membranes like the mouth, vagina or rectum. This fungus also has the ability to traverse through blood and adversely affect throat, intestines, and valves of the heart. Candida Albicans tends to become infectious due to some change in body environment allowing it to grow in such proportions that it gets out of control.

The link with Candida & Endometriosis:

Affects the immune system

Candida Albicans can have direct impacts on how your immune system responds. It can lower the response of our immune system.

Triggers more pain responses

An overgrowth of Candida triggers an inflammatory response, releasing more prostaglandin II, which trigger swelling and pain. 

Affects our hormone balance

Candida has been linked to hormonal disruption. Candida binds to our hormones – including oestrogen, progesterone and coricosterone.

What causes Candida to grow?
Being on the Contraceptive pill throws out the natural PH of your gut, causing Candida to grow.

Frequent use of NSAID’s creates a hyperpermeability of the gut.

Douching & use of chemicals, perfumed soaps and other feminine hygiene products.

Frequent use of anti-biotics which kill off the good gut bacteria, keeping the Candida in check.

Ironically… the very treatments that are frequently offered to women to treat their endometriosis and also the very reason they develop Candida Albicans and the inherited issues with endometriosis.

Let me ask you…

Do you have a history of yeast infections? Such as thrush, sinus issues, slimy tongue?

Do you frequently get or suffer from fungal nails, eczema or infections that struggle to heal?

Did you notice that things got worse after taking the birth control pill, antibiotics or times of extreme stress?

Do you have sore shoulders that feel stiff and tight?

Are you sensitive to strong smells? Perfumes?

Is your digestion struggling with chronic constipation, diarrhea, rectal itching, spastic colon or mucous colitis?

Do you crave sweets – particularly refined carbohydrates like donuts, cookies and breads?

I’ve been there…

I couldn’t understand why my period always brought with it a bunch of other symptoms – including sensitive skin, allergies, digestive changes and a dreadfully blocked sinus. My face always felt puffy and I was so incredibly tired!

It was only when I discovered the connection with Candida Albicans and our hormones that all the pieces slowly started to fit together.

Candida is a common overgrowth that I personally experienced for many years, until I found an effective and powerful natural method to flush it out effectively.

My tongue cleared up, I had more energy and my digestion could finally return to normal.

Why the Candida Challenge is so beneficial for you….

1. We approach Candida with a three step process

With this unique protocol we address Candida with three distinct phases, to avoid detox reactions and Candida reoccurance. Firstly we essentially “starve out” the Candida, avoiding foods and drinks which trigger more Candida growth. We add in foods which support your natural gut flora and getting the balance back. Then we address the overgrowth with effective anti fungal herbs and give you secret techniques which ensure you don’t experience the nasty “die-off” reactions many women experience with other Candida treatments.

2. We only use natural herbs

Some Candida drugs to address systemic Candida are harsh on the liver and can cause liver toxicity. This is not ideal, when there is a connection with liver health and endometriosis already! (Cabot, 1997)

Instead we focus on natural herbal remedies proven to address Candida Albicans with a 30 day specific protocol. These herbal remedies are safe and yet incredibly effective at addressing Candida in various locations throughout the body.

3. It is long enough to get results

Candida Albicans is not an easy fungal condition to treat and most treatments out there are far too short to truly see results or make a dent in it! With the 30 day challenge, you will go through specific steps to ensure you really get Candida back under control and keep it there! We address all aspects to ensure it doesn’t return!

I always had this nasty slimy tongue and just felt like I was bloated and gassy so often! It was embarrassing. I tried a few different protocols from the pharmacy but they didn’t seem to address the Candida fully and it kept coming back.
With Melissa’s fabulous Candida Challenge, I finally got it under control and have a clear head and a clear tongue 🙂

Francesca Torini

Specific benefits of getting rid of Candida
Drop the pain level you currently experience with having endometriosis – it is all connected!
Have more energy and less of that sluggish feeling in your belly
Get your gut balance back to normal and feel that “Endo Belly” drop away!
Get your immune system functioning optimally
Resolve the connection with hormone imbalances and endometriosis, triggered by Candida.
Get a clear head, clear body and feel refreshed and vibrant again.
I’ve made this easy for you:

I know how challenging it can be to commit to doing a cleanse, which is why I wanted to give you all the bits and pieces to make this super easy for you.

The 30 Day Candida Challenge includes:

  • A step by step guide on addressing Candida fully. We start by recognising which foods “feed” Candida, so we can avoid them. Then we look at how we eat to support us during the challenge and ultimately we get to how to target Candida with the right herbs and supplements.
  • My secret weapon to avoid any detox reactions.
  • A simple recipe book to guide you on the best foods to eat during the challenge.
  • A shopping list to make this super easy!
I can’t believe the difference this Candida Challenge has had on my health! I no longer have eczema, my skin looks amazing and I LOVE how easy you made it for me. Thank you Melissa! You rock! Sharon Peters

Should you get the Candida Challenge?
  • Do you feel like your endometriosis is completely out of control and you just want some kind of relief?
  • Your tongue is covered in a white film all the time and no matter what you do, you can’t get rid of it?
  • You feel tired, groggy and your digestion is really struggling?
  • You frequently feel bloated, experience flatulence and pain within your abdominal area?
  • You have a history of being on the pill, taking anti-biotics and pain-killers and want to get things back to normal?

If you answered YES to more than 3 questions, then I strongly suggest you join the Candida Challenge.

What is included?
  • A 4 Step Candida protocol developed by Melissa to address Candida fully.
  • Melissa’s secret weapon to avoid detox reactions while doing this cleanse.
  • Specific instructions to work week by week.
  • The Candida Cleanse recipe book.
  • Shopping List to plan out your weeks.

To begin, simply click on the order now button and you will be sent the Candida Challenge eBook, recipe book and shopping list instantly.

Such a small investment with such incredible results!

Only $34.95.

When I began I felt tired all the time. I really struggled to get through the day. I needed help and Melissa’s Candida Challenge seemed to show up at the right time for me. I decided to give it a try and I am so incredibly grateful for the work Melissa does and that she made these connections with candida and endometriosis. I don’t think I would have ever purchased a book on candida if Melissa hadn’t shown me how it was all interrelated. Since then, I have completed the challenge and I just loved it. I feel so empowered on managing my endometriosis because now I get that nothing is seperate and I just need to address the whole body.

My pain has substancially reduced since doing the challenge and I feel like my mental state is also much more light and free.

Thank you Melissa for your great work and for supporting so many women around the world.

Tina Crosby