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Can Juicing help Shrink Endometrial Cysts?

Endometriosis Treatment options

In this weeks Video, I share some of the insights you need to know before exploring treatment options for endometrial cysts.

What exactly are Endometrial Cysts?

Endometrial Cysts are like little pockets that your body creates to store old blood and debris found in the abdominal area, ovaries or cavity. It is a collection of “stuff” your body just doesn’t quite know what to do with. Imagine it like a holding spot which your body wishes to dispose of later.

For clarity, endometrial cysts are not the same as endometrial lesions. They are typically larger and visible on an ultrasound. This also makes endometrial cysts/endometrioma easier to treat – because we can see them and watch them shrink all by themselves!


Does Juicing help Shrink Endometrial Cysts?

Juicing helps lower endometrial cysts by lowering inflammation. In particular I recommend celery juice and beetroot juice within this video. Celery juice really benefits the body as it contains high amounts of potassium and we are frequently low in potassium. This creates an imbalance between sodium and potassium which ultimately leads to more soreness and also affects the digestive tract.

The other juice I recommend in Beetroot juice. Beetroot contains a high amount of nutrients which supports healthy blood. You will know that your abdominal area and the blood needs support when it comes out dark, clotty and stringy with your monthly. I know! It happens and yes, we do need to talk about it! Your monthly is a sign and and indicator on how things are going. If you have clotty and dark blood, then focus first on drinking more water, liquids and yes… juice! It does wonders for the body.


Is Juicing enough to Shrink Endometrial Cysts?

It could possibly be all you need to do but it somewhat depends on how large your cysts are and what else is in your history or might be going on. Shrinking cysts naturally is however completely possible and I would encourage you to explore the natural methods we recommend in our program before going for surgery.


Remember: Your body put it there, so your body can unput it there!



Hugs, Melissa x
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