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I Call BS on These 5 Lies about Endometriosis!

In my online support group for women with endometriosis, it horrifies me sometimes to read the suggestions and opinions shared with women by doctors and surgeons. Yes, endometriosis is a confusing and challenging condition to treat but when I hear these recommendations, it truly frustrates me!

I want you as a woman with endometriosis or someone who knows endometriosis to know that you have more hope and possibility for your health. Here are some common lies I hear doctors and surgeons use, which I want to dispel right now!

Getting a hysterectomy will cure you of endometriosis

This one shocks me the most. I have had women as young as 22 years of age being told that they need to have a hysterectomy to finally be rid of the endometriosis. Let me be clear. Endometriosis is not purely a hormone-related condition and cutting out anything to do with our “womanly bits” does not ensure that it won’t return.

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No matter how many organs or parts of your body you cut out, you will not ever successfully correct the imbalances that have gone on inside you. We need to correct those imbalances to finally regain health.

Lupron, the contraceptive pill or other hormone treatments are the only options for managing the condition.

This flies straight in the realm of controversy, but after working out a technique over the last 5 years, using completely natural methods, I know that it is totally possible to manage endometriosis without any of those options! If anything, these treatments can leave women in a worse state due to all the side effects and consequences they cause within the body. Does anyone read the labels? Women have died from taking the contraceptive pill, women have been left disabled after taking Lupron. These things are not a joke and we should really research what we put into our bodies before we simply take a doctor’s word for it.

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You cannot get pregnant when you have endometriosis

Please, please don’t believe this one! It is not true! Women with endometriosis can totally get pregnant and it is possible for you too. I have worked with many women and have seen many women successfully get pregnant and it all came down to reducing the factors related to having endometriosis, rather than just cutting out things and taking painkillers.

Your body is experiencing some key signs of having endometriosis: namely inflammation, an unsupported immune system and hormone imbalance. When we correct those problems, we allow the body to be strong enough to carry a child. We can totally do these things by using a holistic approach to endometriosis. Yes, something as simple as diet, exercise, changing our thoughts and cleansing our body can change all of that!

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Diet has nothing to do with endometriosis

I hate this one the most! As you can imagine! How can it not make a difference? What we eat, three to five times a day fuels our body. It is what gives us our minerals, our vitamins and all those bits we need to make this body move and function. Let me tell you that doctors don’t get trained in nutrition. They only learn about nutrition when it comes to diabetes and heart conditions and even then it is a small percentage.

Just think about it logically and try eating differently for a month and you will notice a difference! If diet had nothing to do with endometriosis, then women wouldn’t feel different when they change it!

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There is NOTHING we can do

Of course, there is! We don’t need to simply live with endometriosis and wait for some miracle pill! It ain’t going to happen, ladies! Endometriosis is not something you simply need to live with and taking more drugs will certainly not help the body rebalance. Stop laying down and feeling defeated by this condition. Get empowered! Make a change! Try something different today!

Your body is smart. It knows what it is doing. It was created with the genius behind it! Stop mucking about and trust that it knows what to do. We cannot cure anything with a drug, a diet or anything else. What we do is provide an ENVIRONMENT, the perfect setting for your body to have what it needs and rebalance itself. Nothing more, nothing less.

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When endometriosis is truly “happy”, then your body will do the healing work for you. You don’t have to push or fight. You just need to trust and provide. Nurture your body with the right environment.

Okay, rant over! But seriously, ladies, please don’t ever believe that you are stuck when it comes to endometriosis or that you need to believe everything you hear from a doctor or what you’ve read on a Facebook group or website. Do your own research. Work these things out for yourself and try something different. It may well work!

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Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. amber

    the one that gets me is endo is you cannot cure it. the more a person learns about endo, yeast, what sugar and flour does to our bodies, dairy, natural things. and learning to eat more of the basics: leafy greens, vegetables, flaxseed, fish, spices and herbs, seeds, nuts, etc. you find this is the BIGGEST LIE ever told. they only go by their modern medicine and yes, modern medicine does not quite conquer endo. to ready cure endo you have to become an naturalist. yesterday, I was reading a diet book and realized us Americans eat so bad we have studies to proof what happens when we eat healthy! you might think the studies would be the opposite. we should know what happens when we eat bad. we all show up at the doctors office.

  2. Anne

    Wonderful piece and thank you for speaking out the very truth!

    What is your view on the gluten-free paleo diet vs a gluten-free diet without dairy and meat, however with fish, with beans, nuts AND the gluten-free grains. There is a lot of confusion as to whether endo-sufferers should eat grains at all – even the gluten-free ones, as well as beans. What is your view on the two diet options for endo: 1) gluten-free paleo diet with organic meat, but no dairy,no beans and no grains whatsoever 2) high-omega vegan with fish (I guess pescatarian will be more precise way of labelling it), no dairy, no meat, no gluten, but with beans and gluten-free grains, as well as nuts. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Ashlynn

    Thank you for addressing both diet and Lupron!

    I did extensive research on Lupron after my doctor suggested it (she was REALLY pushing it but I said no until I did my research) and what I read horrified me. Absolutely horrified me. I will not risk putting that poison into my body.

    And when it comes to diet, I can attest to how much of a difference this can make! I gave up alcohol and sugar a month ago (for the most part, still have an occasional treat) and I feel WAY better than I have previously. The meow vegetables I eat and the less bread the better I feel! Diet definitely correlates to how our body manages endo!

  4. Kym

    Hi Melissa

    I am glad you outed the bs by the unknowning in the medical profession and society, that keeps women with endo in an unnecessary never ending cycle of pain and doubt. They are all valid points. What strikes me the most is the ‘diet has nothing to do with this problem’ mantra. A liver specialist once told me diet and the pill have no effect on liver function or the benign tumours within-despite the research I did prior seeing him and medical reports advocating it does. As previously an EN I was taught diet does affect dis-ease of the body yet this Dr was adamant it did not. That just resolved me into doing further research rather than relying on a specialist with an outdated closed mindset that seemed threatened when I asked him questions. He couldn’t answer possible causes nor possible remedies but rather put aside my questions by saying my blood test was squewed because I ‘had a couple of drinks beforehand’and that was that. I knew alcohol squews tests and did not have a drink for 5 days prior. Hence to say with no help from him my tumours eventually disappeared after about a year and I better manage my liver function after going off the pill and changing my diet. So thank you for shouting out diet is one way to manage endo coz the Drs I’ve seen still say there is nothing that can be done except the pill that make me sick everyday I take it or pain relief that makes me a zombie.

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