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Does Endometriosis Inevitably Lead to Cancer? Something We Might Not Realize about What Endometriosis Is Really a Sign Of

Over a year ago I went to see a “Westernised” Chinese Doctor—when I say “Westernised”, I mean that she studied Chinese Medicine but wasn’t Chinese and didn’t grow up there or learn the methods through history. From the onset of meeting her, I didn’t particularly like her. She was very aggressive in her approach and when I told her that I had Endometriosis and that was my reason for seeing her, her response really frightened me and to be honest, I didn’t want to hear anything further she had to say after that.. I can be a little sensitive with certain words, as you can appreciate!

Well, she indicated that Endometriosis, if left untreated, would eventually lead to cancer. Either endometrial cancer or breast cancer. Nobody particularly likes to hear the word cancer and for me, hearing that word, with the close relationship it had with my dad and other family members, it really just made me want to run a mile away, I immediately decided to contact Conners Clinic to get to know about the treatments.

I know it was silly of me, but perhaps I just wasn’t ready to listen to her. Her approach was perhaps a little strong but the reality is that there was actually some truth to her theory, unfortunately.

What I am realising is that Endometriosis is directly attributed to estrogen dominance. I wrote an article a few months ago about estrogen dominance and that it might be the cause of Endometriosis. I don’t necessarily think it is the direct cause, however it might be the reason that Endometriosis becomes more wide-spread in some of us, versus others. It could be the reason it “spreads” and will continue to spread. Naturally, there are heaps of factors that could cause Endometriosis to proliferate but estrogen dominance does make sense.

See, estrogen dominance is actually quite common in our lives now. Most women probably suffer from some degree of estrogen dominance. We become dominant by some of these factors:

  • Our environment just contains more estrogenic mimicking properties called xenoestrogens.
  • We gain more estrogen as we age.
  • We are not able to expel the high levels of estrogen properly through our livers. Even taking just low doses of drugs for headaches or antibiotics will affect the liver.
  • Our foods contain estrogenic properties.
  • If we have been on the contraceptive pill, this will often attribute to estrogen dominance.

Excess estrogen actually creates an environment in our bodies for cell growth. Now, this is wonderful when we are teenagers and we want to grow, get bigger boobs etc but certainly not in our 20s or in our later years.

The problem is when this cell growth occurs in areas we don’t want it—like in our abdominal cavity, our breasts etc this includes Endometriosis cells but could then lead to other cell growth in other areas… yes, cancers in the breast and ovaries etc. It does depend hugely on the level of estrogen and how much out of proportion it is to the other hormones in the body. See, the body is to the hormones what ying is to yang. Kind of like a see-saw. This is especially true with progesterone and estrogen. We don’t want low progesterone, as this will create high estrogen. We don’t want high estrogen as this will create low progesterone levels. So, though the expression is termed estrogen dominance, it doesn’t mean we are only high in estrogen. It could mean that we are simply low on progesterone. The see-saw needs to sit in the middle and both estrogen and progesterone need to be on the same level.

Unfortunately, it is quite “normal” for us to suffer from PMS, which is an early indicator of estrogen dominance. If we then leave this for an extended period of time and contribute to the excessive estrogen through our diet, our environment and by not looking after our liver, the situation gets worse. Some women develop cysts (PCOS), others get fibroids and obviously our Endometriosis cells develop more. If we then leave this imbalance and add more estrogenic elements to create even further imbalances, then it could go to that nasty place…cancer. What makes it take that jump from one to the other and why the body chooses different forms of expression to grow in is anyone’s guess. Unfortunately, this realization of estrogen dominance directly attributing to cancers is so well documented now, it is scary!

If you really want to get into this stuff yourself, you can watch a video by David Wolfe, which is quite in-depth but explains it well:


Thing is, estrogen dominance is actually fairly easy to test and to treat… completely naturally. Often we don’t realize that so many of the issues we struggle with are in fact caused by estrogen dominance:

  • Sore boobs
  • Migraines
  • Moodiness
  • Feeling tired and exhausted all the time
  • Depression
  • Struggle to lose weight around our hips and thighs
  • Infertility
  • Poor menstruation or heavy menstruation

Imagine how different your life would be if you didn’t suffer from any of these anymore?

Here are some treatment options I will be exploring further over the next few weeks:

  • Progesterone creams. What to get. What is really “natural” and how to buy the correct one.
  • Progesterone drops. I discovered this new way of treatment through a book I am reading, which is much more effective, cheaper and is easier to use.
  • Treating the liver to not only flush out the excess but also convert the xenoestrogens correctly, allowing them to “leave” rather than being absorbed into the body further.


Here are some things we can do in the meantime: 

1. Get our hormone levels checked. Check for estradiol mainly and how this compares to progesterone.

2. Reduce our xenoestrogen and high estrogen food consumption.

3. Focus on healing your liver with some liver supplements or maybe a liver cleanse. I promise to do the liver flush video tomorrow.

If this is really the key to all of our issues with Endo growing, then I think we can get this under control fairly easily! That would be cool, wouldn’t it?

Do you have any experience with any of these suggestions? Have you tried a progesterone cream? Did it work? What was it?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Anne

    Great article.

    Can you please share your opinion – for checking one’s hormones – which day of the menstruation cycle should a woman check her estradiol levels and which day her progesterone levels?
    what about prolaktin? Thank you and thank you for sharing your throughts!

  2. Melissa

    Hi Amykinz,
    Yeah David is amazing! Makes me always feel like this is totally possible!
    I have been listening to his stuff non stop since finding that video. It does get really in depth and even overwhelming!
    The “holding” it part seems to have to do with the body to be able to keep the progesterone as progesterone. Apparently it converts it back to Oestrogen otherwise. There are some “holding” things which work: Calendula and Passionflower are the ones he mentions the most.
    I am still not sold on the Progesterone Cream idea but am waiting to do my hormone test and then test them on myself – if need be 🙂 There are heaps out there and the danger is that our bodies can’t absorb many of them or they are made of the wrong stuff. Dr Cabot recommends getting suppositories instead. She also says that we won’t absorb the oral version as the liver breaks it down….interesting to see if this happens to you….well once you remember to take it…ha ha 🙂
    Maybe research the progesterone cream thing a little more and find out the differences between them. Apparently wild yam stuff isn’t good. I have also ordered a book by Dr John Lee which mentions specific creams to get….hopefully coming in the mail soon 🙂
    Boy, this stuff is awesome!

  3. Amykinz @ Foodie 4 Healing

    Thank you soooo much for posting that link to David Wolfe’s talk! I just “fired” my natural Dr in hopes of managing this myself & was feeling a bit lost & overwhelmed and well, rather hopeless. David’s talk made so much sense to me & made me feel like I was possibly in control again. Living w/endo is such a yo-yo, isn’t it?! I hate this disease!
    P.S. I have tried Uber Balance Progesterone Cream & it left red & hot patches on the areas of my skin where I applied it. I have been trying oral progesterone drops, but they don’t seem to be helping either. It might be cause I haven’t been the greatest at taking them. Oops. But it also might be that I’m not doing a lot of the things David recommended, so it may not be HOLDING the progesterone there, either. Interesting stuff.

  4. Melissa

    Hi Melissa,

    Yeah, I didn’t like her comment either but it certainly got me thinking about Oestrogen Dominance a heap more.

    It is interesting cos the deeper I look into the pill, the more it seems to throw things out of balance, rather than encourage healing. I can’t imagine it ever reducing cancer – it is synthetic and unnatural to the body.

    Interesting that every progesterone cream contains parabens. I will have to research them carefully and make sure we get the right kind.
    Maybe we are better off focusing on the liver to heal, rather than playing with hormone imbalances?…..hmmmm

  5. Melissa K

    The data I’ve seen suggests slightly higher cancer rates for women with endo for some kinds of cancer, but not tons higher. I don’t like the tone of inevitability of your practitioner that endo will lead to cancer.

    Having tons of periods in a lifetime is also linked to higher cancer rates, so though the Pill is not ideal, some think that it can reduce cancer rates when taken continuously (i.e., skipping periods). (However, continuous birth control pills did not agree with me and I had to stop.)

    Progesterone cream did not work for me, but it has worked for some people. Here in the U.S. every kind I’ve seen contains parabens in the list of ingredients, which your body interprets as estrogen, so check the labels!

  6. Alexandria Heller via Facebook

    Thanks! I grew up in a holistic house so im familiar with that lifestyle and would love to go back! Thanks for the info!!!! 🙂

  7. I was also on the pill for years with the idea of “drying stuff out”. There is a much better way….totally natural healing. You can slow down endo with a supplement called Serrapeptase. However, natural healing is about holistic healing and it requires a whole new approach to what you give and do for your body. You can’t just take one supplement and it is all fixed. It requires a whole approach. Check out heaps of articles to get you started here: http://endoempowered.com/category/about-endometriosis/

  8. Alexandria Heller via Facebook

    I just read this but I am a little concerned about Cathy’s post. The pill only contains carcinogenic forms of Estrogen?! Unfortunately My Doctors never seem to want to explain more about what is in the pill and more natural ways of handling my endo, ive gone gf and today was my first day of going vegetarian. Reading that the pill can lead to cancer scares me because ive been on it continuously since i was about 15 :/ i know that by getting off the pill my endo will grow each time i get a period. so how else can we reduce the speed of endo growth by not being on the pill?!? any advice ladies?

  9. Melissa

    Very interesting once we realise these things. I reckon it could be a factor in the increased number of endo and other “womanly” conditions in our society.

  10. Juli

    I have always been highly suspicious of the birth control pills that I took for 6 years and then magically ending up with Endometriosis shortly after :/

  11. Melissa

    Definitely. I will try and find someone to redo mine cos the blood test wasn’t very good. Apparently the saliva test is the best test and at the right time of month etc.

  12. Totally agree there Cathy. I am going to get mine checked soon – if I can find a way in little Queenstown. Also found in Berries and Orange Peel oil – not orange peel as this is toxic. The oil is also brilliant for cellulite.

  13. Cathy Harms-Schoonveld via Facebook

    Great article Mel, I have researched that the “pill” contains only the carcinogenic forms of Estogen and that it’s up to our bodies to produce enough Estriol ( the good estrogen) to counteract the negative impact of cancer causing estrogens. You can increase your Estriol by eating cruciferous vegetables 4 times a week like broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts ect. There is also a natural Estriol cream like the progesterone cream. It would do a person well I think to have there estrogen ratios checked. Good vs bad.

  14. Melissa

    Hi Liz,
    Yeah sad but there is some truth to all this stuff.
    That sounds really good. According to David’s video, the best one is actually Beetroot Juice. Yeah, green is good but beet is better!
    Wheatgrass is great too 🙂

  15. Melissa

    Hey Sangeeta,
    It shouldn’t really. We can resolve the Oestrogen Dominance quite easily. Maybe watch the video by David and you will understand how many options we have 🙂

  16. Sangeeta vicky Neerunjun

    Oh dear,

    This makes me scared.

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