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Symptoms with Endometriosis

Allergy Solutions to try

One of the things I have struggled with about living in New Zealand is the amount of allergies I have! It is a beautiful country with lots of plant life and flowers, but unfortunately it is these that cause me

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Do we Simply Lack Love?

I have been reading so many books, I am going insane with information overload! Well, last night I read an excerpt from a book which claimed that Endometriosis sufferers indicate: “ A lack of self love and a need to

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Pain Relief

I need a Drink! Give me Alcohol!

At times I feel like alcohol, especially the type that comes in a beautifully decorated cocktail glass! I feel a strong urge for alcohol when endo is sore, life is uncertain and everything is over complicated! My mind races with

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What It Feels Like to Have Endometriosis

I thought I would create this video so you can share it with your friends, family and colleagues, so they can understand how you feel. It is a tough one to explain endometriosis to everyone and since they can’t see

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