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The Words of a Woman with Endometriosis

These are the words I often hear by other women… I can’t deal with this pain anymore. It is ever-present, ever pushing and pulsating. I can feel it with its undeniable presence as it pushes at me, forcing me to

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You may tempted to to buy these…

At some point in your journey, you have sought solace from the pain or the burdens of your symptoms. You have longed for something to change, for a shift in the repetitive experience that has been your life for so

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Symptoms with Endometriosis

Why do I still have pain after surgery?

Surgery is meant to make us feel better… isn’t it? Isn’t it meant to take it all away and we have a “clean slate” to work forward from? What if after all that you have been through, you still experience

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Stressed and Tired
Understanding Adhesions

Repeat Surgery Prevention…

As many of you know I am not a fan of surgery as a treatment option for endometriosis – or at least not repeated surgery or what I call the “surgery-merry-go-around”! I had 7 surgeries and a big part of

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Our Little Secret, held deep inside…

Endometriosis is a little secret that we hold close inside. We hold it there because few people would truly understand what it feels like. We try to explain it to them but it is not like something anyone has ever

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