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Could There Really Be Benefits to This Silly Monthly Period? 4 Reasons It Is Actually a Good Thing for Us!

When we think of having our period or that it is even coming up, we are inevitably filled with a sense of dread… It is usually associated with heaps of pain and potentially being bed ridden for a couple of days. Well, this was what it used to be for me too! I hated it and would dread it coming each and every month. It was so bad that I would almost create important “appointments” outside of the office, just so I could spend a few more hours in bed—going to the appointment later and then rushing through the whole thing of course!

Over my healing journey, I have started to look at my monthly period a little differently. See, it is a completely normal and natural process and one that we should in fact be honored to experience. I know, you are totally laughing at me right now… honored? Yeah right! Make me a man… just so I don’t have to go through it each month!

Here are four things which you may not realize about your monthly, which are actually really beneficial to us:


1. We are giving our bodies a natural cleansing each and every month.

Have you ever wondered why women generally outlive men? The theory is that women have more opportunity to cleanse by having their monthly. We essentially have three outlets! Three ways for stuff to leave our body! Any guesses which the other ones are? Men only have two. So, we are up on them on that one!


2. We can assess where things are at.

I use my monthly as a form of measurement on how my healing journey is going. What comes out is a perfect experiment result on what worked and what didn’t! It is better than having to go for scans or blood tests—it is all there… for me to see what is going on! This is incredibly important. You can judge it all on your own; Is it dark, clotty blood or is it red and liquidy? Does it look old and stringy or it is clean and watery? You want the second options here, ladies… if you hadn’t worked that out 🙂


3. It is a perfect time for reflection and to take a pause.

Once we get our period, our estrogen and progesterone levels drop to just about 0. That means, we are no longer that “extreme emotional girl”. We level out and a sense of calm often takes over. It is a great time to take on life changes and set goals with new diets and healing journeys—your mind tends to be ready and positive for these things.

I also found that often I would be in quite a bit of pain. This meant, I would generally not really feel like doing too much. This can be a great thing, in a way… you can reassess your life more and really focus on what is important to you.

I know for many of us, getting our monthly also has a deeper, more painful emotion attached to it—a sign that we are once again… not pregnant! I wanted to give you some encouragement that pregnancy can be achieved, even in the most unlikely of scenarios! I found this fabulous video of a woman who had ovarian cancer and how she managed to fall pregnant, even when doctors told her… there was NO way!


4. We are women!

We are amazing… us women! We can create life, give love and receive love so easily. We can empathize and give and share much easier than men. We nurture and love and can feel spiritual connections.

We are beautiful in our own special ways. We are feminine and flowing creations and this is something we should cherish. Being a woman is really amazing and everything that comes with that freedom and joy makes us all unique.

So ladies… stand proud and admire your strengths!


What benefits have you found to having your monthly? What changes have you noticed since going natural? What emotions or feelings come up for you?

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Melissa

    It is a pleasure Dianne 🙂 It is easy to fall off the wagon sometimes when we start to feel better. Just hang on 🙂

  2. Dianne

    Hi Mel, thank you so much. A very encouraging testimony. Makes me motivated to cut out all the junk food that has been slowly creeping back into my diet.

  3. Melissa

    Hi Amber,
    It is my pleasure sweets. You can get there too….just take one step today and another one tomorrow…. it is all within your reach and it is super easy.

  4. Amber

    Thank you so much for sharing Evita’s video. This gave me so much hope to overcome endo, and sugar addiction and just feeling yucky that I am crying right now! I am so glad to have found your blog so that when I am ready I have all the tools and information I need to return to total health! Maybe someday I can realize my dream of becoming a mom too.

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