Join me in Bali!

10 days of pure health & endo wellness

It is time to escape your currently reality of struggling with endometriosis and escape to a wonderland of healing & insight.

Spend 10 glorious days with Melissa, her husband & chef James and discover the secrets to how Melissa has gotten well, even afer being diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis.

Beautiful, nutritious food

Eat & discover what foods to eat to truly nourish your body and all that ails it while having endometriosis. Finally know what foods to eat that address endometriosis and it’s specific symptoms.

Bonus extra: Get a copy of Melissa’s Eat Endo Happy Recipe Book!

You’ll also get all the juicy insights on how to prepare meals with James and how to make things not just nourishing but super delicious too!

Movement with Melissa

Practice Melissa’s basic morning routine and the specific poses she uses during Yoga to release pain & adhesions within her own body.

Includes daily morning routine and a Yoga practice with Melissa.

Emotional Healing

Join in emotional release techniques in safe group space, the special “uterus meditation” and hear about other methods to free trauma from your body, without confrontation or fear.

Cleansing Techniques

Find out about the methods Melissa has used to address high toxicity typically associated with having endometriosis and how to take a step-by-step approach to cleansing.

Connect & Share

Be surrounded by other women who understand you, endometriosis and wish to also approach endometriosis naturally. Share the journey, truly connect and embrace eachother as Endo Sisters.

Endo Empowered

Empowering women to REACH© beyond endometriosis by using a holistic approach.

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