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I found this book by Dr Deepak Chopra called Perfect Health and it is all about Ayurveda Medicine or the Indian method of healing. It is very interesting and I will share some more of it, as I read more in the book.

One of the interesting aspects of Ayurveda Medicine is how they describe our personalities or what they call Doshas. Essentially, it is described as our Doshas are inherent with birth and that we are formed with these Doshas already in place. According to Ayurveda Medicine, our Endometriosis or Fertility problems are described as having too much Vata Personality or having an imbalanced Vata Dosha.

I found this interesting as the description of the Vata Personality traits seemed to describe me to a tee!

Check this list out:

  • Light, thin build
  • Performs activity quickly
  • Irregular hunger and digestion
  • Light, interrupted sleep, insomnia
  • Enthusiasm, vivaciousness, imagination
  • Excitability, changing moods
  • Quick to grasp new things and quick to forget
  • Tendency to worry
  • Tendency toward digestive problems when unbalanced
  • Tires easily, tendency to overexert
  • Mental and physical energy comes in bursts

Character traits:

  • Hungry and time of the day or night
  • Love excitement and constant change
  • Go to sleep at different times every night, skip meals and keep irregular habits in general
  • Digest food well on one day and poorly the next
  • Display bursts of emotion that are short-lived and quickly forgotten
  • Walk quickly

When the dosha is out of balance, we have very interesting symptoms:

  • Compulsive disorders – spend too much, waste energy on little things that don’t matter
  • Get a hollow kind of depression
  • Fear and anxiety is common
  • Unreliable digestion
  • Premenstrual and menstrual problems


Do you recognise yourself in these traits? I certainly did! I found it scary how accurate it was. It would be interesting to know if you also have them!


The positive is, when we are in balance we are infectiously happy, enthusiastic and energetic. When we are in balance we are vivacious, vibrant, excitable, unpredictable, imaginative and talkative.


To heal the imbalance, we need to focus on all aspects of imbalance.

For the stress and anxiety, they suggest using meditation and Yoga. Changing how we perceive things and thereby lowering our stress reaction to events in life.

For the digestive side, it is suggested that we eat heaps of ginger and warming foods. Sweet foods is described, which are things like rice, milks and roasted vegetables. A steady supply of nourishment of good quality foods.

For our lack of being able to sleep, we need to maintain a very strict sleeping pattern. Get up between  6am and 8am each morning, go to bed by 9pm-10pm. We should eat 3hrs before going to bed and follow a “sleeping regiment” for sleep. This involves a warm bath, relaxing sesame oil massage and soothing smells of clove, rose geranium and basil. We naturally need more rest and “time out”.

A focus on fluids and correct flow through of fluids – drinking enough liquids and keeping well hydrated. In other words, drinking lots and sweating well.

Regular habits and routine. Quiet and peace time and living environment.


It is also suggested that we perform a good cleansing process once a month. This involves flushing out the toxins and allowing what they call the “resetting of agni”.


I have yet to digest everything in the book and I will keep adding bits that are of benefit for us all but to me this all sounded really logical and beneficial. One of the other elements which I will explore for us are the full body massage, the bliss technique and Marma Therapy.

I must say, I quite like what Dr Deepak Chopra explains in his book and it resonated with me quite a bit. It would be interesting to see your thoughts on it and whether it “fits” with what you experience too.

If you fancy reading the book for yourself, you can order it from Amazon,It is called Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra. (follow link to go to the page on amazon)

Do you have these personality traits too? Could we have so much more in common than just our Endometriosis? Hmmmm interesting stuff!

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. Melissa

    Happy to hear it Karla! Often the answers do lie right in front of us 🙂

  2. Karla

    Thanks Melissa!!! I love your website so much it’s making me understand the many aspects causing my endo! Funny thing is that I have the book Perfect Health sitting in my book self. I will pick it up tonight for a read and will try and sleep early!

  3. Melissa

    I think you need to really heal the body – all the way. That means doing the panchkarma and all aspects within Ayurvedic medicine that you can. I read how positive meditation and yoga are 🙂 Pregnancy doesn’t necessarily cure endo and it might come back worse, so don’t count on this as the only option. I just don’t think IVF is natural and it doesn’t heal the body properly. Whatever your imbalance is, you don’t want to pass it onto your child to deal with, do you?

  4. anu

    Hai Melissa,

    I didnt try any panchkarma type of thing but had some ayurvedic tonics and medicines. Like you said i might get better if I have a baby, since I am not ale to conceive for 3 yrs after marrriage do you think it would e the right thing to go for IVF?

  5. Melissa

    Thanks Jasmiia. I am so happy you found me and that I am able to help you in some way. It is all about trying new things. Some things will work for you and some won’t but the point is to keep trying 🙂 Glad you are keen to get on board!

  6. jasmiia

    Hey Melisa!

    This is my first time leaving a comment on any of your articles, I love reading your journey and discoveries! I have had endo since I was 13 years old…i’m 32 now, have 2 children, and my endo is still as bad, maybe even worse than before! I like what dr. chopra had to say, and i think i will read the book and incorporate some of his ideas into my ilfe! I have pmdd, or pre menstrual dysphorix disorder, it kills me, right along with the endo, so I’m game to try new things. I’m a follower for life! keep up the good work with all that you do for us “sisters’ in pain, as well as yourself! Peace and blessings to yu and your fam!

  7. Melissa

    Hi Anu and welcome to my site. I hope you find relief through reading through my blog 🙂 You can have a baby and you can get better. What parts of Ayurvedic medicine did you try?

  8. anu

    I am an Indian..I tried ayurvedic medicine for some time…(6 months). Didn’t help me too much…
    My endo is very bad…

  9. Melissa

    Thank you Rathi. I hope so too 🙂

  10. Rathi

    I really appreciate your willingness to help others……May God Bless You and keep you in good health!!!!

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