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The Drop My Pain Challenge

As a parting gift I am sharing the Drop my Pain Challenge Downloads with you – at no charge. It incorporates many of the constituents mentioned in this video from the research article within it. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8003677/ Evernote Version: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s304/sh/a701e8ba-f763-977c-2d3c-6130f7b2408a/I2LykuYq9EILXEz717m_N7keFsu-6Johcl-jBheEDXUHi03UrnAtbkM_NQ Start

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You’re Stronger than You Realize!

I recently had a client who struggled to see any real results within her healing journey with endometriosis. I felt that I had given her so much information and resources to help her. I shared some of my most transformative

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pregnancy with endometriosis

Do you really want children?

This was the question I was often plagued with as I first hit my 20’s and then my 30’s. It was never a clear YES and it brought up so many questions about who I was as a woman if

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Endometriosis Cysts
Shrink Cysts

Endometriosis Cysts: Can Herbs Help?

Endometriosis cysts can really create a huge amount of worry and anxiety and particularly when they keep growing back, after surgery. I wanted to explore some herbs that might work at reducing their formation and focused on three key areas

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Endometriosis Treatment options
Shrink Cysts

Can Juicing help Shrink Endometrial Cysts?

In this weeks Video, I share some of the insights you need to know before exploring treatment options for endometrial cysts. What exactly are Endometrial Cysts? Endometrial Cysts are like little pockets that your body creates to store old blood

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