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My Favorite Aromatherapy Oils to Use When You Have Endometriosis

Sleep and endometriosis

I love aromatherapy oils and have been using them in various forms to support my body and my healing. In the last couple of weeks, I noticed that a number of followers have been asking about which oils to use when you have endometriosis and which ones are safe.

There are three key safety considerations when using aromatherapy oils.

  1. Avoid using aromatherapy oils which have a high concentration of phytoestrogens on a daily basis. Though there is some debate on the effects of these with endometriosis, I prefer to steer in the realm of caution and use them sparingly. These include Clary Sage, Sage, Lavender, Aniseed, Geranium and Fennel. However, I do use Geranium oil with massage treatments but not every day.
  2. Be careful how you use them. I once got overly excited with oils and put pure oil drops in my bath. It stung my skin and burned. I recommend using oils in either a nebuliser or placing a few drops within a carrier oil as a massage oil. You can use them in the bath but make sure they are “bath safe”. Though many companies recommend oils internally, I am personally not a fan of using them internally.
  3. Check the source and the quality. Not all aromatherapy oils are created equal and you want to be sure that you choose a reputable brand with good extraction methods. My preferred brands are Absolute Essential, Young Living Oils, World Organics and Dolphin Oils.


Here is a list of my favorite oils:

Thyme Oil

Thyme has been shown to naturally stimulate progesterone. With endometriosis often being associated with estrogen dominance, it would make sense to rebalance with something that stimulates progesterone. It also encourages courage and compassion at heart. You can add this one to bath water.


Coriander Seed

This is an exceptional natural healer. Good for circulation, digestion and detox. Helps to regulate menstruation and post partum balance. Promotes immunity and aids mental clarity. If you can’t get the oil, sprout coriander and get these benefits!



I wear this as an alternative perfume. It is said to promote sensuality and romance. It also complements intimacy and assists in the release of inhibition and doubt.



Supports healthy digestion, circulation and nerve balance and promotes appetite and sexuality. Helps recovery from deep muscular and skeletal pain. Useful for nervous fatigue.


Period Irregularities? These might help…


Great for balancing cycle and also helps with digestion.


Try this if you are experiencing a delayed menstruation or scanty period.


Helps with heavy bleeding or mid-cycle bleeding. Can reduce stagnation with having endometriosis and aids in circulation.


I love Geranium! I have read that it can alleviate adhesions and cyst growth. I do use it with caution as it has an estrogenic element. I generally use a few drops every few weeks.


Aromatherapy oils are a great way to get a concentrated version of plant healing benefits into our bodies. Which ones have you tried? Are you going to try?

Feel free to share in the comments below…

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Lola

    Hi Melissa, thank you for all these useful information! Some time ago I read an article on your website about how to make vaginal suppositories using essential oils which I tried and really help. Now I’m looking for that article but can’t find it. Is it still on your website? I need the recipe please! Thanks for all your support!

  2. Maria

    Hi Melissa,
    Please tell me what oils should I use for an endometriosis node to my colon.

  3. Melissa

    Yes totally recommend them. Have heard great results from other women who have also tried it. Frankinsence and Myrrh are amazing oils and not estrogenic and boost our immune system. Try it 🙂 and remember to tell me how you go.

  4. Cathy

    I would love to know if the frankinsence/myrrh combo on tampons still is something you feel could be helpfull. I am planning to prepare them today so just want to make sure they are not estrogenic. Hopefully they can be of help!

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