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An Amazing Strategy for Pain Relief

When we typically experience pain with endometriosis, we tend to reach for painkillers which we know are effective. We are used to reaching for a tablet or a pill to provide relief. I know I did this too, for many, many years. I was so bad in the past that I would take anywhere from 1–4 ibuprofen tablets a day!

So, when I discovered the more natural way of healing endometriosis, I tried to find natural alternatives that I could take to replace the ibuprofen. I found Devil’s Claw and Cramp Bark. They were certainly effective and did provide me with some relief but somehow it still felt more like a “band-aid” approach to my endometriosis pain. I wasn’t really alleviating the source of the pain, the adhesions and endometrial cysts.

It was last month that I learnt a whole new approach to healing that I had never considered. I have been so focused on what I eat, what supplements I feed my body and ensuring I get maximum nutritional support for my body that I had forgotten a basic concept. Our bodies use our bloodstream as our highways to get those nutrients to the very bits they need to get to. Here is an interesting concept… most of us will have major traffic jams in the abdominal cavity!

The Chinese describe endometriosis as blood stagnation or a blockage in the area. I never really understood what that meant. It basically means, we have blood that is not moving, it is not flowing—there is a traffic jam in our abdominal cavity. We all know the frustration of being stuck in traffic and not being able to get out. Well, this is how our bodies feel too and hence the signal of pain and inflammation. It is desperately trying to get that gunky stuff out of our bodies.

What makes this part interesting is that because of that traffic jam, we are not able to get those vital nutrients to the very bits it needs to get to. The truck with all the good nutrients and minerals is also stuck in the traffic jam! We are also not able to get the rubbish and waste out of the abdominal cavity.

How do we unblock this traffic jam?

We need to open the lane ways and encourage the traffic to go through faster! So, if we imagine our uterus as our destination, the place where we want to deliver our nutrients and all the highways that go to it as being blocked, we need to free up those pathways. The best way to do this is through massaging those lane ways. Yes! Massage!

The uterus sits in the middle of our lower abdominal cavity and all the lane ways run towards it from the sides and the bottom. By massaging the lane ways, we free up the traffic and can allow our “nutrient truck” to get to where it needs to go.

If you massage those lane ways each and every day for a period of time, you will free up all the lanes and get things moving again. Your uterus will receive all the nutrients it needs and be able to feel better. You will also allow all the traffic that is heading out of your uterus to finally get out! That means, all the rubbish and waste products!

What’s interesting about this strategy is that it doesn’t cost any money and it isn’t particularly hard to do and on some level, it is instinctual for us to want to massage ourselves when we feel pain. I just never recognized the importance of this strategy until I did a Mayan Massage Course last month.

The key here is not pressure! You need to move that traffic along gently and regularly. Imagine if everyone started ramping up their speed to 120 miles an hour, all at once… it simply wouldn’t work. So, go gentle and reconnect with yourself.

Massaging is an amazing natural approach

We naturally massage or at least touch our lower abdominal area when we are in pain. You will often see pregnant women clutching their unborn baby when they feel any sense of danger in their surroundings. I know I used to often instinctively clutch my abdominal area, when my period was sore. It is simply natural to want to soothe our bodies with touch.

Massaging offers an amazing range of healing for our bodies:

  • When we massage, we free up stuff. We free up blockages, making them more permeable, more moveable. When we break things up into smaller chunks, they become easier to move and dispel from the body.
  • There is a reconnect with our bodies. We can easily become disconnected from our bodies and especially our “womanly bits”. With all that we have experienced, we often feel anger in that area. Reconnecting and accepting our bodies is so important and massage allows us to feel that connection again.
  • Nutrients and waste can flow into and out of the areas of the body more freely. This encourages a healthy, clean uterus and allows all the nutrients to be delivered to where they are needed.
  • Over time, you can release tension and pain from adhesions and growths.

How to Massage

The key here is to go gentle. If you are in severe pain, it is probably not even a consideration. Pick days where the pain is manageable and massage while you are in a quiet space. Get yourself a nice soothing oil, like sweet almond oil and gently massage your abdominal area. The key here is to massage daily. I usually massage myself after I have gotten out of the shower. Yes, you can massage standing up! It is just part of my routine now.

Focus on moving blood to the uterus. So make movements from the pubic bone and up, the left side to the center and the right side to the center. Your uterus is in the middle, so you want to get everything flowing towards it.

This is a unique approach to pain and one that is somehow logical. We don’t always consider such simple logic when it comes to endometriosis—or at least I didn’t! What is your experience with massaging? Do you still connect with your lower abdominal area? Do you feel disconnected? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Hugs, Melissa x
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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. allannah Law

    Oh I love this! massage is such a beautiful way to get thing moving.And gentle loving movements instead of clutching in pain, send a great message to the body. thanks Mel xxx

  2. Melissa

    For sure. Just go gentle and trust in your body 🙂

  3. Dianne

    Wow that is interesting! Thanks Mel. If i don’t find anyone here in South Africa that does this, is it easy enough to just try myself?

  4. jenny

    I am an Arthritis sufferer and always on the lookout for ways of healing or easing it, I have had no luck with diets. I am certainly going to try this, thanks for the article.

  5. Melissa

    Hi Petra,
    I would take it only for pain and just gage how you feel. The dosages vary according to the volume and density of the brand, so check with the label. Usually two – four should be okay.

  6. Petra

    Hi Melissa,

    is the Devil’s Claw meant to be taken continuously or just in case of pain? And what is the dosage?

    Thanks and regards


  7. Amber

    I am going to start doing this today!

  8. Lauren

    Great to know 🙂
    I am going to try Mayan massage after my naturopath recommended it today and she has had great success in it reducing her pain 🙂

  9. Lauren Bilston via Facebook

    I’m going to try Mayan massage soon sounds great

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