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Do you like Acupuncture? Have you tried it? It really helps your Endometriosis!

I went for some acupuncture a few days ago as my period pain was just horrid. Now I don’t know about you but I struggle with needles. I have always found the experience of acupuncture kinda strange and somehow I feel nervy every time I do it. It is a little odd to insist on doing it when I feel all these things but it makes me feel instantly better and I also keep thinking it might become more comfortable once I get used to it.

I went back again today and it was a little easier as I am a little bit more comfortable with the whole process. The practitioner I use inserts the needles really well. He kinda pops them in really quickly and you barely feel them going in.

So, as I lay there today in this little room, with a picture of the Practitioner on the way, along with some interesting pictures of China, I really allowed myself to relax into the experience of acupuncture. The room was interesting in some strange way and I became really aware of myself and the presence of the needles. I became present, in that moment and really allowed the whole experience to kinda flow….. appropriate wording! I even looked at strange things that I wouldn’t normally focus on. Things like light fittings and curtains and picture frames.

It was really good. I felt the flow of the meridian lines within my body and the strange sort of tingly pain where the needles went in. Three were directly along my lower stomach and the movement of it all seemed to change as I lay there. The first 20minutes the pain seemed to lull on the right side and then it progressed to the left. It isn’t like a really painful experience like Endo pain or anything. It is more like a tingling sort of pain. It is there but somehow you are okay with it.

Well, I lay there for at least 40minutes and allowed myself to sink into the whole experience rather than stressing about it too much. I allowed the waves to kinda pass through as they needed to and really relaxed into it. I allowed myself to focus on the sensations running through my body and focused on it, rather than fighting it. It was truly amazing.

Sometimes I think we fight things too much. Sometimes it is perhaps better to just let things flow as they should and not to question or to stress about anything but just to let it be. It is amazing how much easier things become and how we can be so much more present this way. The pain also just seems to melt in that moment…..

Well, that was my day of experiencing acupuncture with a true presence.

Have you tried acupuncture? What did you experience? Do you like it? Hate it?

Hugs, Melissa x
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  1. Cass

    Hello Melissa! Thanks for providing all this great information/emails. I just tried acupuncture for the first time last week. He sent me home with 6 days worth of herbs to help with my endo. My endo pain is due tonight or tomorrow (but just had failed ivf so not sure when it will actually come). The Acupuncturist told me to call the second I begin to feel pain and he will help. My question to you is did it only help while you were there of did you have less pain throughout? I’m trying to calm down but terrified for my cycle to start, the last 2 were over the top to the point I was begging for another surgery (which I’m pretty sure made everything worse)! Thanks again for everything you are doing to help!

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